Football GM Course Testimonials

  • In the Football GM & Scouting Course, I learned the specifics of how to write a Scouting Report and the things to look for when watching a player. Russ Lande and Marc Trestman have tons of experience in the game and their knowledge is something I can take and use in my future.

    Will Osgood
    Writer, Bleacher Report &
  • Publisher of Bears Claws, a Chicago Bears site, Publisher of The Slant...2014 NFL Draft Guide. Covers IU for the Examiner and writes for Bleacher Report

    Jeff Curts
  • I really enjoyed this class, learned a lot about what it takes to be successful in advancing my career in sports. I got a job with an AFL team while taking this class and I think having a SMWW class background will help me tremendously.

    Austin Mrstik
    Account Executive
    Dallas Vigilantes (AFL)
    Dallas, Texas
  • SMWW helped me get a job with the Florida Marlins and then with the Miami Heat after I took the Sports Business Management Course. Then I took the Football GM and Scouting and I now have had my reports published on the Miami Herald website. I attended the SMWW Sports Career Conference where I personally spoke with Arizona Cardinals GM Rod Graves. He was aware I was a SMWW grad and he gave me his personal email! I would recommend SMWW to anyone trying to get into sports.

    Chris Cordero
    Miami Heat
  • Indoor Football Scouting Bureau hires SMWW grads:
    Chris Melnyk, CFL Scout/Player Evaluator,
    Raj Thompson, West Coast Scout & Player Evaluator
    James Huntington, WAC Conf Scout /Rocky Mtn & Great Plains Area Player Evaluator
    Braden Countryman, PAC-10 Scout / Northwest Region Player Evaluator
    Keith Antigiovanni, Far West Region Player Evaluator
    Ben Everhart, Northeast Region Player Evaluator
    Roger Thompson, Big 12 Scout / Player Evaluator
    Sean Rackley, DIV 1 SUN BELT CONF/ DIV 2 SOUTHLAND CONF. / Player Evaluator
    Chris Russell, NY Scout & Player Evaluator
    Fabian Baez, NYC area semi pro scout/Player evaluator

    Congrats to these Football GM & Scouting Grads!
  • In my professional opinion, my interaction and experience with Dr. Lashbrook, as well as any and all associates with SMWW has been nothing but outstanding to say the least. These folks are not good at what they do in the education and advancement of students gaining necessary knowledge in order to pursue a dream career in a sports environment, but in my opinion are excellent. They are very down-to-earth and are willing to share their personal experiences without an ego to go along with the respective answers. I wish that I had developed a professional relationship with my new mentors at SMWW years ago.

    Joseph Shumar, Ph.D.
    The Shumar-Walden Group, LLC
    Twinsburg, Ohio, USA
  • I took this course in hopes of furthering my football career. Through the course I learned a lot about the business in the NFL and also techniques on scouting players as both an athlete and also on their character. I am currently a high school football coach and middle school teacher. This summer I will also be the camp manager for the Philadelphia Eagles youth football camp. I feel having this course on my resume greatly helped with this opportunity.

    Danny Boguszewski
    High School Football Coach
    Philadelphia Eagles Youth Camp Manager
    Chesilhurst, New Jersey
  • Coming in to this course I had no idea what life for a scout or a General Manager would be like. After my eight weeks I have the skills and strategies on what it takes and what it is like to work in player personnel. This is a very good course that has taught me a lot and I"m very satisfied with my decision to take it.

    James Bruce
    Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA
  • the Football GM and Scouting Course gave me a great foundation. The main reason for taking the course was to get an understanding for the procedures and techniques of scouting in professional football. Thanks to SMWW, I am working with the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League as an assistant to the Director of Player Personnel. So the course was a huge help in the development of my career.

    Patrick Hanscomb
    Orlando Predators
    Orlando, Florida
  • Future SMWW students, I was recently hired by the Odessa Roughnecks Arena Football Organization to be the Director of Pro Scouting for the upcoming 2008 Championship Season. Thanks to the Odessa Roughnecks recognition of SMWW as the leader in training Football GM's and Scouts with the Football GM and Scouting Course, I was hired on the spot by Head Coach Chris Williams, the coach with the most wins in the history of the Intense Football League. "If your dream is to work in professional football, then you need the skills, training, and networking that SMWW provides!

    Bryant Grove
    Odessa Roughnecks
    Director of Pro Scouting
  • I took the Football GM & Scouting class to pursue my dreams of working for a NFL team. What I have gained from it, is a hard-core inside look into the NFL and what teams look for as a NFL player. I'm currently working as a director of football operations and my clients included the following: Clients - AAFL - DB Reggie Myles - Team Alabama & NFL Free Agent DB Willis Barringer - Team Michigan AF2 - WR Anthony Chambers - Rio Grande Valley Dorados DE Micah Turner - Corpus Christi Sharks CFL - WR Matt Miller - Toronto Argonauts & DB - Reggie Myles BC Lions IFL - WR Curtis Morrow - Alaska Wild DE Joe Small - Alaska Wild NFL - RB & Special Team Antonieo Harris - Currently NFL Free Agent Personal Note: I would recommend any individuals that are looking to become a sports agent and/or work in football. Take the time to invest in any of the SMWW classes. I took two. SMWW teaches you and helps you understand what it takes to be one of the best sports agents in this industry

    James Heintz
    Director of Football Operations
    Elite Sports Agency
  • I took this course because my ultimate goal is to be a coach in the NFL. I needed more knowledge and football experience and learn some of the things a football organization goes through.I am currently talking to the Arizona Cardinals about maybe doing an internship for camp and maybe something with media relations during the season. Nothing is certain because it's so competitive. It's all about networking and this course and the skills I have learned give me an advantage over others.

    Octav Balanica
    Phoenix, Arizona
  • The Football GM and Scouting course was a great learning experience. I went into the course with no prior background knowledge of breaking down film and writing scouting reports, and came out feeling comfortable reporting what I view in game films.

    Derek Giardina
    Woburn, Massachusetts
  • SMWW Courses are recommended by the Football Scoop

    Football Scoop
  • I took the football GM and scouting course in fall 06/winter 07 because I was finishing coursework for a minor in athletic administration. I gained alot of good insight into the art of scouting, insight that helped me advance in my profession. Particularly what measurables were most important in scouting a player at each position. I also became familiar with language and acronyms used in scouting athletes. Currently I am coaching LB's at Western Washington University. I left Oregon State University in March of 2008 after serving a year as the offensive graduate assistant to use my new skills.

    Ahmed Zarrugh
    LB Coach
    Western Washington University
  • This is a great way to get your foot in the door into the sporting world. I highly recommend the Football GM and Scouting course. This course has allowed me to gain so much information regarding the football world and meet new people in the process.

    Brandon Kiser
    Santa Maria, California
  • The Football GM & Scouting course gave me the tools I need to start a career in scouting, and probably most important, the resources and contacts to get started - I not only still attend the chats with Russ on a weekly basis but I have been able to make key contacts with other current NFL personnel that will hopefully lead to me getting my start with a team. After putting together a portfolio full scouting reports on 50 players eligible for this year's draft I applied with several teams immediately after the draft. I really can't say enough about the opportunities SMWW has given me!

    Josh Liskiewitz
    Baltimore, Maryland
  • The football GM and scouting course has helped me by building a solid foundation. As I progress in my profession, I will always look back on this specific course because it was so unique and very helpful. I would recommend this course to those who want to get involved in sports management.

    Patrick Hanscomb
    Hilton, New York
  • Marc Trestman and Russ Lande are great teachers who are willing to answer any question your have, by far the best NFL resources I have come into contact with.

    Wesley Bunting
    Elizabethtown College
    Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
  • I've always been interested in getting into the profession of coaching. The Football GM course helped me to understand the various skills needed by players at each position so that I can provide the proper drills and training to my players to help them play at their highest possible level on the field.

    Michael Newby
    Knoxville, Tennessee
  • I've always been interested in getting into the profession of coaching. The Football GM course helped me to understand the various skills needed by players at each position so that I can provide the proper drills and training to my players to help them play at their highest possible level on the field.

    Michael Newby
    Knoxville, Tennessee
  • I took the Football GM and Scouting course because I've always loved the game. During my college years, I never even gave it a thought on majoring in something sports-related which probably was my down fall. Instead, I majored in psychology. I heard about SMWW on ESPN one Saturday night a little over three months ago. After I heard Mel Kiper, Jr. advestising SMWW, I knew it was my ticket to the game as Dr. Lashbrook always says. I know now in my life I absolutely want to have a career in sports, and my sports is football. My life is football. I have learned more than I ever thought I would. I now know what to look for in technical aspects of a player's ability for scouting reports. All the ins and outs of what makes a football team really good or really bad. What goes on in the front office of an NFL team. There's still so much to learn.

    Tyde Tierce
    Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Russ Lande and Marc Trestman are great, they are there to assist those interested in football management and scouting. I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time talking and getting insite from these two men.

    Wesley Bunting
    Elizabethtown College
    Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
  • The best place to go for the sports lover. The contacts are priceless.

    Louis Fernandez
    Apopka, Florida
  • I feel that the Football GM and Scouting course has helped me to gain a better insight on how a professional football team operates, and the coach's office and playbook were really helpful to me.

    Pota Johnson
    Director of scouting
    Walnut Creek, California
  • The course helps provide insight as to what scouting really entails and the work that scouts do. It gives you an idea of what steps are necessary to take in an effort to pursue a career in scouting. I was even fortunate enough to learn of a front office position that would fit my lifestyle better than scouting. I wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for this course.

    Douglas Sellmann
    Phillipsburg, New Jersey
  • Sports Management Worldwide is a great way to meet contacts and soak up football knowledge from highly regarded NFL people. The "little things" that you learn during the course is invaluble to starting a career as a football scout.

    Michael Jackson
    Raleigh, North Carolina
  • This course was awesome and very insightful. I have seen a whole new spectrum into the football industry. In doing this course I was able to interview the GM of the New Orleans Saints and learned some valuable tips to begin creating my path to becoming a professional football scout.

    William Torres
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • The Football GM and Scouting course is one of the best courses I have ever taken in my academic career. I only wish my college courses were this fun! I recommend anyone trying to get into coaching or scouting to take this course. It's great to put on your resume, and also provides insight into the specifics that goes on. Great course!

    Anish Patel
    Toms River, New Jersey
  • SMWW doesn't lead you on. They tell you what you need to do, and it is your job to do it. I have a clearer picture of what it takes to make it in the industry.

    Mohammed Kuyateh
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • I took the Football General Manager and Scouting class for possible change of career opportunities. I am a former Divison I football player and am contemplating a second career. It was a great experience. I learned more than I could have imagined, made great contacts, gained tremedous insight into professional football front office practices, and obtained invaluable information on potential employment opportunities. It was time well spent and well worth the money.

    Dan Moody
    Police Captain
    Pending Retirement
    Lakeside, California
  • This course will help to teach you how to write scouting reports. The teachers have a lot of knowledge to help you, they take the time to work with students in their personal time to help you get where your going. They are truthful about the steps you have to take to get there.

    Robert Wilson
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • I really liked the weekly audio chats. I learned that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is long but simple to understand and that scouting players is fun.

    Brad Clark
    Montpelier, Ohio
  • The Football GM & Scouting course helped me take the initiative to get out and network along with taking the next step. This course helped me to network and create opporuntities for myself that will help in the future, along with providing me the skills to do what I love. My favorite part of the course was scouting players and getting an inside look into Russ Lande's scouting book, GMJr.

    Justin Runnels
    Huntsville, Texas
  • The Football GM and Scouting course was a tremendous experience for me. I live in France had a European semi-pro Football background. As part of the SMWW course I had the chance to contact and discuss with people in NFL, CFL and AFL. The weekly chats are very inspiring and insightful with NFL experienced instructors Matt and Russ. I have discovered a passion for the "Football operations" and now, I understand the inner workings of the business of professional football. Thanks to SMWW, I have accepted a job with which is a step toward my dream to work in a pro football organization.

    Michael Laurent
    Aix-en-Provence, France
  • I am a football man, I live football, I need this game. I absolutely LOVE this game. I feel very privileged to have taken SMWW's Football GM and Scouting course. I have picked up new ideas and terminology. Now I understand the business, technical, and organizational side of professional football. The weekly chats alone are well worth the cost of the course because you get to ask questions to men who have worked in the NFL. I now have an education towards achieving my dream; working in an NFL football operations department. I highly recommend this ground breaking course to anyone who lives football.

    Fabian Baez
    New York, New York
  • The Football GM Course gave me a better idea of how football works from the inside-out. No matter how much you think you know from watching games every Sunday, the people lecturing for SMWW know more and are gracious enough to share any and everything they know. The books and quizzes (appropriately titled 2-minute drills) are a lot of fun too. I've recommended this class to several people. Thanks again

    Dan Wentz
    State University of New York
  • It was a great class, and I was fortunate to meet people from all around the NFL. You can't say enough about guys like Russ and Matt. Both have a lot of knowledge and insight that makes the class a lot of fun. Even though I have finished the class I still join in on weekly chats and continue to learn.

    Sean Welek
    Columbia, Missouri
  • I am definitely glad I took the Football GM and Scouting course. If you are a football fan and interested in more than just what goes on, on the field, I strongly recommend this course. The chats with Russ and Matt are very informative and interesting.

    Bryant McNames
    Byron, Illinois