Tyde Tierce

I took the Football GM and Scouting course because I've always loved the game. During my college years, I never even gave it a thought on majoring in something sports-related which probably was my down fall. Instead, I majored in psychology. I heard about SMWW on ESPN one Saturday night a little over three months ago. After I heard Mel Kiper, Jr. talking about SMWW, I knew it was my "ticket to the game" as Dr. Lashbrook always says. I know now in my life I absolutely want to have a career in football. My life is football. I have learned more than I ever thought I would. I now know what to look for in technical aspects of a player's ability for scouting reports. All the ins and outs of what makes a football team really good or really bad. I understand the inner workings of the front office of an NFL team.