Football Player Development FAQ

 What is football player development?

Football player development is the process of taking any incoming player whether they are an NFL rookie, a NCAA freshman, or an NFL veteran from Free Agency and molding and developing them into a player that will fit the team’s system.

 What does player development mean?

Player Development is an advanced version of coaching, it goes beyond the usual position drills or offensive and defensive schemes, it’s about developing leadership skills, coachability skills, locker room management, and culture. Football player development is to improve the player not only on the field but also off of it. Football player development encompasses the drills and film sessions that normally take place, but goes beyond to help endoctornate a player into a team.

 What is a Director of Football Player Development?

The position is self-describing. The Director of Football Player Development is responsible for laying out a development plan for their team as well as individual athletes. Not all football players can be coached the same and not all football players can be developed the same way. It is important that the director lay out individual plans to best accommodate the player and where they are at skillswise and also mentally.

  Does the NFL hire Player Development personnel?

Yes! There are NFL jobs in player development as well as college football jobs in player development. You might recognize names like Doug Williams, SVP of Player Development for the Washington Football Team, Brian Decker, Director of Player Development for the Indianapolis Colts, or Marc Trestman, former Head Coach of the Chicago Bears. All of them are experts in the field of football and player development.

 Is there Player Development in College Football?

Absolutely! College football player development jobs look a little different than NFL player development jobs, not every college has a direct “player development position”, but the skills that are required to fulfill a player development position are still required. Learning those skills is critical for success within the football industry at any level.

 Who is Marc Trestman?

Marc is a football guru. He has had experience at every level of the game from player to coach. Marc has coached at the NCAA, NFL, CFL, and XFL level and had success at each. Most notably he won 3-Grey Cups in the Canadian Football League and was twice the Head Coach of the Year in the CFL! Marc Trestman was the Head Coach of the Chicago Bears and has been a coach for 9 different NFL teams, needless to say he’s seen it all and been around the game for a long time. He’s a genius when it comes to developing football players. Marc also teaches our Football Player Development Course!

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