Sports Administration Testimonials

  • Working on the on line course enabled me to work in my own time and living in a different country which doesn't offer sports related courses this was a huge advantage.

    David Allen
    International School Manila
    Makati, Philipines
  • Dr. Jim Krause really personalized the course work by emailing me and challenging me to think and respond to questions as if I were already a professional in the field. The course was a great learning opportunity!

    Rona Head
    Southfield, Michigan
  • It's hard to find a course that can work around your life, but at Sports Management Worldwide, they give you the freedom to pursue your dreams at your pace. The professors just want you to be yourself but to take chances and think outside the box. Not hard to do from the comfort of your own home!

    Mike Gleason
    Teacher-Lacrosse coach
    Englewood, Colorado
  • SMWW provided a great opportunity to meet professionals in the sports business world and the students participating in my class were extremely helpful and supportive. I am, unquestionably, better prepared to pursue a career in the sports business arena. The course materials, the interaction between the students and our class leader and the opportunity to network with folks from all over the globe, with a common interest and goal, composed a complete training package for me. I am now ready and confident, to sell my abilities to the various sports venues, in my local area and beyond.

    Kevin Barry
    Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
  • The ability to take a class on your own terms is a must do. The feel is a relaxed environment, to be yourself and stand by your answers. You may enter with no knowledge, but you will leave with tons.

    Mike Gleason
    Englewood, Colorado
  • After completing SMWW Sports Administrator course, I was able to put the scope of my athletic program into full focus. The course helped broaden my vision and understanding of how to effectively manage and revitalize my programs as well as my coaching staff. New ideas and tons of valuable practical information streamlined my department's efforts. Every Sports Administrator needs this course!

    Chris Smith
    Dean of Students/Athletic Director
    Vacaville Christian High School
  • The Sports Administration course is indeed the most efficient curriculum content for Athletic Directors I have ever experienced. Dr. Jim Krause enabled me to explore avenues and ideas for becoming an Athletic Director that will benefit me for the remainder of my administrative career. I would highly recommend this course for those seeking to become a sports administrator on any level.

    David C. Penn
    Crane Tech Prep Common School
    Chicago, Illinois
  • The interactive and revolutionary Sports Administration course has provided me with the necessary skill set to "make a difference" in the sports world. Throughout the course, I received expert tutelage that was above and beyond the call of duty. This extremely practical Athletic Administration educational experience has assisted greatly with my own personal and professional development. I am forever grateful to receive the opportunity to participate in the course as I feel that I learnt a great deal about Athletic Administration that will be very useful in many different fields of employment. Dr Krause and Sports Management Worldwide have also been very supportive and assisted me with my own endeavors to gain employment entry within the sports market. Thank you very much Dr Krause and Sports Management Worldwide!

    Michael Wring
    Campbelltown, Australia
  • I am an engineer at General Motors. I am on the Athletic Booster Board and help run the basketball and football concession stands in addition to being the official scorekeeper for our home basketball games. Our school just had its first annual Tailgate Party to kick off the sport's season in which I was the chairperson. This course has helped me as a parent that loves being involved in high school sports, understand and appreciate the work load of the Athletic Director. I use a lot of this course in our booster meetings.

    Ed Jones
  • I have found this course to be very beneficial to me. As a veteran athletic administrator, I am always looking for new ideas that can help my program excel. I have enjoyed the exchange of ideas and the communication with other students who are nationwide right from my own home. We are all dealing with budget issues, but this course has introduced some cutting edge technology to help generate funds and improve public relations within the community. Whether you are a new or a veteran athletic administrator, this would be a great course to take!

    Margaret Conaty, CAA at
    Mansfield High School, Massachusetts
  • Dr. Krause has brought his considerable skill and expertise together with a positive vision for program development at our High School to provide for real change in the conduct of our athletics and activities programs. Jim's prudence and sound judgment, his enthusiasm for the appropriate role of these programs, and his outstanding leadership skills have ensured ongoing program refinement and growth within the proper constructs of the school environment.

    Laura Bang-Knudsen
    High School Principal
  • We were already under investigation by the Office of Civil Rights when Dr. Krause arrived. He immediately took control of the situation by determining how we could meet Title IX compliance and then formulating a history and future plan. Through local and regional surveys, facilities up-grades and re-allocation of the same athletics moneys we were able to provide the Department of Education with a satisfactory historical report and a plan for full future compliance.

    Barbara Burnhardt
    VP, Illinois Benedictine College
  • Jim Krause is very professional! He has provided effective leadership to our National Association of Basketball Coaches annual convention during the NCAA Final Four for the last 14 years

    Jim Haney
    NABC Executive Director
  • Jim Krause eased the pressure for an EISL championship run. We have professional athletes from all over the world and Jim eased cultural friction and allowed the athletes and agents to feel comfortable working with the Fire management team.

    Scott Cooper
    Head Coach
    Mansfield, England
  • My first head coaching job was the conference door-mat. With Jim' Krause's help, I changed some staff, focused on our younger player's development and devised a daily, weekly and yearly plan for success. We have had three straight seasons of improvement and a .500 record.

    Luke Huard
    Interlake High School Football Coach, Washington
  • Dr. Krause brought alot of insight from personal experience into the discussions. What he had to share was always pertainent and useful. He showed respect for his students and provided us with information that was both practical and challenging. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is considering a career as an AD as well as those who are already there.

    Kevin Sorensen