Baseball GM Course Testimonials

  • The Baseball GM & Scouting Course was essential in helping me further develop the background I needed to break into the sports business world. The mentors in the course bring a wide array of experience to the table, and the SMWW network alone can open many doors; for both those looking to get their foot in the door as well as those already in the game. SMWW will not get you a job in sports, only you can get yourself a job in sports. But, SMWW will certainly provide you with an opportunity to gain a competitive edge in what is a highly competitive and growing industry.

    Ryan Latham
    Group Event Coordinator
    Tacoma Rainiers
    AAA-Affiliate of the Seattle Mariners
  • The Baseball GM and Scouting course taught me so much. The instructors are outstanding and the coursework is excellent in prepping for a career in that industry.

    Michael Lawlor
    Fan Services and Entertainment & Fenway Ambassador
    Boston Red Sox
  • The insight that is gained through the audio chats in the Baseball GM and Scouting Course has been a great asset to future job in a front office. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to gain more knowledge in scouting and the business side of baseball. Since completing the course, I left for a job with, ESPN's official Atlanta Braves blog.

    Kevin Orris
    ESPN's official Atlanta Braves Blog
  • I want to thank you for your Baseball GM and Scouting Course. I was able to get a position as an associate scout with the Atlanta Braves in the Dominican Republic. In this business, you have to start somewhere. Again, thank for your one of a kind training.

    Jaun Vicioso
    Associate Scout - Dominican Republic
    Atlanta Braves
  • My new job as an Associate Scout has been everything I thought it could be and more. I am glad I now have a foot in the door. The SMWW experience not only helped me with getting some initial contacts, but gaining valuable knowledge of the scouting world including terminology and scoring prospects. Thanks so much. I will definitely be coming back to the winter meetings in Florida!

    Chris Colwell
    Associate Amatuer Scout
    SF Giants
  • "As I near retirement I am attempting to make a smooth transition into baseball - either in management or scouting of some sort. The SMWW course on "Baseball GM and Scouting" was my first step toward converting stumbling blocks into stepping stones as I make a career transition."

    Steve Wisensale, Ph.D.
    University of Connecticut - Storrs
    Storrs, Connecticut, USA
  • The Baseball General Manager and Scouting Course was an eye opening experience. You really get an insider's perspective on how a career in baseball is achieved. This course is one of the most challenging I have ever taken but also one of the most rewarding.

    Ben Messner
    Production Director
    Sports Radio 810 WHB
    Overland Park, Kansas, USA
  • For the person who loves the hidden part fo the game of baseball, there is no better course. This course is an excellent way to learn about scouting, what to look for and how to find the best possible player. You may think you know how to look at a baseball player, but you know nothing until you have completed this course.

    Russ Blatt
    Director of Operations
    Long Island Ducks
    Central Islip, New York, USA
  • For anyone that truly has the passion and desire to work in the sports industry, SMWW's Baseball GM and Scouting Course will give you the information to grow and further your knowledge of the game. If you want your best opportunity to get your foot in the door in sports, this course is a must.

    Derrick Hein
    SMWW Scout
    University Place, Washington, USA
  • I would have to say, the experience I received from SMWW will benefit me later on with whatever sporting career I choose to pursue. Even if you are a baseball wizard and know everything, I bet this course will teach you stuff you have never learned before, they go inside baseball and teach you things that are important.

    Luke Sugg
    Longmont, Colorado
  • Quickly, active learners will face challenges throughout the course, but they will also realize that they will get their money’s worth from taking this course. Regardless, of your knowledge base coming in, students will come away from the course and be able to say that they have learned something. I would encourage people to sign up for the course as part of a continuing education goal and to see it through to the end ... and graduate. You will make contacts that could last a lifetime and if you will improve your chances of getting a sports related job in the future.

    Mike Elsen
    Kennewick, Washington
  • I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot about what a General Manager does and how Scouting works.

    Patrick Pilette
    Suite Sales Intern
    Tampa Bay Lightning
    Tampa, Florida
  • The reading material is great and the weekly assignments give you chances to think heavily on topics and apply them to what is happening today. The challenge to track down executives and scouts to interview was a great exercise in networking and getting a foot in the door.

    Spencer Johnson
    Provo, Utah
  • Best course I have ever taken. I could not have learned this information anywhere else. The interviews and audio-chats were extremely beneficial in gaining first-hand information from industry professionals.

    Caleb Carpenter
    Maiden, North Carolina
  • Before, I took this class I thought I knew all there was about baseball. I have learned an unbelievable amount of credible and reliable information in the past eight weeks. I've also had the opportunity to make and/or meet valuable contacts and have already been offered a staff position at a web site.

    William Jordan
    Staff Member
    Business of Sports
    Akron, Ohio
  • Well, the different topics that we've chatted about really made me think how things are thought out in regards to relocation and trades and contract signings etc. Talking with Maury Brown and some of the guys in the class show that if it's your passion and you work hard there's a spot for you in the business. Just get your name out there and network and things will happen.

    Nolan Cherniwchan
    Edmonton, Alberta
  • I enjoyed getting to meet people who are interested in a similar sports field. The course really allowed me to dive deeper into baseball and how it works, even more than I thought possible.

    Serafin Gutierrez
    Turlock, California
  • What I learned from the SMWW Baseball General Manager / Scouting course will contribute significantly to improving my ability to scout and report on baseball prospects and to provide my readers with a more in-depth insight into the game and what goes on behind the scenes in a baseball organization. Well worth my time and the expense to invest in this course.

    Ray Mileur
    Mileur Media Group, Inc.
    Herrin Illinios
  • The Baseball GM and Scouting course allowed me to understand how much it actually takes to become a successful scout/coach. Before I believed I was ready but now I can truly say that I am ready.

    Ronald Dove
    Sport Business Manager/Baseball Instructor and Coach
    Knoxville, Tennessee
  • The Baseball General Manager and Scouting course lived up to everything I expected and more. It is challenging, but well worth the challenge to increase your knowledge of the game on the scenes and behind it. Great course!

    Justin Clutter
    Head Baseball Coach
    Twin River Valley HS
    Dakota City, Iowa
  • The Baseball General Manager and Scouting training is a great course to expand your knowledge in the game. Being able to see both sides of baseball can only open doors for me due to new knowledge and understanding.

    Shawn Malley
    Omaha, Nebraska
  • I learned so much from the SMWW Baseball GM/Scouting course that I won't be able to look at the game the same way ever again. Maury Brown, Jonathan Story, and Dr. Lashbrook were really great instructors and would go out of their way to help in any way. Providing a chance to conduct an interview with front office personnel of a pro baseball team was the most exciting part of this course in hopes of obtaining a career in the field. Also, the friends and contacts of classmates made across the country were integral in learning and hopefully will be a lifetime bond formed.

    Bradley Hall
    Houston, Texas
  • SMWW allowed me the connections and opportunities to interact with MLB personnel. I was able to set up and conduct a face to face interview with Minnesota Twins GM Terry Ryan. SMWW also gave me the skill to market myself to get my feet in the baseball door.

    Jerome Differding
    Portland, Oregon
  • If you have a passion for baseball and would love to know more about the business side, this is a class for you. Before I took this class I thought I knew a lot about baseball, but after 8 weeks I found out that a lot of what I thought was right was actually wrong, and gained the knowledge it takes to work in baseball.

    Eugene Peoples
    Professor of Sport Management
    Virginia Intermont College
    Bristol, Tennessee
  • The greatest knowledge of all is what you learn after you know everything." I thought I knew it all after having professional success at a young age. I came to find out that there was a world of baseball business that I never knew existed. Thanks SMWW for giving me this knowledge to not only advance my career but my dreams as well! I felt the course was almost perfect...The books were outstanding and I looked forward to the reading assignments each week. I really enjoyed the insight that Jonathan and Maury brought each and every week...wonderful instructors!

    Brian Lewis
    Asst Head Coach, Hitting Coach
    Lewis & Clark Community College
    Alton, Illinois
  • This course helped me to understand the world of baseball scouting a little more. I have been scouting baseball for over ten years on my own and alot of what Jonathan Story talked about taught me that I am on the right track on scouting. I enjoyed reading Joanathan Story and Kevin Kerranes books. There is alot to learn from these books. Scouting baseball is something I love to do and I hope that I will be doing it for a major league club soon.

    Andrew Torres
    Kissimmee, Florida
  • The two greatest thrills I experienced during this course was to interview an employee from the Kansas City Royals front office. Being a lifelong Royals fan, it was fun talking Royals baseball with a Royals representative. Also, I will get the chance to observe a long time scout in the Major Leagues during the upcoming local baseball season. One of the main things that I got out of this course is that I am more confident in landing a job in professional baseball.

    Kenneth Stones
    Temecula, California
  • Taking SMWW's Baseball GM & Scouting course was one of the best decisions I have made. I learned so many valuable skills which will give me an edge in my career. I have since been named an Associate Scout with the Cleveland Indians. SMWW is definitely a course I recommend to anyone looking to break into the baseball world.

    Philip Nicoletti
    Associate Scout
    Cleveland Indians
    Estherville, Iowa
  • Thanks to the Baseball General Manager course that I took and your alerting me to the internship availabilities at Baseball Info Solutions, this summer I will be working for BIS scoring minor league games. I will be working mostly at Pawtucket, and see this as a great opportunity to get into the business of baseball. I've already been to a couple of games this year, and look forward to doing many more as it is something that I have enjoyed doing so far. Thank you for presenting me with the information about this opportunity, I just wanted to let you know how I am doing so far with it.

    Alex Sherman-Ash
  • I loved the Baseball GM and Scouting Course. As an attorney I found the depth of the analysis impressive, and the interaction with the other students invigorating. If you are interested in front office dynamics, this is the course for you.

    Ted Rosenthal, Attorney
    Bloomington, Deleware
  • The Baseball GM & Scouting Course was the most fun I have had in any class ever. I learned so much about baseball, scouting and then some. If I could take it again, I would!

    Matt Birnbach, Indiana University Student
  • The course has been great! The chats are a lot of fun as well as educational. I can't tell you excited I am to be able to take accredited courses in the areas of my true passion (baseball). I will also be taking the sports agent course after I've completed my current course, and plan to work with SMWW as an athlete advisor. You guys at SMWW are very, very responsive to my needs as an SMWW student,and very patient as well. Thanks again.

    Ernie Distefano, Ass. Scout, Global Scouting Bureau and former Ass. Scout for Royals & Phillies.
  • This class is a necessity for anybody striving to work in professional baseball. Having played baseball in college and having several friends playing professional ball, I have a solid understanding of professional baseball from the players' point of view. Yet this class opened my eyes to the other side of pro baseball, the perspective of the front office and the scouts. I have definitely learned a lot about scouting and front office decisions that will serve me well in my pursuit of a career in professional sports. The opportunity to work closely with a brilliant baseball mind like Rob Neyer makes the class all the more valuable. I would recommend anyone with aspirations of working in professional sports to take a class with SMWW!

    James Hall, University of the South, Tennessee
  • I was always taught that if it seems to good to be true then it most likely is so I was skeptical when I first heard about an online course that could help you get a job in baseball. With that was my first impression I looked into it and decided to enroll. Not only was all of the course material relevant and interesting, it was presented in a logical structure highlighted by the weekly Neyer chat -- a unique and educational experience in itself. Besides giving you a solid foundation to pursue a baseball job they also have connections and will go out of their way to use them in order to help you get hired. I didn't even need to finish the course before they helped me land my current internship -- at Baseball Prospectus.

    Ben Wolfe
    Baseball Prospectus
    Burlington, Vermont
  • The Baseball General Manager and Scouting Course by Sport Management WorldWide offered material and content that is unparralled in any classroom around the country. The well-rounded format that tied together text books, papers, and online chats with industry professionals was just as educating as it was enjoyable. It has assisted my continuing journey to become a sports management executive.

    Joseph Della Cella
    Director of Baseball Operations
    University of San Francisco , California
  • I have been looking for a course that teaches the in's and out's of the baseball world and although I had been reading an assortment of baseball books I still felt like I was missing something. I did a search on the internet for sports management schools and while their curriculum was good, they lacked the networking aspect with some of the top names in baseball. I came across Sports Management Worldwide and it was exactly what I was looking for. I got the chance to speak with Rob Neyer on a weekly basis whom has worked side by side with Bill James (Now and executive with the Boston Red Sox) and got first hand knowledge of the baseball world including business, scouting, general management, ect. I would recommend this course for anybody that has the desire to break surface knowledge of the baseball world. It's been a joy learning with Rob, and Dr. Lashbrook!

    Joe Piraino
    Chicago, Illinois
  • I completed the Baseball Management and Scouting class back in December 2005. This was the best class I have ever taken. The best part about this class is that you get a better understanding of why general managers keep or trade certain players using sabermetrics. Also learning the baseball lingo the scouts use was helpful. Rob's insights and knowledge of baseball made this a fun and enjoyable class. I highly recommend taking this class if you are a baseball enthusiast.

    Randy Amimoto
    Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • I completed the Baseball Management and Scouting class back in December 2005. This was the best class I have ever taken. The best part about this class is that you get a better understanding of why general managers keep or trade certain players using sabermetrics. Also learning the baseball lingo the scouts use was helpful. Rob's insights and knowledge of baseball made this a fun and enjoyable class. I highly recommend taking this class if you are a baseball enthusiast.

    Randy Amimoto
    Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • I have learned quite a bit via the Baseball Scouting and General Manager Course,it has taught me about how to scout baseball talent and how to grade them,the different materials used are very valuable,Rob did a very nice job in the chats and how our class applys to what we do. I have been a employee of the Boeing Company for over 28 years,I am currently working as a bird dawg or associate scout for the Minnesota Twins.

    Chris O'Keefe
  • I want to thank you for the Sports Agency Cource that I recieved from SMWW. This course landed me a job as a High School Baseball Coach. There were 15 applications and I was told that I was the one picked because of my participation via the SMWW. Thank for the Education,

    Scott S Scherer