Letter To Potential Students

A message from Dr. Lynn Lashbrook to those who are thinking about a career in sports:

Do you wish you were working in sports?

We have all heard that if you do what you love, the money will follow.  Most of us spend half our waking hours working. Do you LOVE what you do? Do you love your job as much as your hobbies? If you truly love sports and you wish you were working in a job that didn't seem like work, SMWW is the place to get started. We make sports careers happen. We know who is hiring, where they are hiring and what skills and strategies they are hiring. We have met with the top hiring personnel in almost every sport and asked what are they looking for in a new hire. Sports jobs are hard to get because everyone wants them. Why? Because on Monday morning sports business people are excited to get up to go to work. Are you excited to go to work Monday mornings? You could be! That is why I have designed these career training courses. SMWW students get the best of both worlds. They get mentored every week from someone in the business, and they get skills and strategies that you can't get anywhere else.

Here are some fine examples of how we train our students to get ahead:

These are just a few of the great courses offered at SMWW. No matter what career in sports you would like to pursue, SMWW has a course for you. Just log on to our website to view all of our course offerings.

Getting into sports is all about opportunity. SMWW gives you opportunities in the sports world like no one else!

Most people have the potential, but they need the nuances, skill set, and the connectivity to get their dream job in sports. In an eight week online course, SMWW can give you that edge.

Do you want to get connected?
Do you want the right references on your resume?
Do you need more "experience" on your vitae or resume?

Ask yourself this, "what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants?" What gets you in the hiring doors and in front of the hiring personnel?

For every course we teach, we have gotten input from teams successful sports executives to develop a curriculum that will give you a great skill set that is cutting-edge.

Teams need employees who can communicate well with their fan base and the media, generate revenue, evaluate talent, sell sponsorships or handle a crisis. Almost every venue has an empty seat. And every empty seat is an opportunity. SMWW's courses are your chance to break into sports and launch your career. SMWW is the sports career training company that teaches the specific sports career skills that gives you a chance to take advantage of all the opportunities in sports worldwide.

Take a course today and get into the game!


Dr. Lynn Lashbrook
President, Founder
Sports Management Worldwide