Basketball GM Course Testimonials

  • The Basketball GM and Scouting course was a huge help in me getting started at the Boston Celtics. I had several interviews, and in each case, after my resume was reviewed I was asked to discuss my training through the Basketball GM & Scouting Course. I believe the Celtics knew I was serious when they saw I had taken this course on my own, outside of my regular college courses. The course showed me ways to view the game from different levels beyond a fan's perspective. Each week during the chats, I spoke with influential members of the basketball world, and these conversations taught me how to handle myself in an NBA environment. One thing about my job is that I do a little of everything. The team's basketball analyst was happy that I would be coming in with prior knowledge of using statistics in a sports environment.

    Brian Adams
    Boston Celtics Asst. Video Cordinator
  • The SMMW Basketball GM and Scouting course enabled me to learn more about the business of basketball such as salary cap and statistical information that a General Manager would need to know to run and organization. Thank you SMMW!

    Scott Colombo
    Coach and Director
    The Players Edge Basketball Program
    Bridgeville, PA, USA
  • Basketball GM Scouting provided the foundation of skills and knowledge you will need to work in the front office. The material (scouting techniques, synergy, NBA salary cap review and interaction with expert professionals) was in depth and extremely helpful. I feel very confident and prepared to accomplish my long term goal to become a GM of a WNBA franchise. Basketball is my passion! SMWW is awesome and definitely worth 8 weeks of your time!

    Natalie White
    Warner Robins, Georgia, USA
  • I had an amazing experience taking the Basketball GM and Scouting Course with SMWW. My dream and passion has always been to work in the NBA and be a GM but I did not know the steps to take to get there. With this course, I was able to learn, make contacts in the industry and receive the necessary encouragement and motivation to pursue my dream. I am now working for the Portland Trailblazers!!!!

    John Ross
    Portland Trailblazers
  • With work and school every day, I found it difficult to expand my knowledge in the sports field and fit a class with a fixed time into my busy schedule.The online Basketball GM course was a great fit for me; I was able to learn and complete my assignments at my own pace and on my own schedule. This course has also been a great tool for networking with individuals across the country that possess the same interests and career goals as I. The information I have obtained and the teachings that this course provides have been invaluable for my growth in the 'sports world' and I strongly recommend it to all those who would like to get a behind the scenes look at how an NBA Front Office functions.

    Nick Mazzella
    Los Angeles Lakers
  • The SMWW Basketball training course for General Manager and Scouting provided over and beyond the typical rudiments of insider knowledge that is so necessary for the fast track world of professional sports. The cutting edge classroom environment provided by SMWW coupled with flexible teaching methodologies serves the most seasoned basketball student and novice with the equal insight for what it takes to be progressive in Basketball management and scouting. Their is one other important factor not captured by the class title... the support of SMWW staff, Ed Gregory, Chad Ford, and Frank Burlison was most exceptional in all facets of assisting students in their bid for knowledge and the "how to" for the proper professional sports job approach needed by students.

    Eric Satterwhite
    Assistant General Manager
    Sacramento Heatwave
  • "I can't thank SMWW enough,I knew that the SMWW course would give me the skills I needed to get a job in sports, but i had no idea how helpful and hands on the instructors were going to be and the connections they have. It definitely pays to know Sports Management Worldwide."

    Jeff Boswell
    Miami Heat Account Executive
  • The course was a great experience for me. Because of the course I understand the game more from a numbers stand point and the business of the NBA. The class was very helpful especially having the ability to communicate with weekly speakers and classmates. I would recommend the course to people.

    Clarence Baker
    Teaneck, New Jersey
  • I took a SMWW course and now I work for the Los Angeles Clippers!

    Ben Foster
    Los Angeles Clippers
  • This course gives you 8 weeks of what a four year college/university couldn't. Instructors who've been in the business, played the sport and have the actual connections with potential employers. Numerous, years of Basketball experience, open forum to discuss freely the issues surrounding the Basketball world from Prep to Professional. If you want a hands on experience, use software the PROS use, speak to Front Office personnel. Then this is the course for you, don't worry about the coursework........IT'S JUST BASKETBALL!

    Warren Walker
    Ettrick, Virginia
  • The Basketball GM and Scouting course is very informative and really helps get you on the path to success. The information given can help jumpstart your own careeer in sports. It has gotten me more involved and given me an idea of what I need to do to achieve my goals in sports management.

    Derrick Karim
    Novi, Mississippi
  • I think the whole performance analysis part, plus the video editing, and learning all about what a GM and scout has to do, opened me up to a whole new learning experience.

    Robert Linning
    Elmont, New York
  • Anyone who thinks they know Basketball and wants to pursue a career should take this course! You don't know 1/4 of what you think but, you will be amazed at what you can learn in 8 short weeks. I met liked minded people from around the world, talked to some of the industries experts from sports columnists to ex NBA scouts. I actually talked to REAL NBA GM's and asked them how they got to where they are. I am very excited about a career in the basketball industry and SMWW got me started!!

    Brent Stocker
    Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
  • The Basketball GM Course is definitely the perfect starter kit for anyone looking to become involved in the NBA business. The instructors, as well as the reading material, answered just about every question I needed to know about what it takes to get into the business and thrive. I recommend this course to anyone who thinks they have what it takes to become a key player in an NBA front office.

    Atiba Mitchell
    Hillside, Illinois
  • I was absolutely blown away!!! The information I gained from taking this course, has been extremely helpful and I was given the opportunity to learn about many new aspects; some of which I had no idea existed. Thanks SMWW, the knowledge I gained from this course will be put to great use in the future.

    Jeremy Woodard
    Missouri City, Texas
  • In the past, I had always considered myself a very knowledgeable individual when it came to basketball, but this course through SMWW, just astonished me and showed me many new aspects to the game. Now, after taking this course I feel as if I know more about the game and the front office. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get involved in basketball.

    Jerry Jones
    Georgetown, Delaware
  • I feel that SMWW has given me a solid foundation to assist me in becoming an NBA scout. The audio chats and assignments were extremely interesting and challenging. Classmates who actively participated in the audio chats were very informative, reliable, and consistent individuals.

    Osiris Nalls
    Head Varsity Basketball Coach At Cleveland High School
    Van Nuys, California
  • I enjoyed the information about the salary cap and overall workings of the NBA. If you really want the inside knowledge and interaction with inside people, this is the course to take. If you have a passion for basketball, this is the first step! Using Synergy Sports Technology is a real treat!

    Mario Graham
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Taking the Sports Business Management and Basketball GM & Scouting courses provided me with the confidence to start my own online sports venture. I interviewd Billy King, President and General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) for my Basketball GM & Scouting project. I have since met with him on other occasions to discuss salary cap management and personnel issues. SMWW should be applauded for training and empowering individuals to pursue their dreams. To Lynn, Liz and the entire SMWW team, I say keep up the good work. Robert (SMWW Alum)

    Robert Babs Ajayi
    Founder and President (A division of Living Spring, Inc.)
    Sewell, New Jersey
  • I enjoyed the reading material both the Baseball and Football courses offered. Also, the discussions were very thought provoking. The best part was being able to post at any time, from any place. The scouts I interviewed were very eager to impart their knowledge and experiences to me. Overall, these courses were intense but rewarding. I am a full time student, and I will be able to transfer credits gained from these two courses to my university. The staff was easy to contact, and flexible when I was out of the country.

    Kevin Singer
    Boca Raton, Florida
  • I feel that I've learned multiple aspects of scouting a player; raning from the smallest detail to the most out-of-this-world statistic. This class has opened my eyes into the scouting world along with giving me the tools to carry out my skills for a professional organization.

    Nicholas Lacy
    Boston, Massachusetts
  • A great course that really shows what to look for when scouting a player. Allowing students to chat with such highly regarded scouts and other NBA personnel is a great experience. I recommend that anyone looking to get into the front office of an NBA team, take this course.

    Adam Rizzo
    Revere, Massachusetts
  • SMWW taught me in depth an idea of what it is like in the shoes of a General Manager and a Scout. Working with state of the art technology and receiving expert opinions in the business made the class enjoyable and much easier in scouting talent.

    Jerry Bernal
    San Antonio, Texas
  • Overall, the knowledge acquired into the duties and responsibilites of the General Manager was educational as well. I now have a different perspective of looking at how teams are managed and how business is conducted in the NBA.

    Zon Thompson
    Coaching 4 Skills, Inc. (C4S)
    Tempe, Arizona
  • There is no "set in stone" way to get your foot in the door to get your career started in the world of sports, but SMWW could be the most helpful. It breaks down all the aspects that front office executives take into account for their job. Exploring how the NBA world operates, and then speaking to a former and still current personnel for online debates, was something very valuable.

    Al Buzzelli
    Naples, Florida
  • I was fascinated by the amount of information I learned about the business of basketball. Very impressed with the technology and had a great time working/practicing with it. Even more impressive was the staff and how we were able to interact with one another.

    Ty Calderwood
    Brooklyn, New York
  • This course has provided me with the most amazing experience of my life! For those who think they know everything about their particular sport; you know nothing until you have completed this course. You will leave after eight weeks knowing much, much more then you did when you started. For all future sports business leaders, you owe it to yourself to take this course.

    Silvester Fullard
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • If anything I think the Basketball GM and Scouting course gave me more confidence in believing that I can successfully work someday in a professional organization. The online chats were a great way to gain insight into the basketball profession by speaking with people who have firsthand experience.

    Chris Schmidt
    Bellefontaine City Schools
    Bellefontaine, Ohio
  • I really enjoyed the chats, we were able to network not only with people in the business but with other students who are trying to pursue the same careers.

    Phil Deadwyler
    Phoenix, Arizona
  • I have learned so much from SMWW. The audio chats were invigorating, as we heard from experts who are involved in the day to day NBA world. Thanks to SMWW, I feel I can also communicate, and know what I am talking about.

    Derrick Dawson
    San Antonio, Texas
  • 1.The access to Synergy Sports Network was amazing. You feel like you are actually a scout. 2. SMWW accounts for everyone's sports knowledge.

    Justin Rothbaum
    University of Arizona Student
    Tucson, Arizona
  • I have learned how to scout and manage sports the right way which is with deep studying and great training. I met the Los Angeles D-Fenders assistant coach, Chucky Brown, which was a great experience. My favorite part was when we had audio chats with Ed Gregory because he is extremely knowledgeable about basketball.

    Curtis Cornell
    La Mirada, California
  • The Basketball and Scouting GM Course gives a great insight the how Basketball teams work, the scouting imformation has changed the way I look at the game and its for the better. Thanks to this course I have made contacts within Basketball Teams and hopefully I can progress within this industry.

    Tommy Brown
    Surrey, United Kingdom
  • I never really believed in testimonials, because I thought it was something that companies posted up to sell you something, but this is real. The Basketball GM & Scouting course is the best thing that happened to me. The funny thing is I always wanted to learn about the NBA and scouting and the operations of an NBA GM, but I didn't know how to achieve that. I literally fell into this, because I remember searching for something else on the net and I saw the SMWW ad and when I clicked it and read through everything, I called them right away asked them a few questions and sigend up within a week. If you're like me and would love to work in sports, and want to actually feel good about doing something you love, and waking up in the morning and running to work rather than hoping you had the day off, then sign up you wont be disappointed.

    Mohamed Barre
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • I have learned a lot in the Basketball GM and Scouting course and have been able to carry this forward into the world of high school scouting. The resources and help from experts have shown some new options when it comes to evaluating talent. I loved this course!

    Kent Ridley
    Ridley Scouting Service
    Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
  • My favorite part of the Basketball GM & Scouting course was the management section. It gave me some tools other than "my eyes" on how to discover and chose player. Too many times people think to know everything, taking part in the course I could learn that you can't always listen to everybody, that is better to ignore things and learn them in the right way and from the right people. I hope to take Athlete Management next!

    Carlo Uras
    Sassari, Italy
  • I am a High School math teacher and basketball coach. When this past high school season ended, I was anxious to keep basketball season going besides just watching the NBA games. One day on the web I came across this basketball course from SMWW. I was very skeptical at first, but I thought that it may open new doors for me. The results have been fantastic. I enjoy reading the material and commenting on it in our discussions. We have 2 min drills which test our knowledge of the reading; we have a final paper and we comment on one another's work. What I like best are our Sunday "chats" with actual scouts and people in the business. What a great idea this is!! There are people to interface with, and everyone is passionate about the game and very nice. I have found I have a lot to learn, but I do know a lot already, and I feel strongly that I could have an impact on an NBA team as a scout or in the player personnel department. This course is well worth the time! Basketball is my passion.

    Owen Keenan
  • The Basketball and Scouting GM Course has provided me with the knowledge and tools to obtain a position in Player Personnel. The audio chats were extremely beneficial in learning what it takes to be successful. As a result of the course, I have made great contacts and participated in assisting NBA scouts with research projects. If you are serious about having a career in basketball, this course is essential in getting you started.

    Jared Ziegler
    Ames, Iowa