Akintunde Owoseni

It was an exciting 8 weeks for me studying Soccer Management and Scouting. I was honored to have the opportunity to share a chat room with the renowned Tommy Smyth. SMWW provided me with the opportunity of interviewing highly profiled coaches like Dushan Fitzel, the Asst. Coach of Anzhi Makachkala playing in the Russian Premier league. And this was also due to the in-depth approach we were taught. The SMWW badge on my chest makes it a lot easier getting the job done. Now I know what exactly I should be looking out for while scouting a team(s) or player(s). Also, the reading materials distributed was a great help. Learning about formations, style of play, history of the game etc I just want to say that SMWW has given me a sense of pride in the soccer world. Thank you!