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Four Advanced Degrees You Can Complete Online, Made Specifically for the Sports Industry

Elevate your sports career through one of the Master’s or Doctoral degrees offered by SMWW partner programs.

Congrats to Dr. Nick Nurse - Toronto Raptors Head Coach, who graduated with his Ph.D in Leadership: Sports Leadership from CUC/SMWW in May, 2022. Pictured here with SMWW President Dr. Lynn Lashbrook

When you dream of a career in sports, what do you see?

Are you a Coach looking to get to the next level? Whether that be high school to college, or college to the pros?

Are you a Sports Agent – qualifying for players association requirements, negotiating contracts and building a player brand?

Are you the General Manager of a professional sports team - crafting a roster, managing budgets and leading a large staff?

Are you a Sales Executive - impacting revenue, developing dynamic pricing models and building relationships with sponsors and vendors?

Are you an Athletic Director - mentoring college athletes and boosters, hiring coaches, and managing million-dollar budgets?

Congrats to Dr. Nick Nurse - Toronto Raptors Head Coach, who graduated with his Ph.D in Leadership: Sports Leadership from CUC/SMWW in May, 2022. Pictured here with SMWW President Dr. Lynn Lashbrook

With an advanced degree in sports leadership, all of these things and more are within your reach. 

With an online degree through our partner programs, you can earn your master’s or doctorate from an accredited university while keeping your day job. The programs are affordable, often less than 1/3 of the price of other sports management programs while maintaining a long track record of successful remote learning.

When you register through SMWW you will be given a discounted rate, guaranteed through the end of your degree program.

M.P.S. in Sports Management
Fort Hays State University

M.A. in Sports Leadership
Concordia University Chicago

MBA in Sports Management
Concordia University Chicago

Doctorate in Leadership: Sports Leadership
Concordia University Chicago


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Application Deadlines

Masters:  June 24, 2024  |   Doctorate: June 24, 2024 

Classes Start:  July 1, 2024

Masters:  June 24, 2024  |

Doctorate: June 24, 2024 

Classes Start:  July 1, 2024


Earn The Most Respected Sports Leadership Degree in the Sports Industry

For most people grad school is a fiscal decision - can you afford to continue your education in lieu of getting to work?
That is exactly why our partner universities with the help of SMWW, have developed advanced degree programs. We believe you should have the best of both worlds, and continuing your education should be affordable.
Our online degrees allow you to work and learn, making your fiscal decision easier.
Achieve these degrees and stand out from the crowd for careers like:

  • Player Personnel
  • Operations
  • Media, PR, and Communications
  • Community Relations
  • Front Office Executive
  • Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Agent
  • Athletic Director
  • Sports Information Director
  • Compliance Officer
  • Game Day Operations Director
  • NCAA Academic Advisor
  • Director of Ticket Operations
  • Director of Fundraising and Development
  • Coach
  • Professor of Sports Management
  • Fan and Event Management
  • Professional Scout

Why an Online Sports Leadership Degree Makes Sense

A bachelor’s degree used to be a strong differentiator for those seeking employment, now it is the norm. Yet, only 8% of US citizens over the age of 25 have a master’s degree, while only 1.68% have their doctorate.

For those wanting to stand out in the marketplace, a master’s or doctorate separates you from the pack.

If you envision an online program being impersonal, where you are stuck in front of your computer reading the screen for hours on end, you’d be wrong.

Your learning with our partner universities are augmented via live weekly interactive zoom video chats with Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and guests including well known Sports Executives, Sports Agents, Major League Head Coaches, GM’s, Athletic Directors, Scouts, Player Personnel executives and more.

You’ll learn with added real-world experience.

Students and faculty, along with industry leaders in the trenches of today’s sports world, discuss topics and interact live via the Internet. Dr. Lashbrook’s Weekly Forum creates a global, virtual classroom where everyone can hear each other worldwide!  This program will change your entire career outlook!

There are Numerous Benefits of Attending:

  • Courses are 100% online, you can take them from anywhere in the world
  • No residency requirement
  • No GRE requirement
  • Program starts every 8 weeks
  • Coursework is designed for those working in sports, so you can keep working!
  • Includes live interactive zoom video chats with sports executives
  • Federal Financial Aid available
  • Accredited university with a 150+ year history of preparing leaders
  • Affordable – often less than 1/3 the cost of other sports leadership programs

There are Numerous Benefits to Being a Part of SMWW:

  • Network with the alumni of SMWW, over 30,000 strong
  • Access and exposure to cutting edge software required by the MLB, NFL, NBA, MLS, and NHL
  • Weekly live interactive zoom video chats with Dr. Lashbrook, fellow sports business students, and sports industry leaders
  • Professional sports resume redesign and letter of reference upon graduation
  • Discounts to the SMWW Conferences including NFL Combine, Baseball Winter Meetings, NBA Summer League, NHL Draft, MLS Draft, and more.

Access to the SMWW Staff & Faculty.

A Message from Dr. Lynn Lashbrook:

Dear Potential Student,

Lynn Lashbrook

Every day I discuss with people the career opportunities in college athletics and Sports Management. For the past 45 years, I have worked at a variety of sports careers including as a Sports Agent, Athletic Director, Academic Advisor, College Coach, Professor, Scout, and Compliance Officer. I know which careers will benefit from a specific degree and which do not. If you are like most people, you are not aware of the opportunities and how one can break this profession, or even if a degree is a good investment for you. When I started Sports Management Worldwide, I searched for a partnership in Higher Education that understands the importance of an online Masters and Doctorate Program for students who want to obtain a career in college and professional athletics. The Concordia University Chicago Sports Management program exceeds my expectations.

I would welcome the chance to discuss career strategies for your specific goals and background.

Fill out this quick easy form and I will call you to discuss! Or call me at +1(503)445-7105.

I know you will be impressed with how quickly they respond. They are a joy to work with and happy to answer your questions. We have a wide range of students, from young people trying to advance their career, to retired professional athletes and sports executives, we can help you become more marketable in the sports industry!

Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook, Ed.D
President & Founder
Sports Management Worldwide


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