Letter To Hiring Personnel

Dear Sports Hiring Professional,

Aren't we always looking for that passionate, pre-trained, fired-up, hardworking employee? Don't we wish we could quickly filter out the massive amounts of resumes we receive?

Sports Management Worldwide can help.

Here are a few reasons you should hire an SMWW graduate:

  • FREE- There are no fees to hire our graduates. Our students pay us for skills and strategies that will make them more appealing to you. They pay for the specific training so you are enticed to interview and hire them at no charge to your organization.
  • Our graduates have invested time and energy to get additional sports career training. Each course has specific requirements that the student must master prior to graduation. Our graduates have participated in at least one eight-week training course with live interactive Zoom video chats specific to your industry with an industry guru mentoring them.
  • Our graduates have paid for their own training. Each participant had to invest their own hard-earned money. Why is this important to you? Each individual training course is less than a college course. Any student who pays that much must truly want to work in sports and make a difference. You, the hiring professional, know they aren’t coming to your interview on a whim, they truly want to work in this industry.
  • Our graduates understand the challenge of a career in sports. Each participant knows the reality of how tough it is to break into the sports industry, and that the pay is low to get started. Knowing all this, they still want the opportunity to work for you.
  • Our graduates are experienced. Each student has gone thru eight weeks of rigorous studies, training, testing, and homework. This includes job shadows, course projects with teams, working with appropriate software and/or scouting techniques, and when appropriate role-playing situations.
  • Our graduates understand that sports is a business. They have been trained to grow their fan base, get a return on investment, and increase the bottom-line.
  • PASSION. Our graduates are second to none in the passion department. These individuals have jumped through lots of hoops to get our certificate of completion. Believe me...they have passion!

How SMWW can help you:

  • Post job openings with us. If you need a qualified applicant, send our offices an e-mail at info@smww.com your job announcement. We will post it in our web-based passworded classrooms. Many teams who currently do this find they can find qualified applicants quickly without opening up jobs to the general public. (Free!)
  • Call our offices, we can help. When you consider an SMWW graduate, call me or contact our office. We can research student coursework and the quality of their participation. We know how they work within a team environment with co-students, and I am happy to give my personal recommendation. I can tell you what sports business professionals mentored them and if they also give their stamp of approval. (+1-503-445-7105)
  • Course projects. Our students need job experience. SMWW students now come from over 163 countries worldwide. We have teams sending us projects from all venues, sports, and areas of sports business. Some recent examples of projects our students have done are scouting athletes in remote areas your current scouts aren't able to, email marketing campaigns, (this is required by all students in one of the courses), setting up fan blogs and fan message boards, sabermetric reports, press releases, sports broadcasting in different languages, and many more. Our students truly want to show you they can make a difference in your organization and will do an "A" work. (Please send your detailed course project ideas to info@smww.com. We will determine which course it is appropriate.)
  • Guest speak. We have numerous weekly chats on specific sports business strategies for each course. You can easily "guest speak" from your online computer from anywhere in the world. In addition, we do live sports career seminars and you might be a perfect fit for one of our panels. (Please send your contact information, credentials, specific topic, and speaking resume to info@smww.com)


Many of you already have executed informational interviews, job shadows, guest spoke in our classrooms, and participated in our sports career conferences! Many of you have hired our graduates. THANK YOU! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We need sports business personnel in all types of jobs to allow our students to do a variety of tasks. Employers find this is a great way to give back, but also a sneak peek at a future hire. Thank you for giving back to your sport and helping others!

I am all about a win-win. We want you to love our graduates so much, that you call us for your next hire. We have hundreds of success stories of individuals who have come to us for training and are currently working their way up the corporate sports ladder. Maybe next time you have to tell someone they didn't get the job because they don’t have the experience, you can suggest Sports Management Worldwide. Eight weeks later, you just might get back your next employee of the year!

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook
Sports Management Worldwide