How do I become a Hockey Scout?

How do I become a Hockey Scout?
April 27, 2023 by Dr. Lashbrook


Many hockey fans question what it takes to become a hockey scout and many assume you must have been a hockey player to get a chance. To reach the big time of being a hockey scout, it is about your knowledge of player skill, intuition, and passion for the sport. Taking our hockey gm and scouting course and learning elite skills from our group of established mentors is the first step to reaching your dream job.


What does hockey scouting include? Scouting hockey players includes learning how to evaluate passing ability, stick handling, puck handling, puck control, player size, player body type, and player speed. Being a hockey scout also involves a lot of travel and time spent in ice rinks evaluating players. How much do hockey scouts make? This will depend on the level and experience of the scout but can range anywhere from $13,000 to $80,000 per year.


What will you learn in the SMWW course? In depth scouting & player evaluation including body type, mental makeup, playing ability and physical tools. How to identify players for top leagues versus minor leagues. RinkNet, the #1 hockey video technology. Evaluating college players compared to major juniors, NHL draft preparation. Responsibilities of a hockey GM. How a hockey franchise front office is organized. Salary cap, CBS, and team-building methodology. Hockey player contracts, trades, acquisition, and negotiation. The franchise, facility, and venue operations. How to effectively write hockey scouting reports, Steva and so much more.


If you are interested in becoming a Hockey scout and want to learn more, our hockey gm and scouting course is the one for you. Taught by current Scouts and GMs in hockey, you will gain a wealth of knowledge from their experiences to set you on the path to success.