Football Agent Certification Prep FAQ

question  How hard is the NFLPA test?

The NFLPA test is a 60-minute test that occurs over 3 hours. The passing rate for the NFLPA test is about 25% for first-time test takers. However, those who take the Football Agent Certification Prep course pass at a rate of 80%.

 question What is the passing score of the NFLPA test?

A passing score for the NFLPA test is 70 or higher.

question  How many certified NFL agents are there?

There are more than 850 certified NFL agents.

question  Can you be an NFL agent without a degree?

The NFLPA requires at least a Master’s degree to qualify for the NFLPA test. However, you can get that requirement waived if you have relevant experience which is determined by the NFLPA. If you wish to work as a non-certified agent, you can join SMWW’s Agent Advisor program!

question  Who is the #1 NFL Agent?

Drew Rosenhaus is regarded as the #1 NFL agent due to his large client base and the value of the contracts that he has negotiated.

question  How to pass the NFLPA test?

The best way to prepare for the NFLPA test is to take the Football Agent Certification Prep course, which is taught by a former NFLPA agent. 80% of those who take this course pass the NFLPA test on their first try!

 Do you have more questions?

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