The Journey of an SMWW Agent Advisor and Expert Marketer: Brian Lowe

The Journey of an SMWW Agent Advisor and Expert Marketer: Brian Lowe
October 22, 2021 by Dr. Lashbrook


The U.S. Olympic Committee. Major League Baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals. The National Football League's Super Bowl Host Committee. The National Basketball Association's Memphis Grizzlies. The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Headquarters.

They're not answers to a sports trivia contest. They're organizations and teams for which Brian Lowe has worked.
"I always say business is business, it doesn't matter what sport it is. Business is pretty fundamental … ,''  the alumni of Sports Management Worldwide's Athlete Management Course and current SMWW Agent Advisor said in a recent phone interview. 

Creativity has been a key to success for Lowe, who also is the founder and principal of TeamUp Sports Consulting, LLC. The company, which has offices in his hometown of Monroe, Louisiana and in Accra, Ghana, provides comprehensive and strategic planning, and innovative business solutions for the sports marketplace. "If you're not creative of any sort, in any department or any function or any job that you're on,'' said Lowe, "be creative. "I always say change sports. Don't just work sports, change it." 

The former Grambling State University football center has a reputation as a game changer. "When you're a game changer, you start thinking outside the box,'' the SMWW agent/advisor said. "When you're a game changer, you're going to absorb all the knowledge of what you're in." He stresses to those who aspire for careers in sports administration to not be limited. "Learn the entire model of sports — all the positions, all the departments. That's just going to make you more marketable, more knowledgeable,'' said Lowe, who earned bachelor's and masters degrees in sports administration at Grambling in 1996 and 2000, respectively.

An example of Lowe's marketing savvy was helping the Grizzlies ticket sales department to the NBA Sales Award in 2012. Lowe led Memphis to franchise and league records for total sales revenue that season, which also aided a 40-percent increase in theGrizzlies season-ticket base. Two persons who helped influence Lowe in the business side of sports were his instructors for the Athlete Management course — NBA agent Joel Corry, and NFL agent and SMWW founder and president Dr. Lynn Lashbrook. Corry introduced Lowe to the operations side of the NBA. "I knew the business, I knew the competition level as an athlete. Joel kind of connected the dots in terms of how basketball operations go and how the athlete management part goes,'' Lowe recalled.

"Joel played a very vital  role in bringing that piece of knowledge to my whole experience level in professional sports. That just really kind of sealed it for me. Joel's a great instructor." Lowe first met Lashbrook in 1998 when Lowe was working for Game Face Sports Academy in Portland, Oregon, and Lashbrook was the featured speaker at an academy event.

Lashbrook also visited Lowe on October 2 in Champaign, Illinois, where Lowe was watching his cousin, University of Illinois senior left guard Vederian Lowe, play against Charlotte (North Carolina) in a nonconference college football game "Doc has given me so much support in my knowledge of the sports business and how we handle the recruiting and everything like that,'' Lowe said. "I wouldn't say I was surprised (by Lashbrook's visit), but I was very appreciative. If I had to be a kid in a candy store, then I would tell you that was the highlight of my career."