Baseball Player Development FAQ

 What is baseball player development?

Think of player development of working with a player once they have gotten to your team. Scouts find the players, player developers and coaches work with the players once they are on the team. You’ll learn about what exactly goes on once those players join a club! Gain skills and strategies with famous MLB GM in our 8 week online Baseball Player Development Course.

 What sort of jobs are there in player development?

There are lots of player development jobs in the Majors, Minors, College, High School, and Club teams! Learning from Dan Duquette provides you a huge leg up on the competition. Dan has been a MLB General Manager for the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, and Montreal Expos. He knows exactly how to develop talent into the right type of player for his team and he’ll share that same knowledge with you! Visit our Baseball Player Development Course.

 I’ve taken Baseball GM and Scouting Course with SMWW, will this be any different?

Yes! Having taken Baseball GM and Scouting Course with SMWW is a great base to have going into Baseball Player Development. You now know what to look for in prospective players for your club, now it’s time to learn what you do with them once you bring them in. How to develop pitchers? What sort of tactics do your players need to know? How does player psychology come into play? How will they grow on a minor league team? All of these questions and more are what we cover.

 Are Baseball Player Development and Baseball Analytics similar?

In a way, yes! In a way, no. Player development can be reliant upon analytics but is not solely dependent on it. Analytics can help point out where a player is lacking or succeeding that a coach may not directly see. However, developing a player is so much more than what the analytics say about them. There is a mental side, culture fit, and certain intangible aspects of developing a player that analytics doesn’t cover. With that said, knowing baseball analytics is a great pairing to baseball player development because you’ll be able to look at the data and see where a player may need correction or where they are excelling.

 Is it okay if Baseball Player Development Course is my first SMWW course?

Of course! We do highly recommend you look at pairing our Baseball Player Development course with one or more of our other baseball courses. Baseball GM and Scouting, Baseball Analytics, and Baseball Agent are all great classes that will serve you well in your pursuit of a career in baseball. Over 1/3rd of our alumni take multiple courses!

 Does a player development job fall under the business side of a team or the operations side?

A player development role would fall under the operations side of a baseball team. You’d be working with coaches, players, analytics staff, and anyone who’s job function is related to the players?

 Do you have more questions?

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