Hockey GM and Scouting FAQ

  How do I become a hockey scout?

Take the SMWW Hockey GM & Scouting Course. You will gain the what you know and the who you know in the NHL and minor leagues.


  What will I learn in the SMWW Hockey GM & Scouting Course?

In depth scouting & player evaluation including body type, mental makeup, playing ability and physical tools. How to identify players for top leagues versus minor leagues. RinkNet, the #1 hockey video technology. Evaluating college players compared to major juniors, NHL draft preparation. Responsibilities of a hockey GM. How a hockey franchise front office is organized. Salary cap, CBS, and team-building methodology. Hockey player contracts, trades, acquisition, and negotiation. The franchise, facility, and venue operations. How to effectively write hockey scouting reports, Steva and so much more.

  What does this for my resume?

You can add your SMWW Hockey GM & Scouting Certification badge to your Linkedin profile, your resume and SMWW will include a professional rewrite of your resume/CV to meet hockey standards including references from Harry Sinden and Mike Oke.

  What is Rinknet?

RinkNet has become the premier hockey operations solutions system and a vital tool used in nearly every hockey front office. Students will get a membership to RinkNet with this course and will be trained over the 8-weeks of this course. RinkNet is used by over 3,500 hockey executives from every NHL and CHL team, USHL, and NAHL, among others. RinkNet will provide full technical solutions and support for all Hockey GM and Scouting students and students will learn how to use the software and provide RinkNet with data/reports that they file for use by all RinkNet users. This is amazing for your resume.

  What does Hockey Scouting includes?

Scouting hockey players includes learning how to evaluate

  • Hockey passing ability
  • Hockey stick handling
  • Hockey puck handling
  • Hockey puck control
  • Hockey player size
  • Hockey player body type
  • Hockey player speed

  Will the Hockey GM and Scouting Course help me get a job in hockey?

It will help you get a job in hockey. Hundreds of our graduates are now successfully working in hockey. The keyword here is a help. For the entire eight week course you will be in a class speaking with not only Harry Sinden, Mike Oke, and guest hockey scouts, but also Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, and NHL guest speakers, but other participants who are interested in furthering their career in professional hockey. This is your opportunity to be mentored by those individuals who are highly regarded in the NHL. Harry Sinden and Dr. Lashbrook will lead discussions that will advance your career. You always hear, "it isn't what you know, it's who you know." Well, the Hockey GM & Scouting Course will not only get YOU the "who you know," but in addition the, "what you know!"

You will also be networking with fellow students who are interested in improving their knowledge of the business of hockey and scouting talent. More importantly, you will be learning techniques and strategies that NHL teams are currently using.

The course content includes cutting-edge theories on how to evaluate talent and study the game. The course will give you information that will make you an asset to any professional team. Will it directly get you the NHL job? Talking the insider language and knowing the political game is going to be a huge asset, but you still have to promote yourself. The knowledge you learn from the course and the contacts that you make might be the clincher to beating out your competition for those coveted hockey jobs!

  Do I have to pay extra to train on the software?

No. Steva Digital Editing Software is included in the course fee along with the books. Access to this cutting-edge materials will be very valuable throughout your career. Adding this experience to your resume is priceless.

  Is the software used in this course compatible with both PC and MAC devices?

The SMWW eArena software and Zoom Chat software is compatible with both MACs and PCs. STEVA is not compatible with MACs. We recommend borrowing a friend or family member's computer for this assignment or going to a local library.

  What kind of jobs will this help prepare me for?

Professional Hockey Jobs and NHL jobs!

NHL Director of Player Personnel
NHL Scout
NHL Management
NHL Front Office
NHL Agent
NHL Game Operations
NHL Sports Marketing
NHL Account Manager
NHL Media & Community Relations
Advance your career within the NHL

  I am currently a hockey coach, how will this help me?

This course will give you an understanding of scouting hockey players from an NHL view. You'll also learn the terminology used by scouts, Director of Player Personnel, and GM's. This course should enhance your ability to recruit quality hockey athletes for your program at every level. Upon completion, you will demonstrate superior knowledge of talent evaluation and how the hockey scouting system works.

  Do I really get to talk to Harry Sinden weekly?

Throughout the eight week course, Harry Sinden and Dr. Lashbrook lead a live video chat via the internet. This is an hour-long question and answers live video discussion with your fellow students and your instructors. You can ask questions and interact with fellow students and instructors just like a regular classroom but via the internet. You can see each other, you can just hear each other. In addition, several guest speakers will participate in the chats including Hockey GM's, coaches, and scouts. If you miss a chat they are archived and you can listen when it is convenient for you. (YES, you get to talk to Harry Sinden!)

  Can I be the next Don Cherry, Gary Bettman, Brian Burke, Herb Brooks, or Wayne Gretzky?

Maybe! The start of any great hockey career begins with passion and being willing to work hard to achieve your goal. If you didn't play college or pro hockey, but you have an intense desire to work within the industry, the Hockey GM & Scouting Course could be the difference. Job experience and who you know is important. With the new collective bargaining agreement and salary caps, teams are looking for well informed and trained experts to assist them. Hockey stats, as well as continual changes in capology guidelines, are trends that NHL teams need people trained with the most updated information and new innovative ideas.

If you want to enhance "what you know" and "who you know" this is a great place to start. If you need an internship with a professional team and are willing to start in the sales department, you should look into our Sports Sales and Marketing Course

  What's the difference between Sports Sales and Marketing and the Hockey GM and Scouting Course?

The Sports Sales and Marketing Course assists students in not only learning what they need to know to get an entry-level job in any professional sports organization but also requires that a course project be done with a major or minor league team. Sports Sales and Marketing teaches ticket sales to sponsorship sales by creating contacts in the sports field. Students who take this course generally want a job as soon as possible in the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NCAA, NASCAR, or the NHL. The weekly chats focus on who's hiring, and what professional teams are looking for in a new hire. Instructors use their contacts in the sports world to assist students in getting sports jobs.

The Hockey GM and Scouting Course is pure hockey. You'll learn to analyze the game, manage a team, and evaluate hockey talent, scout hockey players, and spot NHL players before the pros do. Are you still confused about which course you should take to secure a job with a professional hockey team? Call our offices at 1-877-SMWW-Now.

  How else can I break into the professional hockey world?

If you are not in a situation to start your career over and want to learn more about the business of hockey and gain more contacts, check out the Athlete Management Course and consider representing NHL players.

  Do I need any special equipment or books for the course?

The books for the course are sent directly to your home from the SMWW office. Some of the books or materials are so specific that they are either out of print or not sold in any bookstore. You will need a computer with access to the internet.

  This all sounds too high tech for me. I don't know very much about computer technology.

Don't worry. We have many students who have felt the same way. SMWW has a technical support team that knows computers and you will be surprised at how easy it is! As long as you have a computer and access to the internet, we can help you with the rest!

  How old do I have to be to take this course?

18 or older.

  Do I need a college degree to take this course?


  What is your success ratio of people participating in this course?

High, high, high! Simply put, your success is our success! People take this course for a variety of reasons. Some to improve their situation at a current hockey job. Some take it for college credit. Some take it to learn how to use Steva Hockey. Agents take it to improve their ability to evaluate talent. Those taking it specifically to get a job in hockey, usually succeed. (Factors vary; are you willing to relocate, what income requirements do you need, what previous job and educational background do you bring?) With this one training course, we will guarantee you will add to your resume and portfolio NHL contacts, Steva Digital Video Editing, and scouting experience. Add that to the personal contact you will have with Harry Sinden and hockey executives you will meet working on course projects. We offer you "the what you know and the who you know" in the Hockey GM and Scouting Course. We have lists of graduates successfully working for teams and in hockey because they took this course. And that list is growing with every 8-week course.

  Do you have more questions?

Call the office and ask! 1-877-SMWW-Now in the US or Canada. In London at +44(0) 871 288 4799. Everywhere else at +1-503-445-7105