Cricket Business Management FAQ

question  How to Make Career in Cricket?

Start by taking Cricket Business Management Course which has proven success. Get the "what you know" and "who you know" to start a career on the business side of the growing game of professional cricket.

 question What kind of jobs are there in professional cricket?

Professional Cricket Administration jobs are vast! From Cricket Agent, Cricket Analyst, Cricket Administration
Cricket Operations, Cricket Schools & Camps, Junior Cricket & Women's Cricket Administration, Cricket Team or Cricket Club Management, Cricket Game Day Operations, Cricket, Marketing, Cricket Commercial, Cricket Media & Community Relations including social media jobs, Cricket Announcers in a variety of languages, Cricket Umpires, Cricket Financial Analysts, Cricket sponsorship, Cricket Community Development, Cricket Umpire, Cricket Commentator, and so many more! Visit the list of Cricket jobs here.

 question How to become a Cricket Agent?

All professional cricket players benefit from having a well trained Cricket Agent and services of an established cricket player management agency. Each country and league has different requirements for Cricket Agents. In our Cricket Business Management Course and Athlete Management Course, we teach the nuances and best practices of becoming a Cricket Agent.

question  What does a Cricket Agent do?

A Cricket Agent is responsible for assisting his or her cricket client with everything "off the grounds" so that the cricket client can focus on everything "on the grounds". This varies per country and league, but can include: negotiating cricket contracts, recruiting and marketing cricket players to teams and clubs, retain cricket endorsements and cricket sponsorships, manage the well being, mental health, and financial health, post playing career opportunities, brand and image of the cricket client.

question  Does the USA have a Cricket League?

Major League Cricket (MLC) is an upcoming professional Twenty20 cricket league in the United States. Operated by American Cricket Enterprises (ACE) and sanctioned by USA Cricket, it plans to begin play in 2023, with six teams in major U.S. cities under a single-entity model. With the SMWW headquarters office in the USA, you know that we are excited about this huge growth opportunity to grow cricket.

question  Will the Cricket Business Management Course help me get a job in cricket?

Yes. It will help you get a job in cricket. The keyword here is “help". For the entire eight week course you will be in a class speaking with not only Ken Jacobs and Lynn Lashbrook, but other participants who are interested in furthering their career in cricket. Networking with these types of people on a daily basis should help you. Look at the other successful graduates here.

More importantly, you will be learning strategies that professional cricket clubs are learning themselves and are looking for in employees. The course content includes cutting-edge theories and the business of cricket management. The course will give you information that will make you an asset to any professional cricket organization. Will it directly get you the job? It might! The knowledge you learn from the course and the contacts that you make might be the clincher to beating out your competition for the job!

question  Do I really get to talk to Ken Jacobs, Lynn Lashbrook, and other professional cricket executives weekly?

Throughout the eight week course, Ken and Lynn will lead a live weekly Zoom chat via the internet. This hour-long question and answer video discussion with these experienced cricket executives will increase your "insider" knowledge of the business side of the game and help you network within professional cricket You will enjoy networking with fellow students who are either working in cricket currently or will be in the future. If you miss a live video chat they are archived and you can listen when it is convenient for you.

question  Will I be able to work in the ICC, BCCI, Indian Premier League (IPL), Major League Cricket (MLC), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Natwest T20 Blast, Pakistan Super League, Big Bash League, or a pro league in my country?

Maybe! The start of any great career begins with passion. If you are passionate about working in cricket and you make smart choices you can make your dream job happen. Job experience and who you know is important. Tenacity and determination is a must. If you want to enhance what you know and who you know the Cricket Business Management Course is a great place to start. See a few of our success stories here.

question  Is the sport and business of cricket growing?

Yes most definitely, primarily on the back of the huge growth in women’s cricket which means more career opportunities.There are also new T20 Cricket Leagues regularly being established most recently in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

question  Is cricket really a global sport?

Yes it is - cricket has always been played in Commonwealth countries but is now growing to be very popular in the USA, a large number of European and Asian countries ( including Japan!) and the United Arab Emirates so there will be job opportunities in all of these countries as the sport continues to grow.

question  Do you have more questions?

Call the office and ask! 1-877-SMWW-Now in the US or Canada. In London at +44(0) 871 288 4799. Everywhere else at +1-503-445-7105