Yuto Sakurai

I always had the passion for baseball and was looking for a place to start. I had some doubts at the beginning but as I went through the 8 weeks, talking to actual MLB executives in the industry at a conference and attending the Winter Meetings, I was compelled. Dan not only taught me baseball operations but also guided me to the right people. Through Dan and this program, I connected with a bunch of MLB team executives which eventually lead me to interviews. From the connections that I made throughout, I ended up getting a job at PGA TOUR as a Tournament Operations Specialist. Although it is a different sport, now I have my foot in the door from not having any experience working in sports to working in a professional sports organization within 6 months after completing the SMWW course. This is still just a beginning of the chapter for me to pursue the dream of working in MLB. The most important thing I learned is to be passionate and put an effort for what you want to achieve. Then people surrounding you would notice that and want to support you.