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  Will the Basketball GM and Scouting Course help me get a job in basketball?

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It will help you get a job in basketball. The key word here is help. For the entire eight week course you will be in a class speaking weekly with mentor Mark Warkentien, New York Knicks Director of Player Personnel, but other participants who are interested in furthering their career in basketball. This is your opportunity to be mentored by an NBA GM and Scout. We design the course so it is like sitting in his office for an hour every week! You will be involved in discussions and share knowledge of the game, the business of the basketball, and how they got ahead to where they are now.

You will also be networking with fellow students who are interested in improving their knowledge of the business of basketball and scouting talent. More importantly you will be learning techniques and strategies that NBA teams are currently using. 

The course content includes cutting edge theories on how to evaluate talent and study the game. The course will give you information that will make you an asset to any professional team. Will it directly get you the job? The knowledge you learn from the course and the contacts that you make might be the clincher to beating out your competition for the job!

  Do I really get to talk to Mark Warkentien weekly?

Throughout the eight week course, Mark Warkentien and Dr. Lashbrook lead an audio chat via the internet. This chat is almost every Sunday. This is an hour long question and answer audio discussion with the instructors and your fellow students. In addition, guest speakers and buddies of Mark and Lynn participate as guests in the chats. If you miss a chat they are archived and you can listen when it is convenient for you.

 Can I be the next Kevin Pritchard?

Maybe! The start to any great career begins with passion and being willing to work hard to achieve your goal. If you are passionate about working in basketball and continue to learn, network and work hard, you can make your dream job happen. Job experience and who you know is important, so never burn a bridge because they might one day be the person hiring you! 

If you want to enhance what you know and who you know this is a great place to start. If you need an internship at a professional team and are wiling to start in the sales department, you should look into our Sports Revenue Management course.

  What's the difference between Sports Revenue Management and the Basketball GM and Scouting Course?

The Sports Revenue Management Course assists students in not only learning what they need to know to get an entry level job in any professional sports organization, but also requires that a course project be done with a major or minor league team. It teaches every thing from ticket sales and sponsorship sales to creating contacts in the sports field. Students who take this course generally want a job as soon as possible in football, hockey, soccer, basketball or baseball. The weekly chats focus on who's hiring and the instructors help the students learn skills that those teams are looking for in a new hire and strategizing to get the interview. Instructors use their contacts in the sports world to assist students in getting sports jobs. 

The Basketball GM and Scouting Course is pure basketball. Pure HOOPS, scouting hoop players and evaluating hoops ability. If you want a job in professional basketball, we recommend you take both!

  How else can I break into the basketball world?

David Morway, former GM of the Indiana Pacers worked for awhile as a Sports Agent. If you are not in a situation to start your career over and want to learn more about the business of basketball and gain more contacts, check out theAthlete Management Course and consider representing NBA and Overseas basketball players.

  Do I need any special equipment or books for the course? 

The books for the course and a microphone/headset are sent directly to your home from SMWW office. Some of the books or materials are so specific that they are either out of print or not sold in any bookstore. You will need a computer with access to the internet.

 This all sounds to high tech for me, I don't know very much about computer technology.

Don't worry. We have many students who have felt the same way. SMWW has a technical support team who not only knows computers and can get your microphone working, (even if you didn't know you had one), but they loves sports! As long as you have a computer and access to the internet, we can help you with the rest!

  How old do I have to be to take this course?

18 or older.

Do I need a college degree to take this course?


  Can I get college credit for this course?

Yes, two college credits for an additional $150. Visit for more information.

  Do you have more questions?

Call the office and ask! 1-877-SMWW-Now in the US or Canada. In London at +44(0) 871 288 4799. Everywhere else at +1-503-445-7105

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