#SMWWsuccess: Ron Reider joins International Speedway Corporation

#SMWWsuccess: Ron Reider joins International Speedway Corporation
July 26, 2019 by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook


A lifetime fan of motorsports, New York native Ron Reider spent a little over 6 years in event operations at Watkins Glen International Speedway early in his career. Sometimes life throws a wrench at you and changes your career path. This was true for Ron, who left Watkins Glen in 2004 for other opportunities outside of motorsports.

But Ron wasn’t done with motorsports, and motorsports wasn’t done with Ron.#SMWWsuccess Ron Reider joins International Speedway Corporation

In the fall of 2017, Ron decided it was time to take another swing at working in the field he loved and felt a passion for.

“I began to look for an online course that could enhance my skills and make me more attractive to employers in motorsports,” recalls Reider. “I came across Sports Management Worldwide, their Motorsports Management online course outlined all the vital information I’d learn and showcased the top notch instructors that I was looking to learn from and network with.

“I couldn’t wait to sign up.”

During his 8-week online Motorsports Management course, Ron gained further insight into the Motorsports arena including team management, race operations, sponsorship, marketing, fan experience, ticket revenue, social media & public relations.

“The most important thing I learned was about the event management side of the industry. The instructors were so great at explaining how events operate in motorsports. I definitely learned how to perform this task more effectively.”

The deep focus on event management really helped Ron. After completing his course in January of 2018,  he was hired in June by International Speedway Corporation in event services!

“When my interviewer noticed that I received a certificate from SMWW, plus had prior experience at Watkins Glen international, she informed her supervisor that I was someone worth considering, which led to a second interview…and a job!”

In his first year with International Speedway Corporation Ron has focused on event planning and catering for luxury suites, with some time spent in guest services. His goal is to eventually ascend to management or get into the marketing side of the business.

“With my experience at Sports Management Worldwide, I feel like I have the skills and knowledge to do anything in motorsports! “Everyone out there reading this needs to take a course with SMWW. You will learn so much and come away with the knowledge that will propel you into much higher opportunities.”

Good luck on your journey Ron – we’ll be watching!