Calling all Interns! If you are looking for a sports internship, we're ready for you

Calling all Interns! If you are looking for a sports internship, we're ready for you
July 25, 2019 by Dr. Lynn Lashbrook


Newsflash: Sports employers are not going to hire you solely because you have encyclopedic knowledge of random sports data.

Knowing Tony Franklin was one of the last barefooted kickers in the NFL will not get you a job.

Remembering that Kawhi Leonard was just the 48th ranked player heading to college in 2009, will not be the detail that separates you from other applicants.

Experience is what matters.

Having on the job sports experience will make you a more attractive candidate to employers because it proves to them you can get the job done. You aren’t just a piece of clay waiting to be molded, you are experienced in the way the sports world works.

At Sports Management Worldwide we value the importance of gaining real-world sports experience, and that is why we offer two different sports internship formats for motivated students looking to gain experience.

On-Location Internshipintern at sports management worldwide

Our Portland, Oregon and London, England offices are perfect spots for you to gain life-changing sports experience. You will enhance your on the job skills, and gain experience in sports marketing, social media, event planning, sports agency and much more.

Our interns have gone on to work for a variety of professional sports organizations including in MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, and EPL, in fact, most of our current full-time employees were once SMWW interns. Interning with SMWW provides an ideal training ground for people interested in growing their sports career! 

At Sports Management Worldwide we customize each interns experience to assist in developing the specific skills that align with their sports career goals. SMWW interns are included in every aspect of our organization, including business meetings, career conferences, marketing summits and more. Interns will work directly with our industry-leading faculty and staff, have job placement assistance, and access to the SMWW network. 

 In addition, all interns will take two SMWW courses, and attend one of our industry-leading career conferences - a $3000 value!

Virtual Internship Programvirtual internship at sports management worldwide

At Sports Management Worldwide we recognize that every student is different. Many talented people have conflicts or challenges that prevent them from fulfilling a traditional, on-site, internship program as part of their college requirements.

Which is why we created our 100% online Virtual Internship Program, allowing students to meet graduation requirements while staying in their current environment!

The Virtual Internship Program is:

  • Offered Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter terms
  • Allows for flexible start and finish dates
  • Available from any computer
  • Tailored to undergraduate college students aspiring to launch a career in sports management, sports leadership, and/or sports business
  • Individually customized to the student's career path and goals

You’ll gain much of the same work experience as a traditional on-location intern, but you won’t have to relocate to our location.

Either one of these internship experiences will set you up for career success – so let’s get to it!