2024 Fall Football Season

SMWW Football Agent 4-Month Apprenticeship

Are you an NFLPA certified agent but don't have a client?
Are you an SMWW Agent Advisor and want to take recruiting to the next level?
Do you need advice on who, where, and how to recruit?
Do you need advice on which clients are the best for YOU to recruit? 
Do you know how to calculate and tailor a training offer for your client? How much is too much or too little?
Wish you could role-play situations before you meet with the athlete and his parents?
Want real life specifics on when is the best time to approach potential clients? 
Should you text? Call? Twitter? Email? Wait outside the locker room? 

Become a Football Agent Apprentice and learn the techniques and strategies hundreds of veteran agents have learned the hard way with Ric Serritella. 


Weekly Live Interactive Zoom Chats with Ric Serritella

January 8

Weekly Live Interactive Zoom Chats with Ric Serritella

16-week online course
Access to SMWW network
Resume enhancement
Ongoing career advice
Professional Scouting Portfolio Development


Learn growth strategies on how to recruit efficiently and effectively.
Save time and money with internal recruiting tools designed to succeed.
Gain an advantage and know how to stand out from the competition.
Avoid costly pitfalls by examining previous agent case studies and surveys.
Expand your network and tap into our varied industry professional relationships.

Apprenticeship Includes:

  • SMWW Football Agent Apprentices will be assisted during the Fall Football season the entire Recruiting Process from start to finish.
  • Each SMWW Football Agent Apprentice will be mentored on who to recruit based on their specific location and personality. (Save time and money recruiting not too high, and not too low.)
  • How to gain the competitive edge over other agents throughout the recruiting process
  • Learn secret strategies for finding the diamonds in the rough
  • Determining the true value of your client. NFL, CFL, USFL, XFL
  • Learn how to be recruited, not recruit.
  • A recruiting strategy for you to follow will be designed including phone calls, texting, letters & emails, marketing presentations, and brochures
  • Tips and strategies for dealing with college athletes, parents, friends and coaches
  • Dealing with the media to support your recruiting process
  • SMWW Apprentices will be invited to the Senior Bowl Game & practice sessions with Ric Serritella (travel expenses not included). (And who knows, you might have a client with you but even if you don't, you are laying the groundwork for next year.)
  • Professional resume, SMWW webpage, and Linkedin, Twitter, and Instragram redesigned for successful recruiting
  • How to utilize Name, Image, and Likeness to your advantage for recruiting
  • Roleplay, roleplay, roleplay - Every situation possible for an Agent including but not limited to: First contact, in person meetings, signing, training discussions, combine invite or no combine invite.
  • What is the process post signing a client?
  • Navigate the All Star Game Process for your client
  • Making the most of your clients Pro Day & Combine
  • The Art and Magic of the UDFA
  • Maximize opportunities for your clients
  • Handling your clients trainers; who and how to select, how much to pay based on your clients draft eligibility.
  • How to determine the value of a recruit and how much you should or shouldn't spend on training, and additional expenses. (What is too much and what is not enough?)
  • Learn to professionally present to the recruit and family members, your value vs. your commission
  • Football Agent Apprentices will be able to use SMWW Football Agent Apprenticeship in pursuing opportunities with outside agencies
  • One year of Agent Advisors dues. ($300 value)
  • Full web page with photo and bio for one year on the SMWWagency.com website. ($320 value)
  • Weekly live video chats for 4 months with Ric Serritella during the recruiting season for accountability and questions


Check out the 16-week curriculum here: 

Week 1: Welcome To SMWW Agent Apprenticeship  Week 2: Recruiting: Regional vs National  Week 3: Art of the Deal (A.B.C): Roleplay  Week 4: NIL: Welcome To The Wild West
Week 5: Percentage Points & Marketing Deals: The Loophole  Week 6: Media Strategy: Does It Really Work?  Week 7: Resources: How Do I Gain An Edge?  Week 8: Recruiting Techniques That Inspire 
Week 9: Trainers: How To Identify & Know Value  Week 10: The All-Star Game Process: How To Navigate The Process  Week 11: Combine vs Non-Combine Invite: Management Approach  Week 12: Value of A Pro Day: A Play-By-Play Manual 
Week 13: Event Access: How To Manage Expectations  Week 14: March & April: The Stretch Run  Week 15: UDFA Boot Camp: How To Prepare For Everything  Week 16: Roundtable Discussion: Prepare For Every Scenario 


This opportunity is limited to 20 Football Agent Apprentices per 4-month session. 
May be limited to one Agent per geographical location.

Learn More About Football Agent Apprenticeship Mentor Ric Serritella:

Why Ric?

For over 22 years, Ric Serritella has attended hundreds of Pro Days, Combines, Workouts, Grid Irons, and pre NFL Combine events all over the US and Canada. During that time, Ric has met, watched and observed, literally thousands of NFL agents and NFL scouts.  Ric has been privy to why certain athletes pick certain agents AND why certain teams draft particular athletes. Ric has served as Advance Scout for the NFLPA and Executive Director for the College Grid Iron. Ric is a professional consultant to many elite NFL Agents and NFL Agencies. Simply put, when it comes to recruiting, Ric has seen it all. Ric knows who to recruit, when to recruit, what is most effective, and what is most detrimental, in the recruiting process.  Ric knows why athletes pick who they pick as an Agent. 

Ric has seen every recruiting trick, honest and dishonest you can imagine. Now Ric wants to help you recruit the honest way, with integrity and ethics. Ric will assist you, in recruiting clients that match your personality and put the athlete in the best situation pre and post draft. Ric wants to help you bring out the best in the athletes and the best in you and save you from major recruiting mistakes that cost you time and money.

Ric is founder of The NFL Draft Bible which provides information to all 32 NFL teams and serves as the official scouting service provider for the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, HUB Football Camps, and Fan Controlled Football League (FCF). In addition, Serritella has more than two decades of experience in scouting for various organizations and working with major media networks such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN, USA TODAY, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, YES Network, and Wall Street Journal. He has also served as an executive producer of the T.Ocho Show, producer for The Mike & The Mad Dog Show, producer for NFL Now with Mike Francesa, and producer on ESPN Hollywood. Ric has helped start the Wall Street Journal YouTube channel and was involved in building the fiber-optic system for MLB Network. Serritella is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, and he has a Bachelor's degree in Sports Entertainment & Event Management. He is a proud member of the Pro Football Writers Association and the Football Writers Association of America.



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Prerequisites: Must be 18 or older to participate and have a passion for sports.
(In the UK: 087 12884799)