Christos Anagnostopoulos

This was not the first time attending an on-line course with regards to sport industry. I dare to say though, that SMWW provided an opportunity that I haven't experienced before; interactive chats with my fellow students and expert teachers. This unique experience not only made me think even more positively about the on-line education, but also it gave me the chance to exchange views with people from all continents who share the same passion: soccer. The course was very well organised, addressing specific issues from the soccer industry as a whole. Various concerns or inquiries about the course have been easily and quickly resolved not only with the collaboration of tutors, but also with the very helpful "behind the scenes" SMWW staff. Although my passion is football/soccer, having completed the Soccer Management & Scouting I would not hesitate to enroll myself to another course as well, since the quality of SMWW' courses can ensure a career in the sport industry in general. SMWW= Value for money.