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question  What is the FIFA Agent exam?

The FIFA Agent exam is a 60-minute exam that consists of 20 multiple-choice questions

 question How to pass the FIFA Agent exam?

A 75% score is required to pass the FIFA Agent exam. The best way to prepare for the exam is to take the FIFA Agent Prep course through SMWW.

question  How much is the FIFA Agent exam?

To take the FIFA Exam you will need to pay a $400 fee and then another license fee to your home country’s Football/Soccer Federation. For example, if you take the exam in the United States, you pay a $600 fee to the US Soccer Federation.

question  When is the FIFA Agent exam?

FIFA hosts two Agent Exams a year, in 2023 they occurred in March and September. In 2024, they are scheduled for May and November.

question  How many people passed the FIFA Agent Exam?

a. When the FIFA Agent exam was offered in March of 2022, just 52% of people passed the exam. To prepare yourself for the FIFA Agent Exam, you should take the FIFA Agent Prep course to increase your chances of passing.

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