Baseball Agent FAQ

question  How to be a baseball agent?

Becoming a Major League Baseball certified agent takes a number of different steps. First, you will need to apply with the MLBPA (Major League Baseball Player’s Association) and pay their $2,000 application fee, pass a background check, pass a written exam, and then have a current Major League player list you as their agent. This means, in order to become a MLB agent, you must work with a current MLB player or a player who gets “called up” to the majors.

 question What's the difference between a baseball agent and a baseball advisor?

A baseball player who is a prospect to be drafted by an MLB club can hire an “advisor” who may assist the player in understanding and navigating the draft process, picking a college, and other baseball related matters. When the player has decided to enter the MLB draft pool, and no longer has college eligibility, can hire an “agent”. The agent will help the player through the draft process and as the player goes through the minor league system. An “advisor” can take a fee as an hourly fee, but cannot take any type of commission. An agent can take a commission of playing or marketing contracts.

question  What’s the difference between a baseball scout and a baseball agent?

A baseball scout is someone who works for a MLB team and is responsible for a specific area of the country, or internationally, to scout players. MLB teams can have more than a dozen scouts on their staff to cover as many players as possible. Those scouts are responsible for helping the team find and draft future players. Baseball agents will identify talent, similar to scouts, but for the purpose of representing those players through their professional baseball careers. Baseball agents will negotiate contracts with teams, marketing deals with companies like Nike or Coca-cola, as well as provide post-career support.

question  Do baseball agents help with baseball equipment?

Yes, baseball agents will help their players either with securing sponsorship deals that include equipment from an equipment company like Wilson or Rawlings. Some agents will have to pay for equipment “out of pocket”, as the player may not earn an equipment deal, but will still need gloves, bats, and other equipment to play.

question  What is arbitration in baseball?

Arbitration is a negotiation process between a MLB team and a player. An agent will work to secure a deal that pays a player at or above market value. The team will try to secure the “cheapest” or most “team-friendly” deal. The arbitrator will work to find a middle ground of the deal to ensure that both parties can come to an agreement.

question  How much do baseball agents make?

MLB agents usually take between 3-4% of a major league contract and any signing bonuses. MLB agents cannot take commission from minor league contracts, but if the contract comes with a signing bonus, then the agent can take a commission. The MLB league minimum, which an agent can take a commission on, at $630,000, would equal 18,900 in commission (3%). The average MLB salary is a little over $4 million per year. With a 3% commission on $4 million, that would equal $120,000 in commission.

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