Virtual Internship Program (VIP) 

Sports Management Worldwide offers a Virtual Internship Program for those undergraduate students needing to fulfill their university internship requirements required for graduation. Traditionally, sports internships require a student to leave his or her campus and work full time for a sports entity. When a student has on-campus responsibilities this can be prohibitive. For financial reasons, they may not be able to leave their current environment due to job, family, or personal reasons. Therefore SMWW has created the Virtual Internship Program. This allows the college student to meet graduation requirements and stay in his or her current environment.

The Virtual Internship Program is:

Highlights of the Virtual Internship Program include:

1.) Live interactive audio chats with top sports executives – A unique aspect of the VIP is the opportunity for students to participate weekly inaudio chat interactive audio chats with fellow students, sports executives and renowned guest speakers in the sports business fields. This is a tremendous opportunity to network within a chosen career path. This is available via any online computer. (A universal microphone and headset are provided with course materials.) The connections and synergies via the live interactive audio chats will create a sports network that students will utilize throughout their career in addition to numerous references for the hiring process.

2.) SMWW will assist VIP participants in securing face-to-face live informational interviews and job shadows with top sports executives in their chosen career paths.

3.) Career Conferences at major sports business events. Each VIP participant will choose a sports career Career Conference to attend that pertains to his or her career path. SMWW Career Conferences are held at the NFL Combine, NBA Summer League Games, NSCAA Convention/MLS Draft, NHL Draft, and Baseball Meetings.

4.) VIP participants will create an internship portfolio highlighting their internship skills. This will vary depending on the chosen career path but may include digital video editing samples, scouting reports, sports broadcasting audio resumes, public relations and new media projects, salary cap analysis work, athletic department and coaching assessments, game day management plans, etc.

5.) VIP participants will pursue coursework and projects that include job shadows at sports venues accessible to their location. This can be done at non-profit and/or athletic entities and sports franchises. This may include the MLB, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, MLS, NLL, rugby, cricket, or minor league teams.  

Two ways to participate in the Virtual Internship Program:

Individual Plan- (Student pays SMWW) Any student in need of an internship can participate in the SMWW Virtual Internship Program after having been approved by the student's university academic advisor. The student would personally pay for this program to SMWW. This is in addition to his or her university tuition. (However, this would save the student moving costs, and living expenses incurred doing a live internship.)

Preferred Partnership Plan- (University pays SMWW) Universities may partner with SMWW to offer the Virtual Internship Program. Students are then able to enroll in their own institution's internship program and with a Preferred Partnership can enroll at with no additional tuition to SMWW (except for books and materials).


The goal of the Virtual Internship Program is training participants the fundamental and successful business principles that hiring sports executives look for when adding personnel. All VIP participants will have a well-rounded understanding of the sports business industry, specifically in the areas of grassroots management, marketing, ticket sales, sponsorship, personnel, player operations, customer service, public relations, promotions and event management. The VIP will cover all the major issues that sports organizations face today; winning, social and ethical issues to the more traditional legal and business matters. The virtual internship program is designed to prepare students for work in a variety of professional sport and amateur sports settings.


How the VIP works:

Each VIP participant is required to participate in a minimum of three SMWW online training courses and one SMWW Career Conference (in person). All SMWW training courses listed are online and eight weeks long and can be taken concurrently or consecutively to meet their university time requirements. VIP will be customized to the university requirements and participants chosen career path but must include the following:

A.) VIP Participants must complete the following:

Sports Revenue Management- This training course is the foundation of every amateur and professional sports program. Therefore it is required of every VIP participant. This training offers the opportunity to learn the skills and strategies professional sports organizations look for when hiring entry-level college graduates. It is designed for those that want to work in the front office of a professional or collegiate sports team. Participants will be catapulted to the top of the hiring lines because they have the specific skills and training that teams look for when hiring new employees. 
Your mentors are Greg Hylton, Indianapolis Colts Vice President, Tom Leip, Internal Consultant for Avenir Sports and Entertainment, Bill Guertin, President of The 800-Pound Gorilla.

B.) VIP Participants must also complete one of the following:

Sports Media and Communications- This training is to give you the skill set and competitive edge that will distinguish you from others when applying for sports journalism, sports public relations and information and new media communication jobs. Upon completion of the course, you will be thoroughly trained and ready to make a difference in the communication side of a sports organization. Students will get hands-on experience in the field of sports media, sports journalism, publicity, media relations, fan relations, viral marketing, online media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and marketing to add to their resume.
Your mentor is Jen Mueller, Sideline Reporter of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners

Jerry MaguireAthlete Management-  Training in professional athlete contract negotiation, athlete endorsements, arranging promotional opportunities and appearances, individual sports certifications, legal and financial issues, recruitment, draft and/or workout preparation, athlete marketing, post-career counseling, and athlete mentoring skills. Your mentors are Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, NFL Agent, assisted by John Print, FIFA Agent and Joel Corry, Former NBA and NFL Agent.

Sports Broadcasting- Students will learn the art of the play by play, how to host weekly coaching shows, how to create a sports personality, and even how to create their own sports talk shows. Sports broadcasting via the internet can be an opportunity for any sports organization to grow their fan base, generate money through sponsorship and advertising, and create career opportunities. This training course is for those individuals who are interested in jobs and careers in professional sports broadcasting.
Your mentors are Brian Wheeler, Portland Trail Blazers Announcer and Steve Nash, Integrity Sports Network President. and Scott Moore, iTalk SEC Network Broadcaster to the mentors

Digital Video Editing training provides aspiring students an opportunity to learn the skills, inside secrets, and technology that hiring sports executives seek when hiring new video personnel. Training includes the opportunity to break into sports via a career in the video department of any professional or collegiate sports team utilizing the #1 digital video editing software used in major league sports.
Your mentor is Mike Stoeber, Jacksonville Jaguars & Josh Url, Synergy Sports Technology. (You will learn the software used by EA Sports, the NBA, the NFL, and NCAA Division 1 teams.)

Sports Administration- provides an opportunity to learn the skills that governing bodies, non-profit organizations, collegiate properties, club and community venues and sports management programs seek when hiring new employees. Learn how to enhance revenues, manage cost-effective programs, manage and maintain a full menu of sports, work community relations, work with a board of directors and more. Your mentor is Dr. Jim Krause, President of Winning Sports Programs and former Athletic Director.

Coaching at the Next Level- launches a coaching career. As opportunities, expectations tips and secrets to quality coaching and advancing coaching careers. Professional development creates championship programs.
Your mentor is Dr. Jim Krause, President of Winning Sports Programs and former Athletic Director and NCAA coach.

C.) VIP Participants must also complete one of the following:

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Baseball GM & Scouting- Cutting-edge theories including sabermetrics, general manager and traditional scouting skills, and evaluative tools to create a new generation of modern general managers of professional and collegiate baseball teams. In the ever-changing dynamics of the business of baseball management, today's Baseball GM must learn to balance a budget in the clubhouse and remain competitive on the field. This training course is for those individuals who are interested in jobs and careers in professional baseball.
Your mentors are Dan Evans, former LA Dodger GM and Larry D'Amato, former MLB Scout.

Basketball GM & Scouting - Cutting-edge theories on how to develop a career in professional basketball. Issues covered include basketball operations, team management, scouting talent, player personnel, new age ways of scouting, NBA traditional scouting, studying basketball on paper and other essential tools of modern general managers of professional and collegiate basketball organizations. This training course is for those individuals who are interested in jobs and careers in professional basketball.
Your mentors are Mark Warkentien, Director of Pro Player Personnel, New York Knicks and Josh Url, Synergy Sports Technology.

Cricket Management- Learn cutting edge theories on how to develop a career in professional and amateur cricket. Topics covered include cricket team operations, cricket club management, talent identification, team sponsorship, umpiring, coaching, junior cricket, women's cricket, new technologies of recruiting, traditional recruiting, the business of running a cricket club and other essential tools of modern administrators of professional and amateur cricket clubs. This training course is for those individuals who are interested in jobs and careers in professional cricket.
Your mentor is Ken Jacobs, former CEO of Cricket Victoria in Melbourne, Australia (The largest cricket club in Australia).

Football GM & Scouting- Creating a new era of football experts requires insider knowledge on football operations, football scouting, player management, team financial management and evaluation and the overall business of football. The course includes training in the Coach's Office, a customized software used by football coaches, scouts and Director of Operations at all levels to draw plays, create playbooks, develop game plans, organize scouting & recruiting information and print play cards for practice. This training course is for those individuals who are interested in jobs and careers in professional football.
Your mentors are Russ Lande, Sporting News NFL Draft Expert and John Wooten, former NFL Executive of 40 years and Mark Dominik, Current ESPN Analyst and Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers GM.

Hockey GM & Scouting- Cutting-edge theories on how to develop a career in professional or collegiate hockey. Topics covered include hockey operations, team management, scouting talent, player personnel, cutting-edge ways of scouting, NHL traditional scouting techniques, statistical analysis and other essential tools of modern general managers of professional, major junior, and collegiate hockey organizations. This training course is for those individuals who are interested in jobs and careers in professional hockey. Training includes an introduction to Steva Digital Video software, Rinknet, the #1 software used by NHL teams today.
Your mentors include Harry Sinden, former Boston Bruins GM of 40 years, and Mike Oke, Peterborough Petes GM.

Soccer Management and Scouting- Cutting-edge theories on how to develop a business career in professional soccer. Topics covered include soccer club operations, team management, scouting talent, player personnel, new technology of scouting, statistical analysis, traditional scouting, the business of running a soccer club and other essential tools of modern managers of professional and private soccer clubs. This training course is for those individuals who are interested in jobs and careers in professional football or soccer globally.
Your mentors include Matt Martin (Real Salt Lake, Director Academy Scouting), John Print (FIFA Agent), and Tommy Smyth (ESPN Soccer Analyst).

Motor Sports Management - This course will give you the foundation to many auto racing jobs including Race Director, Crew Chief, Spotter, Team Manager, etc. Learn the strategies and skills necessary to get the best results from your Race Team. This training course is for those individuals who are interested in jobs and careers on the business side of NASCAR, Formula One, Motocross, Champcar, Indy Racing League, National Hot Rod Association, World Rally Championship, LeMans Racing, Grand Am, German Tour Car racing, SCAA, or Grand Prix racing.
Your mentor will be Steve Sudler, a 25+ year veteran of the motorsports industry.

Rugby Management- Learn to manage Rugby teams at an international level, administer countries domestic competitions, and oversee all rugby operations at the local or international level including rugby union, rugby league, and rugby sevens.  Covers topics including rugby team operations, rugby club management, and talent identification, team sponsorship, refereeing, and coaching at all levels from international rugby down to amateur rugby.
Your mentor will be Mick Hogan, Managing Director of English Premiership side Newcastle Falcons

D.) VIP Participants may choose one of the following "focus based" SMWW Career Conferences to attend: (optional)

E.) VIP Participants must do a Post Graduation Career Placement Strategic Plan

 Each VIP participant will need to create a strategic plan for post-graduation career placement. This includes building a professional portfolio for presentation to hiring personnel.

The goal of the Career Placement Strategic Plan is to assist the student with the job hunt process and ultimately teach them to find a job.

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