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Rugby Business Management Mentor Mick Hogan to Lead European Rugby Champions Cup Event

Every year 20 top flight rugby teams from England, France, Ireland, Wales Italy and Scotland compete in the European Rugby Champions Cup.

Inclusion in this event is a major honor, signifying your team has placed at the top of the table for your respective league. It is truly a best of the best competition.

The Most Important Thing We Do For Your Sports Career

I'm not exactly breaking news here to say that social media moves fast.

Ideas, provoking thoughts, statistics, commentary - they all fly by as if destined for imaginary finish line in the clouds. 

If they are on point, crystalizing the thoughts of the viewing audience, they re-emerge, this time with emoji's and commentaries attached as they race again off into the distance.

Why Should You Attend our Basketball Career Conference? It's Simple Really

In the next few weeks we'll be kicking off the Sports Management Worldwide Basketball Career Conference in Las Vegas at the UNLV student union and we'd like you to be there with us. But I know it isn't that simple, we have to convince you it's worth your time and worth a trip to Vegas. 

Register for our NHL Draft Career Conference and You'll Get Something You Can't Find Anywhere Else

Do you know what sold out last week? Tickets to the upcoming NHL Draft in Dallas.nhl draft tickets at sports management worldwide

If you wanted to see the draft live and in-person, watch as teams orchestrate their future, celebrate decisions and manage opportunity – sorry, there aren’t any tickets left for you to buy.

But, not all hope is lost.

At Sports Management Worldwide we already bought tickets.

Lots of them.

Carolina Hurricanes Owner Tom Dundon Confirms for our NHL Career Conference

Just a few short months ago in January, businessman Tom Dundon acquired a majority stake in the Carolina Hurricanes for a reported $420 million, becoming owner of a major sports franchise at just 46 years old.

Lynn's Lines: What does the World Cup mean for you? SOCCER JOBS!

By now you’ve probably heard that the North American contingency of the United States, Mexico and Canada will host the 2026 World Cup.

united bid for the 2026 world cup

This is really great news, but let’s back up for a second.

One of the main reasons the North American bid won the bid against rival Morocco was due to the promise of revenue, lots of it.

Lynn's Lines: NFL Draft Day Through the Eyes of an Agent

nfl draft through the eyes of an agentIn the foreground sits a hulking mass of athleticism, crowded by family and friends, encircled by cameras adjusting their focus for the live feed straight from the top prospects living room.

The minute-by-minute emotions, the highs and lows of uncertainty, are captured as the drama of draft day unfolds.

The tension is palpable, due in part to the unknown.

A Holistic Approach to Athlete Management

At 21-years old no one is prepared to make one of the biggest decisions of their life, but for most highly rated prospects that is the only choice they have.

Lynn's Lines: January is a Brutal Month for Coaches

being a coach isn't an easy careerThe most wonderful time of the year is in the rearview mirror and sadly that means for many coaches in college and pro football, so is their career.

Every year more and more coaches get a shorter and shorter leash to perform their duties and grow a program.

Lynn's Lines: NCAA Scandals Result from a Lack of Ethical Leadership

ncaa scandal we need new leaders in sportsWhere there is opportunity for great power and success, so too is the opportunity for shame and dishonor.