Earn Your Master's in Sports Leadership Online
Getting Your Master's Will Make a Difference in Your Sports Career

The sports industry is a competitive field, with hundreds of resumes flooding employers every time they post a new opportunity. Getting hired for the job you want, instead of just the job you need, can be a frustrating experience.

How do you stand out from the crowd and become the one that sports employers want?

According to the US Department of Education, only 8% of US citizens over the age of 25 have a Master’s degree - talk about a resume differentiator!

A Master’s tells employers how serious you are about your field of study, your desire, and your intellectual capacity. You show the sports industry you are willing to put in the work and have limitless potential.

But getting your Master’s is also a fiscal decision – how do you afford to take classes instead of working? With a CUC's Master’s program, you can do both, in fact, we encourage it!

Concordia University of Chicago (CUC), offers a 100% online Master’s in Sports Leadership or MBA with a Sports Management specialization, which means you can keep your day job and earn while you learn. Plus, the degrees are affordable, often less than 1/3 of the price of other sports Master’s programs.

When you register through SMWW you will be given a discounted rate, guaranteed through the end of your degree program!

SMWW’s Industry Leading Courses Featured In:


Application Deadlines

Application is due:  January 3, 2022 |  Classes Start:   January 10, 2022


Finally, a Master's Program Designed for Busy People:

An online education is the perfect way for hard at work people to complete an advanced degree. You get the flexibility of learning at your pace and your time, while also being able to achieve a degree from a respected and accredited university.

The Master’s program that CUC created has a backbone in sports leadership, research, and administration while offering elective courses covering topics like sports finance, sports promotion, sports facility management, sports law and more.

CUC's program was designed to develop well-rounded students, with a wide range of careers they can pursue after graduation including: 

  • Player Personnel
  • Sports Analytics
  • Operations
  • Media, PR, and Communications
  • Community Relations
  • Front Office Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Agent
  • Athletic Director
  • Sports Information Director
  • Compliance Officer
  • Game Day Operations Director
  • NCAA Academic Advisor
  • Director of Ticket Operations
  • Director of Fundraising and Development
  • Coach
  • Professor of Sports Management
  • Fan & Event Management
  • Scout

Earn The Most Respected Sports Leadership Degree in the Sports Industry

If you envision an online Master’s program like ours being impersonal, where you are stuck in front of your computer reading the screen for hours on end, you’d be wrong.
Your learning with CUC is augmented via live weekly interactive zoom video chats with Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and guests including well-known sports executives, sports agents, major league head coaches, GM’s, athletic directors, scouts, player personnel executives and more.

A vital part of your learning will come via their real-world experience, and your ability to ask questions and engage with pillars of the sports industry.

Students and faculty, along with industry leaders in the trenches of today’s sports world, discuss topics and interact live via the Internet. Dr. Lashbrook’s Weekly Forum creates a virtual classroom where everyone can hear each other worldwide!

Whether you just want to further your career or you are interested in a dynamic sports career in collegiate or professional sports you will love this accelerated Master’s degree program.

This program will change your entire career outlook!

The Master of Arts is 33 credits. The Masters of Business is 48 credits.

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Sports Administration

Emphasis on practical application of concepts, principles, and practices between sports organizations and community associations and the role of sports leaders and administrators.

Social and Historical Foundations

Examines the social, political, cultural, philosophical, psychological, historical and practical aspects of sports history and evolution. The role of sport in contemporary society nationally and internationally.


Leadership and ethical practices in business decision-making in the field of sports management.

Research in Sports Studies

Explores and examines the different methodological approaches to researching contemporary issues in sports; research design and reporting; bibliography.

Essentials of Law

The law, legal issues and professional ramifications in the field of sports management.

Economics of Sports

The role of economics in the sports industry. Specifically, economics related to the business of sports, revenue sharing, profit margins and marginal revenue product. Economic theory and the tools of quantitative analysis used in management decision making.

Sports Finance

Fiscal responsibility and financial stewardship in the field of sports management.

Sports Promotion

Explore and examine the relationship between the mass media and the sports industry. Topics include sports broadcasting, print media and the development of public relation tools such as media guides and press releases, effective principles, theories, practices, and methods involved with all aspects of sports communications.

Leading in Time of Change

Change theory, change processes, change agency in the field of sports leadership and management.

Leveling the Playing Field

Diversity in the field of sports in general and specifically in relationship to gender, race and various cultures.

Dynamics of Coaching

Focuses on the major coaching theories and models, methods, practices and outcomes. Topics include the study of first principles in coaching, coaching cases and analyses, great coaches, coaching decision-making and other contemporary issues.

Facilities and Events Management

Examines the principles and practices necessary to plan, develop, promote, operate and maintain sporting events, athletic centers, and recreational facilities. Emphasis is on issues concerning personnel, finance, profitability, security, concessions, convention centers, event scheduling, equipment management, facilities maintenance and topics related to liability and risk management.

Organization and Administration of Recreation and Leisure Programs

This course provides an overview of principles and practices related to effectively managing a recreation and leisure program. Issues of branding, marketing, media, and personnel selection and development are considered.

Educational Value of Sport

This course will build on Foundations and Theoretical Perspectives and provide students academic opportunities to identify and establish their personal and professional ideals and dispositions in relation to the academic literature and the mission/vision of their educational, recreational, and professional setting. Academic/co-curricular connectivity of sport and society.

Assessment and Evaluation of Recreation and Leisure Programs

This course explores and examines the purpose and added value of assessment and evaluation in the recreation/leisure settings. Basic procedures and designs are used to develop a professional program evaluation/assessment plan. Cycle of evaluation/assessment, needs assessment, program planning and design, outcomes, objectives, findings, reporting for data-driven decision-making.

Current Trends in Recreation and Leisure

Trends in recreation and leisure sport industry of the 21st century are examined in order to facilitate effective planning and implementing of programs designed to meeting the recreational needs of the general public from 5-85 years of age. Critical review and analysis of sport as a social phenomena and the impact on the delivery of and participation in recreation and leisure activities.

Foundations and Theoretical Perspectives of Recreation and Leisure Programs

This course will provide the framework for the specialization by reviewing and applying recreation/leisure theory to the private, public, and/or entrepreneurial setting. Theoretical and conceptual foundations of recreation and leisure, sports, play. A review of historical ideas and practices in the recreation and leisure with an examination to the relationship to present day professional and social sports issues.

Capstone Experience

A master’s capstone is required for all master of arts candidates. This culminating project highlights the candidate’s mastery of content throughout his or her studies. Capstones are traditionally a summary of work demonstrating overall growth and specific understandings of the professional standards. The capstone serves as a performance-based evaluation and promotes reflective practice. It also demonstrates the professional’s proficiency in integrating technology and his or her ability to interpret theory into practice.

The Benefits of a Master’s in Sports Leadership from CUC are Vast

Concordia University Chicago (CUC) offers two (2) 8 weeks sessions within a 16-week term. Students can register for 2 courses per term - 1 in the first 8-week session and 1 in the second 8-week session. The tuition fee is $460 per credit hour. (Technology fee an addition $16 per credit hour).

There are Numerous Benefits to Attending CUC

  • Courses are 100% online, you can take them from anywhere
  • There is no residency requirement
  • Program starts every 8 weeks
  • Coursework is designed for those working in sports, so you can keep working!
  • Includes live interactive zoom video chats with sports executives
  • Federal Financial Aid is available
  • Accredited university with a 150+ year history of preparing leaders
  • Affordable – often less than 1/3 the cost of other sports management programs

There are Numerous Benefits to Being a Part of SMWW:

  • Network with the alumni of SMWW, over 15,000 strong
  • Access and exposure to cutting edge software required by the MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS and NHL
  • Weekly live interactive zoom video chats with Dr. Lashbrook, fellow sports business students and sports industry leaders
  • Professional sports resume redesign and letter of reference upon graduation
  • Discounts to the SMWW Conferences including: NFL Combine, Baseball Winter Meetings, NBA Summer League, NHL Draft, MLS Draft and more.
  • Access to the SMWW Staff & Faculty.

A Message from Dr. Lynn Lashbrook

Lynn Lashbrook

Dear Potential Student,

Every day I discuss with people the career opportunities in college athletics and Sports Management. For the past 45 years I have worked at a variety of sports careers including as a Sports Agent, Athletic Director, Academic Advisor, College Coach, Professor, Scout, and Compliance Officer. I know which careers will benefit from a specific degree and which do not. If you are like most people, you are not aware of the opportunities and how one can break this profession, or even if a degree is a good investment for you. When I started Sports Management Worldwide, I searched for a partnership in Higher Education who understands the importance of an online Masters and Doctorate Program for students who want obtain a career in college and professional athletics. The Concordia University Chicago Sports Management program exceeds my expectations.

I would welcome the chance to discuss career strategies for your specific goals and background.

Fill out this quick form and I will call you to discuss! Or call me at +1(503) 445-7105.

Or if you are ready to apply at Concordia University Chicago, fill out this free application for acceptance.  I know you will be impressed with how quickly they respond. They are a joy to work with and happy to answer your questions. We have a wide range of students, from young people trying to advance their career, to retired professional athletes and sports executives, we can help you become more marketable.

Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook, Ed.D
President & Founder
Sports Management Worldwide


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Admission Checklist For Master's Students

Requirements for Admission

To be considered for admission to a master's program, applicants must have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution and submit the following:

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Financial Aid Information


Apply for financial aid and/or make arrangements for payment after you've submitted your application. You will need to complete the FAFSA online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. It is in your best interest to complete the financial aid process as early as possible. For assistance, call Concordia University financial aid helpline at 708-209-3347. CUC’s School Code is 001666.

Official Transcripts

Provide official, sealed transcripts from institutions where degrees were earned showing all college/university coursework

Objective Statement

Provide information on your future educational goals and/or objectives and their relationship to pursuing graduate work at Concordia University Chicago. This is part of the online application.

Two Letters of Recommendation

Letters should be from individuals able to comment on the applicant's academic proficiency, personal character, competence, and effectiveness in professional work.

International Students:

If you are an international student, you must complete the basic steps listed above for your degree and the following information:

English as a Second Language TOEFL Scores

Please submit TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper-based) or 72 (internet) minimum requirement on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or successful completion of Level 112 at an English Language School (ELS) unless English is the native language, and an unqualified recommendation from an ELS program director is provided. (International students who have earned an advanced degree from an accredited institution in the United States do not need to submit TOEFL scores.)

Foreign Transcript Evaluation

Any foreign transcripts must be evaluated by a Concordia approved international credentialing service, such as WES (World Education Services) or ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators). Students should request a “Course-by-Course” evaluation and sent to Concordia University Chicago.