Earn College Credit for SMWW Courses

Transfer up to 3 SMWW Courses for 6 credit hours (2 credits per course)

Fort Hays State University, (FHSU) in Kansas, has put its stamp of approval on Sports Management Worldwide's courses and offers a separate Credit Overlay Program for undergraduate and/or graduate credit. Let us help you transfer college credit to your school! 

  • FHSU is fully accredited with a 120-year history
  • FHSU is ranked Top 2 in the USA for Most Affordable 
  • Online with live Zoom chats
  • No residency required
  • Financial aid available
  • SMWW Resume Service included
  • SMWW Sports Business Network Included

Students must first sign up for the course through Sports Management Worldwide before signing up for college credit through Fort Hays State University.

Prior to your SMWW Course start date, you will need to apply and register with Fort Hays State University. Each SMWW Course is elligible for two semester credits transferable to your school. Transfer up to 6 credits. Credits are an additional $25 per credit to Fort Hays State University. To obtain college credit for Sports Management Worldwide courses, please contact SMWW and we will assist you. 


Fort Hays State University charges tuition and an application fee. This is in addition to the cost of the course through SMWW.  Once a student's grade is posted at Fort Hays State University, the student may order a transcript from Fort Hays State University's Registrar's Office and have it sent to the university he/she is attending full time. The home campus advisor will determine how the course may be used in a student's academic program. 

Questions can also be directed to Student Services.  

Courses may qualify for your university internship requirements. Apply and Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, Sports Management Worldwide President will call your Academic Advisor to verify.