Aivars Ziedins

This course has been both an awakening and an inspiration for me. Since I am a European, I never knew the way they played this game overseas. I was amazed at the amount of information about hockey that I hadn't known about. This course was one of my best experiences so far in the hockey world. I hope I can continue my journey after completing this course. This course introduced me to some new things and helped me to put the puzzle together, so to speak, on a number of issues. I gained a different outlook on the game and learned to train my eye much sharper than I ever did before. The weekly chats were invaluable. The Rink Net program was also enlightening. I was not aware there was a program that enabled you to follow every single player in the league. For the last eight weeks, I felt like a sponge who was soaking up every bit of information I could.