David Yamin

I'm a student in Ari Kaplan's Baseball Analytics Class. We're about halfway through the course and I've already landed my first job in baseball!  I logged into the course page last Sunday to post an assignment and I saw a message to all students from SMWW that the Tampa Bay Rays were hiring TrackMan and Pitch f/x Operators for their minor league affiliates.  I quickly revised my resume to feature the course description that SMWW provided and applied for the job via TeamWork Online.  The very next day I was hired by the Rays Baseball Operations Department to help run TrackMan for one of their minor league clubs that is local to me!  They said my resume really stood out, and I attribute most of that to having the SMWW Baseball Analytics course description front and center.  So I'd like to say 'thank you' to the whole SMWW crew and I look forward to continuing to study and learn with you.  With this new job, my investment has already more than paid for itself.  Thanks again, David Yamin