Keith Denslow

I was just able to finish the esports business class this weekend.  It is fantastic that SMWW has become one of the first groups in the United States to offer an academic course on esports. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be included in the first class session. I really can’t praise Ike Worth enough. Ike Worth has been great in supervising the class and his natural enthusiasm for the course has stood out. He was able to find workarounds for ongoing problems with the WebX connection for me. Ben Foojee Watley has great industry knowledge and was a good host for the audio sessions. The Esports Business course is a great overview of esport team management and the fast-growing field of esports opportunities. Direct audio conversations with Ben Foojee Watley are worth the time and effort. SMWW staff is professional and attentive to individual student needs to help you be successful. Thanks again for a great opportunity.