Football Analytics Course
This is your chance to learn from the brightest minds in the game

Careers in football analytics are on the rise! Every team in the NFL plus journalists and fantasy sports experts are relying on data crunchers to help determine winning strategies and player selection.

In our 8-week online Football Analytics course, you can learn the in-demand skills football teams and organizations need from industry pioneers Aaron Schatz and Mike Tanier. 

NEXT START DATE: September 20
Weekly Live Interactive Zoom Chats with Aaron Schatz & Mike Tanier

September 20

Weekly Live Interactive Zoom Chats with Aaron Schatz & Mike Tanier

THURSDAYS 4 pm PT 7 pm ET 11 pm GMT
8-week online course
Access to SMWW network
Resume enhancement
Ongoing career advice
Class size limited to 30 students

What You Can Expect From Our Football Analytics Course:

Analytics differ from sport to sport, just like each game has a different set of rules, every analytics course has a specific and different set of applications. The curriculum for this course is specific to football and includes:

Week 1: The Unique Challenges Facing the Football Analyst
Week 2: History of Football Analytics
Week 3: Football Analytics in the Marketplace
Week 4: In-Game Analysis and Strategy
Week 5: Analytics and Free Agency
Week 6: Analytics and the Draft
Week 7: Salary Cap Analytics
Week 8: Sports Science and the Training Room

As part of the course, you will speak with course mentors Aaron Schatz and Mike Tanier through weekly interactive zoom video chats and receive a textbook, headset, and microphone to assist you in engaging with your mentors, and your fellow classmates.

Sports Jobs This Course Will Prepare You For

The world of football analytics is relatively new, so you are probably wondering what this educational opportunity can do for your sports career. Well, we have your answer. Taking this course will prepare you for sports careers like these:

  • NFL or CFL:  GM, Scout, Player Personel, Coach, Agent
  • Football Analytic Companies
  • Football Research and Development
  • Fantasy Football Analyst
  • Football Media
  • Football Journalist
  • Football Information Systems
  • NFL Data Cruncher
  • Football Research Analyst
  • Football Analysis
  • College football analytics jobs

Meet Your Football Analytics Course Mentors:

Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz is the creator of Football Outsiders and most of the original statistical methods used in NFL analysis, as well as lead writer, editor, and statistician on the book series Football Outsiders Almanac. He also writes for and ESPN The Magazine and is the main analyst for the ESPN Fantasy Football Weekly podcast.

During the 2011 season, he was a regular panelist on the ESPN2 show Numbers Never* Lie. Before Football Outsiders, Aaron spent five years on the radio at WBRU Providence and WKRO Daytona Beach, and three years as the writer and producer of the Lycos 50, the Internet's foremost authority on the people, places, and things that are searched online. He has written for a number of publications including The New Republic, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Slate, The American Prospect, and the Boston Phoenix.

Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier taught mathematics in the New Jersey public school system for 17 years before embarking on a full-time sports-writing career.

Starting at Football Outsiders while still a teacher, he became the Sunday NFL preview writer for the New York Times, mixing stats and analysis with off-the-wall humor.

After several years at the Times, Tanier spent two years as the primary NFL writer for Sports on Earth. He's now an NFL Lead Writer for Bleacher Report, sometime Football Outsiders contributor, author of two sports books, father of two, and America's poet laureate of Jay Cutler jokes.


Football Analytics is More than a Fad, It’s the Future

In 2003, an out of work economics major from Brown University changed the way people define success in football, by observing the game through a different lens. Aaron Schatz and his team at Football Outsiders began by evaluating each play based on situation and need, rather than just an ending data point.

This new approach launched the revolution in football analytics, a revolution that shows no signs of slowing down.

Despite Schatz’s success, Hollywood is yet to cast Brad Pitt to play him in the movie version of his life. Instead, we’ve brought him in to teach you football analytics alongside Mike Tanier, Pro Football Focus Staff Writer.

“Sports analytics is one of the fastest-growing jobs types in the market according to our research. Teams are hiring now. This is a new career path with vast potential,” says Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President of SMWW and a mentor for this course.

Football analytics is the future – and we’re going to teach you the skills employers want and need!

Unlike most online classes, we focus our program on interactive zoom video chats directly with your course mentors, which allows you the opportunity to build personal relationships and rapport with these successful leaders in the world of analytics. After completing our Football Analytics course, we will help you redesign your resume to highlight your new skills and include that you have been taught first-hand by Aaron Schatz and Mike Tanier. Now that is powerful!

The frontier of sports analytics is just beginning and there is no end in sight to the employment potential. With fantasy sports, gambling, media, team, and league opportunities, the future of football analytics is now. 

Why You Should Take Our Football Analytics Course:

Businesses large and small use data to help them make decisions, it is a standard operating procedure in that world, and yet in sports, the process of dissecting data to become the foundation for planning and strategy is a new frontier. 

But sports analytics isn't some passing fad destined to flame out, primarily because the results match the hype. Teams at all levels are improving their ability to evaluate players, make decisions on personnel and game plan by taking a fresh look at data.

We'll teach you how to become part of the analytical revolution!

Right now there is the perfect mix of high demand and low supply when it comes to talented analytical minds, which means careers in analytics are in their boom cycle. This course will set the stage for you to enter the world of analytics by learning:

  • Football player metrics
  • What data is available and needed
  • Using data and analytics to communicate with decision-makers
  • Typical analytical questions in player personnel issues
  • Typical analytical questions in coaching issues

Course Details

Weekly Interactive Zoom Video Chats: A unique aspect of each 8-week course is the opportunity for students to participate in weekly, live interactive zoom video chats with world-renowned statistician Aaron Schatz and Mike Tanier, fellow students, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, and renowned guest speakers. This is a tremendous opportunity to network within professional football via the internet. This is available via any online computer. Headset and microphone are included in your course materials. Live interactive zoom video chats are recorded and archived so students can listen live or at their convenience.

Online Education: This innovative academic course is facilitated through a web-based educational delivery system. You will enjoy the online discussion boards, weekly readings, weekly quizzes, course projects, and interaction amongst fellow football business-minded students and faculty. All course materials and textbooks are included in the course fee.

Global Participation: SMWW students participate from over 162 countries. Courses have an international influence and instructors will cater assignments to specific countries or leagues. Countries with economic challenges are eligible for economic discounts.

Military Discount: For those individuals who represent their country in military service, (active, reserve, or retired) we offer a discount. Thank you for serving your country! For more information on the Military Discount Click Here.

Tax Write Off (For USA Citizens): SMWW course tuition, books, and supplies can be used for education tax credits. Save your receipts and consult with your tax advisor on how this applies to you.

Football Career Conferences: All SMWW students are encouraged to attend the yearly SMWW NFL Combine Career Conference. All SMWW Students receive a huge discount to attend. This is an incredible opportunity to network with fellow students, football executives, and SMWW faculty.

Advanced Certificates: Want to take your career to the next level? Our Advanced Certificates have been hand-selected by our team of sports industry experts to put you on a path to success. These bundles allow you to take advantage of our biggest discount available, by bundling multiple courses and becoming an expert in that field. Learn more about our Advanced Certificates here.

Join the Future in Football Analytics

The opportunities in sports analytics are growing so rapidly, the career possibilities are unlimited. Technology has opened the door for infinite analytic advancement and there is no end in sight.

Aaron Schatz and Mike Tanier are two of the brightest minds in football analytics, and you have a chance to learn from these masters.

Don't wait for tomorrow – sign up today.

Certificate & Resume Reference:

Successful graduates of the SMWW Football Analytics Course will be sent an SMWW Certificate of Accomplishment. This represents not only your achievements in the course but also demonstrates your personal commitment to self-improvement and the ability to "self-train" yourself for higher positions within the football industry.

In addition to your certificate, you will be given the stamp of approval by SMWW.

Resume Redesign Service

Acquiring the skills necessary for your dream sports career is only one part of the employment journey. Even with the required skill set, you still have to market yourself properly to attract the attention of sports industry employers. 

At SMWW, we’ll teach you the skills you need to thrive AND help you redesign your resume for optimal impact in the sports industry. We’ll help you craft a resume to include your new skills in Football Analytics, include a reference from Aaron Schatz, Mike Tanier and Dr. Lashbrook, while optimizing it to reach hiring managers searching online. 

We want you to become the next SMWW success story and will go to great lengths to help you get there!



Payment Details

$1,450 United States Dollar

Includes all course textbooks, a headset, microphone, and access to a web-based classroom. Shipping is additional.

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Our students come from over 162 countries and we offer discounts for those living outside of North America.

All customers are charged in USD, therefore costs may vary as the exchange rate is determined at the time of payment. The economic discount shown above will be applied at checkout.

Payment plans available (as little as $495  a month)
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Payment Methods:
Prerequisites: Must be 18 or older to participate and have a passion for sports

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