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  • SMWW without a doubt provides a great base of knowledge and practical skills that will give you the confidence and ability to work in the field of soccer operations and scouting. A must do course for anyone looking to get into sports management and needs a starting point or just further education. The weekly chats are a great way to be able to gain a global view of the game and have discussions with knowledgable and passionate soccer people from around the world. I also greatly enjoyed the required reading and insight from industry professionals during the weekly chats, Paul Molesworth, Tim Regan and Matt Martin were excellent moderators, providing great insight, leadership and availability.

    Dustin Finerty
    Communications Co-Ordinator
    Victoria Highlanders FC
    Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • "I have taken courses all over the world, including national courses with USSF and FAI. I want to tell you the soccer management course is the best I have participated in. Not only did I learn a lot, I also had the opportunity to make several new contacts. The SMWW team was fantastic. They made themselves available throughout the course. I highly recommend this course to my friends and anyone who loves sports."

    Brendan Keyes
    Galveston Pirate SC, National Premier Soccer League
    Texas, USA
  • Being a professional soccer player for over 16 years, I thought I knew everything about soccer. But after attending the Sports Management Worldwide Soccer Management & Scouting course, it opened the door to the future of my managerial career. This course is very encouraging and very motivating.

    Charles Nzams
    GoPro LLC
    Richmond, Texas
  • My favorite part of the course was exchanging information with fellow students before,during and after every chat. For me SMWW was an eye opener and a stepping stone towards a lifetime career in sports business,the course has incredibly broadened my knowledge in the sports industry.

    Ausie Bashil Matovu
    Cape Town, South Africa
  • In the Soccer Manager and Scouting Course I not only learned fundamentals to get me started on my dream, I developed the awareness that it takes to know that I won't just be a part of this career field - I will be a ground breaker in it!

    Matthew Martin
    Arlington, Virginia
  • The Soccer Management and Scouting course was very helpful. While taking this course, I was able to learn more soccer tactics and I’ve learned more of what it takes to manage a club. This course has given me the opportunity to improve aspects of my sports agency.

    Gustavo Moure
    FIFA Player's Agent
    Licensed by the Argentina Football Association. of ABC Sports Agency
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • I found the SMWW Soccer Mgmt. & Scouting Course very inspiring and learned about in depth scouting and assessment for both Players and Teams. In this course, I have met people from all over the Soccer World with one common thing , the love about the Game! I have to say it was very impressive on how many quality individuals someone can meet in SMWW courses.

    Christos Siopidis
    Tactical Analyst / Head Coach Youth Academy
    Thessaloniki, Greece
  • The things I have learnt from the course are as follows: Sharpened knowledge up. How to be more precise and quicker in evaluating players and teams, through doing scouting reports. Derek Bragg, is now always on the end of a line for me and gives ongoing excellent advice. Gained great contacts through the course assignments.

    John Whitty
    Dorset, Great Britain
  • By taking the Soccer Management and Scouting course, I learned about things like player formations, coaching styles, club structures, player and team evaluation techniques and roles of each individual in a soccer club. Learning from Derek Bragg of The Scouting Network, UK, I was able to frequently interact with a specialist in the scouting field who makes learning simple. Also, the chance to network with other students in the course each week led me to view the game and soccer as a job from other perspectives.

    Andrew Smolen
    Youth Soccer Goalkeeper Trainer
    Traverse City, Michigan
    United States
  • After, taking the Sports Management and Soccer course, I've gained the so much knowledge that I watch the game of soccer my analytically. Before, I watched soccer from a fans perspective, but now; I see the game from a scout's point of view. Thanks to SMWW and its supporting team-members, I'm able to produce, well structured scouting reports. I now work at Wycombe Wanderers Football Club...Thanks SMWW!!

    Steve Simmons
    London, England
  • The class was very fun and informative. I had no idea how much goes into becoming a scout for a professional soccer team or any team for that matter. It really is a long and lengthy process, even for an ex-player.

    Christopher Marmorato
    Missoula, Montana
  • If you have a huge passion for soccer this is the course for you! It gives you 8 weeks you'll never forget and you'll become much more confident when scouting soccer games.

    Emil Halldin
    U15 Soccer Coach
    Marsta Sweden
  • This course has opened so many doors for me to expand and improve the managing structures in South African Football. I would recommend this course to aspiring managers and all members of coaching staff alike.

    Hennings Kondowe
    Ikapa Sporting FC
    Cape Town, South Africa
  • I have enjoyed the SMWW Soccer Management and Scouting course. I have coached soccer for 3 years at Middle School and High School level and this was definitely a different experience for me. I learned good fundamental procedures and steps in order to scout for talent and enhance a team's success. This was definitely worth the money I spent!

    Ricardo De Freitas Araujo
    London, Great Britain
  • I`m happy I did this course, because it gave me knowledge about soccer business. When I went to interview a staff of a professional soccer club, it gave me the opportunity to even advertise myself as an undergraduate soccer Scout. I`m happy that I had the opportunity to know Dr. Lashbrook, Derek Bragg, and John Print. I`m just glad I made the right decision to do this course. I am now a FIFA Agent!

    Eyiwunmi Dada Oluwajuwon
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • SMWW has helped me greatly through the course in realizing my dream as a Scout. When I saw the course or SMWW on the website, I never believed in them until I applied and found that they are real and truely the institution or organization that is an excellent one. I will recommend this institution to my African sports stack holders to learn what it will take to improve sports in our continent.

    Ike Wokocha
    Total -Chair scouting network
    Port Harcourt
    Rivers State, Nigeria
  • SMWW's Soccer Management and Scouting Course is an excellent forum for bringing together soccer aficionados from around the globe. This course is a unique medium whereby students of the game, be it novice or professional, gain useful insights on a wide range of relevant topics from management and coaching to scouting and public relations. The combination of Derek Bragg, who brings his international professional soccer experience to the table, along with Dr. Lashbrook, who brings his expertise in the pro sports arena, have made this an enlightening experience and have helped students, like myself, establish a valuable network for those trying to get into the industry. Thanks to SMWW, I was able to pursue my passion for soccer and I was able to work with a top-notch organization like the New York Red Bulls. I truly believe The Scouting Network is in a very good position to become the standard for scouting for professional soccer and even more so in the US and Major League Soccer. Good scouting is the foundation for any pro sports team wanting to build itself into a winning organization.

    Fabian Banchiero
    Former Sales Consultant
    New York Red Bulls
    New York City, New York
  • The SMWW course enabled me to gain access to a wealth of knowledge and to interact with people who are deeply involved in the sport of soccer. Interacting with these people has opened up whole new channels and fronts which will enable me to help football players of the future achieve their dreams.

    Shawn Bishop
    World Soccer Management
    Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA
  • This course has taught me so much on the techinical aspects of soccer. For anyone interested in soccer scouting..this is a brillant course.

    Juan Katrak
    Mumbai, India
  • I really enjoyed the audio chats because it allows you to bounce ideas off of people from all over the world. The way this class allows you to interact with other people is amazing and it helped me to think about new ways of doing things.

    Eugene Nelson
    Hixson, Tennessee
  • Taking this course has really helped me to get a better understanding of how and what to look for when scouting a player or a team. This course is one I would recommend to anyone interested in soccer and looking to increase one's knowledge of the game.

    Charles Wright
    West Hartford, Connecticut
  • I really enjoyed this course and it open my eyes to a whole new way of watching a soccer game. The course material and class discussion are very informative and educational. the interaction with Derek Bragg and The Scouting Network and fellow students makes the course go well.

    Darren Toplass
    Kingsville, Ontario, Canada
  • This course was Excellent! I very much enjoyed the chats and assignments. My favorite part was learning to evaluate certain players abilities and knowlege about the "ins and outs" of soccer teams. Being able to chat to a pro every week was the highlight! Very interesting and enjoyable course.

    Aaron Knight
    Keller, Texas
  • The SMWW course is a place to tackle your dream if you want to improve on any sports careers you have in mind. I engaged myself in the Soccer Management Course,which is geared to soccer coach and soccer agent. I learned a lot from this course and it gives me an opportunity to enter a new career. There were also good and encouraging mentors to help you.

    Adu-Gyamfi Stevens
    Kai-Shi, Japan
  • I'm very happy with the soccer management and scouting course. It gives you helpful advise and a good insight to professional football. It teaches you how to be a well organised scout and key points to look out for. The chats were very interesting because we got to hear Derek's views and inside training on many subjects.

    Alexandros Pantos
    Athens, Greece
  • If your goal in life, is to work in sports in a professional way, this is for you. So take the first step and contact SMWW and talk to someone. Because the next step you take will change your future.

    Ralph Masucci
    Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
  • I enrolled for the Soccer management and scouting course with no classroom or formal training in soccer. My soccer experience was from the streets and stadiums of West Africa and the little I gained when I was part-timing as a sports journalist. Though I have a very demanding work schedule (I work twelve hours a day) I decided to go for the soccer management and scouting course so I can help the young folks in my country develop their soccer talents. Since day one when I started the course there was no turning back! I have not only learned a lot about tactics, discipline and scouting but also the management aspect of the game. Derek was very helpful and always at hand to answer our questions. After graduating from this course I would definitely recommend it to all of my friends.

    David Mahdi Koroma
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • The Soccer Management and Scouting course was a key for me to get into the business side of soccer. A lot of teams look at the course as a plus when you trying to get a job. In addition to scouting Florida for The Scouting Network, I'm about to get a job as a soccer reporter in South Florida for a news website. Graduating from the Soccer Scouting and Management course was a big factor. It's a key you can use to get into the soccer industry. I learned great deal from the materials I received and from Derek who is a very experienced about the game of soccer. His experience is hard to find in a country like the U.S. where we have to search hard to find educated soccer people. Derek was very passionate about teaching us and talking to us about so many different topics that opened up my eyes a lot about the game of soccer, especially in England. If you want to learn more about the game of soccer and how to manage and scout players, then you definitely need to enroll in this course. The material you learn about soccer in this course you won't find in any sports management school in the entire country because sports management degrees in the U.S. are developed without soccer being in mind. You definitely need this course if you are serious about soccer.

    KD Lakiss
    Miami, Florida
    The Scouting Network-Florida

    Learn more The Scouting Network, visit
  • I enrolled on the SMWW Soccer Management & Scouting Course as I wanted an insider's perspective on the world of soccer. The course was very comprehensive, with weekly assignments covering key topics like the ethos & philosophy of a soccer club, different playing styles from around the globe, my own dream team, transfers, and the sport's relationship with the media. However, the main focus was on analysing a player from a set match, a team and a goalie in order to write a scouting report. This took up three weeks. The assignments were no push-over and I had to do a weekly study plan so as to submit them on time. Course resources were well written in clear & plain English, supported by diagrams.A DVD was also supplied for the scouting simulations. In addition there was a weekly chat session with a senior professional scout, Derek Bragg. Derek was able to answer any queries as well as give general support. He also kept us all on our toes with his questions! Despite the course expectations, I found following the course fun. In our interactive classroom there were students from America,Africa, Mainland Europe & the UK and it was interesting reading their postings and finding out about Football from different cultures. My footballing poems went down a treat,too! Now the exams are done & the course is over, its time to go out into the field and scout for real. Derek has offered follow-up support with this, & I now feel I have a good foundation, as well as having an insiders perspective on the world of soccer.

    Ian Millar
    Southport, Merseyside, United Kingdom
  • This was not the first time attending an on-line course with regards to sport industry. I dare to say though, that SMWW provided an opportunity that I haven't experienced before; interactive chats with my fellow students and expert teachers. This unique experience not only made me think even more positively about the on-line education, but also it gave me the chance to exchange views with people from all continents who share the same passion: soccer. The course was very well organised, addressing specific issues from the soccer industry as a whole. Various concerns or inquiries about the course have been easily and quickly resolved not only with the collaboration of tutors, but also with the very helpful "behind the scenes" SMWW staff. Although my passion is football/soccer, having completed the Soccer Management & Scouting I would not hesitate to enroll myself to another course as well, since the quality of SMWW' courses can ensure a career in the sport industry in general. SMWW= Value for money.

    Christos Anagnostopoulos
    United Kingdom
  • The Soccer Management & Scouting Course was more like I was receiving on the job training. I will recommend anyone serious about getting into soccer management to enroll for this course. My soccer management consulting company and academy will greatly benefit from what Derek Bragg and fellow students shared with me during the course. Soccer all over the world lacks proper management and every effort must be done for administrators in soccer to attend this fantastic course.

    Cyprian Khumalo
    Global Soccer Management Consultants
    Maryland Soccer Academy
  • At first I was hesitating on taking online courses. I am young and had never experienced online courses. SMWW called and totally encouraged me. I did not get to attend much of the Sunday online classes with the teachers and all the other students because of the time difference. But all the chats where available in the website for the students that couldn't make it in the Sunday chat. The information that I gathered from the books, the website ,outline from the teachers, and answers to the questions from other students enhanced my knowledge . In addition, the research I had to make for some of the questions helped me understand where to get information, and how it works. Most importantly, this course lets you know how to evaluate a player, a team, and gives an idea of how to outline your report which I found very interesting even though it wasn't the easiest part for me. In short, at first I was hesitating, but after two weeks I was loving it all the way from the books to reading other students posts.

    Hady Kevin Wehbe
    Dakar, Senegal
  • With the experience and advice of Derek Bragg you can learn a lot about how the business side of soccer works from an insider's perspective. Plus you get a weekly network of individuals from around the world to learn from and share experiences with. I would recommend this class to anyone who is currently in the soccer industry, is interested in getting involved in the soccer industry, or anyone that just loves the game and wants to learn more.

    Bruce Rouse
    Lone Tree, Colorado