Dan Evans
Former LA Dodgers GM, Former Toronto Blue Jays Scout
Boulder, Colorado, United States

A former Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager, Dan has been in professional baseball for over four decades and has had decision-making roles with five MLB franchises. 

Evans is a consultant for numerous sports and worldwide baseball-related matters, is in his 10th year mentoring the highly-acclaimed Sports Management Worldwide “Baseball GM and Scouting” online course, is a SABR National Board of Director, President of the Rocky Mountain SABR Chapter, and serves as Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations for Athelytix Inc. His most recent MLB role was as Major League Scout & Director of Pacific Rim Operations for the Toronto Blue Jays (2013-2018), who were playoff contestants for the first time in 20 years during that period.

The Chicago native began his baseball journey as an intern for the Chicago White Sox while a junior at DePaul University and has worked for the White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, and Blue Jays. Evans’ experience is unique and wide-ranging, and he was the first former GM of a big-league organization to lead a baseball representation agency. 

Evans’ winning percentage was the second-best mark for any GM in Los Angeles Dodgers history at the time of his departure. During his tenure, he led the transformation of a Dodger franchise that had sunk to an overall rating of 28th among MLB clubs by rebuilding the organization’s scouting and player developments to secure the #1 spot just two years later. Among the players drafted during Evans’ tenure were All-Stars Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, and David Ross. Evans also acquired (current Dodgers’ manager) Dave Roberts, Hideo Nomo, Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson, and Brian Jordan. Three of the first four Taiwanese players in the big leagues were signed under Evans’ tenure. He was the primary architect of the Dodgers' first playoff club in over a dozen years. FanGraphs' WAR methodology shows that his 2003 Dodger bullpen is the best in baseball history.

During his 20-season tenure with the White Sox, Evans was involved in the drafts of Hall of Famer Frank Thomas and All-Star Mark Buehrle, along with the acquisitions of Paul Konerko, Bo Jackson, Magglio Ordonez, Ozzie Guillen, Ellis Burks, and Hall of Famer Tom Seaver. The White Sox were quietly one of the sport’s most innovative organizations during Evans’ time, including altering the playing dimensions of Comiskey Park as a result of his analytic study after the 1982 season. In addition, he was the White Sox’ Assistant General Manager during Michael Jordan’s baseball career.

Evans also hired Kim Ng (baseball’s first female General Manager, Miami Marlins) twice in his career, once when Ng secured an intern role for the White Sox in 1991 and again when she became the Dodgers’ VP/Assistant General Manager before the 2002 season.

Most recently, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Go The Distance Baseball, LLC. In that role, he oversaw The Field of Dreams Movie Site regarding strategy, events, planning, governmental relationships, design, construction, and personnel, and the company had record revenues and attendance. Hall of Famer Frank Thomas is the CEO of Go The Distance Baseball, LLC. Evans was also the President of the This Is Iowa Ballpark, Inc. Board of Directors, a non-profit board that plans to build a multi-purpose facility on the Field of Dreams Movie Site property.

A pioneer in using technology and computers in baseball analysis while proficient in social media, Forbes recently cited Evans’ Twitter account (@DanEvans108) as among the "Top 100 Must-Follow Sports Business Twitter Accounts," It is the only account authored by a baseball executive. In addition, Evans has been cited by Twitter, Baseball America, Mashable, and Bleacher Report as a “Must-Follow” Twitter feed. His LinkedIn profile has been among the Top 1% viewed for sports-related accounts for the last decade, and his about.me website is the most-viewed of any baseball executive.

Among Evans’ achievements or highlights with Go The Distance Baseball and The Field of Dreams movie site is the hugely successful regular-season game (August 12, 2021) between the White Sox and New York Yankees at The Field of Dreams property (the largest TV audience of a regular-season baseball game in 16 years), the 2020 addition of Baseballism’s Field of Dreams store on the movie site, The Field of Dreams Movie Site hosted a pair of on-site games in 2022, a big league game between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs on August 11 and a game involving two Iowa-based minor league teams (Cedar Rapids Kernels and Quad Cities River Bandits) on August 9, 2022. Both games sold out in 24 hours, and the big league game had the largest television and streaming audience of any regular season 2022 game.