Basketball Player Development FAQ

question  What is player development in basketball?

Player development in basketball focuses on enhancing the skills and traits of a player for the betterment of their play and the team. Typical training can include dribbling, passing, shooting, spacing, basketball IQ, and more.

 question What does player development mean?

Player Development is an advanced version of coaching, it goes beyond the usual position drills or offensive and defensive schemes, it's about developing leadership skills, coachability skills, locker room management, and culture.

question How do you develop in basketball?

Focus on skills that are critical to the game of basketball. Skills like dribbling, shooting, passing, ball control, spacing, basketball IQ, and more. These skills are used by all basketball players at any level of the game.

question How can I learn to develop basketball players?

Gaining knowledge of player development can be done through SMWW’s Basketball Player Development course, which focuses on developing training plans for players, how to train through film, draft day preparations, and more.

question  Who was the GM that Drafted Steph Curry?

Larry Riley served as the GM of the Warriors and is who drafted Steph Curry in the 2009 NBA Draft. Larry now works for the Atlanta Hawks and also teaches SMWW’s Basketball Player Development course.

question  Do you have more questions?

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