Jeremy Henderson
WoO Technologies Co-Founder
Shawnee, Kansas, United States

Jeremy Henderson - A co-founder of WoO (Wizards of Odds) Technologies out of Las Vegas and he has accumulated a decade’s worth of experience in sports betting. After graduating from University of Missouri, Jeremy focused in on his entrepreneurial roots and started working in the Consumer Goods Industry, the Secondary Ticket Market, and rehabbing houses to flip and provide rental income. Jeremy has a knack for finding avenues to generate income and fulfill his business focused personality. One thing remained true through all of his ventures, his passion for sports and sports betting stayed true and he couldn’t help but want to build his bankroll. In 2014, Jeremy hit his stride in the sports betting market by hitting on 80-1 odds for UCONN to win the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and his Secondary Ticket business was booming with the Broadway hit, Hamilton. From here he saw the chance to turn his passion into a business and becoming self-employed as a sports bettor.

Jeremy noticed that lots of the skills that are used and required by Points of Sales providers are translatable to Sports Bettors. Accounting, automation tools, report generation, positions on specific events, taking buy and sale orders, and monitoring the market. He has been working on these skills for years and combing that with his love of sports and sports betting, the chance to make his dream a reality was too good to pass up.

Model building is a major part of the sports betting market and Jeremy had a desire to build his own software to help expedite his manual system that was keeping him from taking his sports betting to the next level. In 2015, he was introduced to a software engineer that shared a similar passion for the sports betting market and after going through their trial and error process, they’ve been able to build sustainable profits for the last 4 years.

A born networker, Jeremy’s professional connections have grown immensely has he has created his models, founded WoO Technologies, and travels to Vegas monthly to work with other bettors and model builders. Jeremy has a great industry insight and can be a great conduit for providing industry contacts and resources that can help the students of Sports Betting with an Edge, take their game to the next level.

Jeremy has a desire to help wide audience learn more about sports betting. Those who are looking to get the basics and learn how they can start, the pro-style bettor who wants to learn how they can build or tweak their own models, media personnel who need to know how to cover lines and odds in regards to sports, and those who wish to work on the other side of the counter as a bookmaker. 

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