Dr. Jim Krause
Winning Sports Programs President, Former NCAA Coach
Kirkland, Washington, United States

Dr. Jim Krause, President of Winning Sports Programs and Board Chairman of WSE International, brings a wealth of experience to anyone in coaching. Coach Krause has had a 25+ year coaching career with stops at every level, including top assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for the University of Oregon basketball team under Jim Haney. Dr. Krause’s coaching experience has included basketball, football, softball, baseball, and golf at the University level and basketball, men's and women's soccer, and softball at High School.
Jim's diverse background as an athletic director, coach, and professional sports president, general manager, event coordinator, and teacher enables him to guide and train you for any situation. If experience truly is the best teacher Dr. Jim Krause is your greatest asset in learning after having worked or consulted for: The University of Oregon, NABC Convention & NCAA Final Four, DGI (Sports Association of Denmark), 1996 Olympics, Alabama A&M University, University of Alabama, GM of the Huntsville Fire (professional sports team), Title IX Consultant, YMCA, and the NAIA National Office.
Dr. Krause has authored three books on the game of basketball including, Guardians of the Game, a Legacy of Leadership, and believes building championship programs is a process that can be learned and repeated regardless of sport or level.

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Mentor of the Following Courses:

Coaching At The Next Level

Sports Administration