How do I become a Sports Agent?

How do I become a Sports Agent?
May 18, 2023 by Dr. Lashbrook


Many people ask the question of how do I become a sports agent? If the idea has always sounded appealing to you, but the question of “How” has slowed you down, we have your answer. Many assume law school is an essential step in the process, and this mental barrier has prevented talented people from the pursuit of their dreams. You don’t need a law school degree to become a successful sports agent! Most agents have at least a bachelor’s degree, but it is also about your sport knowledge, drive, experience, marketing ability and knowing what the job entails.


So how do you start off as a sports agent? To become a sports agent you must understand contract negotiation, marketing, Name, Image, and Likeness deals, legalities, regulations and more. Taking a course like Athlete Management will give you the tools necessary to begin representing athletes. Immersing yourself in sport and expanding your knowledge of current teams, players, and trends can help you as you navigate your way through the hands-on experience of our course.


How much can sports agents get paid? Typically, sports agents can take anywhere from 1-10% of a professional contract from their client. It depends on the league that the player is in and what that Players’ Union regulates agents can take. A typical NFL agent can make anywhere from $20,000 to over a million dollars. The richest sports agent with the largest amount of current contract value is Scott Boras who has negotiated $3.2 billion in contracts for his clients. His commissions are estimated to be $161.1 million.


After successful completion of our Athlete Management course, students may be invited to join our Agent Advisor program to begin representing clients. Agent Advisors are agents-in-training who co-represent all SMWW Agency athletes. For a small yearly fee, an Agent Advisor can recruit and represent athletes on behalf of Sports Management Worldwide and share in any commission fees paid to the company by clients successfully recruited by the Agent Advisor. Taught by current agents with years of experience, this course will put you on the path to success.