Howie Roseman

Over his 16 years with the Philadelphia Eagles, Executive Vice President of Football Operations Howie Roseman has been involved in every facet of running an NFL team.

Roseman found his entry point into the league in 2000 by becoming an expert in the NFL salary cap and collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The Eagles hired the Brooklyn, NY native as a salary cap/staff counsel, and by 2003 he was elevated to Director of Football Administration. From there the Fordham law school graduate ascended quickly, becoming Vice President of Football Administration before switching to the player evaluation side, where he would develop into Vice President of Player Personnel and eventually General Manager.  Throughout all of the role changes, one thing remained constant, Roseman's knowledge of the salary cap, negotiating contracts and strategic operational matters were always a major component of each position. He had found his niche, and it propelled him through the organization.