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Motorsports Fans: Check out our new guest speaker!

For fans of motorsports little surpasses the excitement of the Indy 500, the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, which is why we are so excited to announce that Doug Boles, President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be joining our upcoming Motorsports Management online course this January.j.</body></html>

Lynn's Lines: SMWW is headed to India!

The love for sport in India is growing rapidly. Far more than just the game of cricket, a passion for additional sports has resulted in the growth of viewership, participation, and sports-related

industries across the nation.SMWW Meet and Greet India

Career prospects in the sports industry are growing as well including in apparel, team management, scouting, talent management and more.

The Difference Maker for Your Sports Career

Have you heard the name Howie Roseman before?

Sure you have, he’s the Philadelphia Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations (AKA: the BIG DOG) and a former keynote speaker at our NFL Combine Career Conference.

Sports Careers to Pursue After Your Playing Days are Done

As the saying goes, father time is undefeated. We all at some point reach the end of our playing days, either due to age, injury or a lack of elite skill.

When that time comes, it can be hard to reconcile the reality of your new existence. Transitioning to a new focus can be a challenge when you’ve only known one way your whole life: train, compete, win.

Lynn’s Lines: Where Should I Start My Sports Career?

Over my 50 years in the sports industry people have always flooded me with questions regarding their career aspirations.

Maybe it’s my background having been an athletic director, coach, professor, sports agent and entrepreneur…or maybe it’s my warm personality.

Let’s go with the latter.

Tim Mead, LA Angels VP of Communication Joins SMWW Faculty

It is my sincere pleasure to announce Tim Mead, Los Angeles Angels VP of Communication has joined the SMWW faculty and will begin mentoring our Sports Media and Communication online course starting October 22nd.Tom Mead Angels VP of Communication

It’s time to celebrate one of our own

How do you identify a leader?jeff brodie sports management worldwide smww vp of operations

Many attach the term to the loudest person in a room, the one who shouts and hollers and commands attention.

Others pinpoint the person with the boldest personality and believe they are the leader, the near gravitational pull of their persona bringing people closer and closer.

Lynn’s Lines: The Ralph Rule Will Change Your Career Perspective

For 35 years Jim Steiner was one of the sports world’s premier agents, and for a slice in time I worked side-by-side with him. He was my mentor, a businessman I admired and someone I learned a great deal from.Jim steiner former nfl agent

Our Baseball Career Conference is Open for Registration!

smww baseball career conference

Every year our Baseball Career Conference during the Winter Meetings is one of the highlights of our conference calendar. All the movers and shakers from Major and Minor League Baseball are in the area - scouts, administrators, GM's and more - it's an incredibly exciting place to be!

The Various Types of Sales Careers in Sports

For years I've been talking about the main way to break into the sports industry: sales.sports sales jobs

It’s true, the vast majority of jobs in sports, whether it is in professional, collegiate or the minor leagues, is in sales. To go one step further, sales jobs are prominent at sports networks, sports websites, sports agencies, sports marketing firms…you name it, sales are the straw that stirs the sports business drink.