Greg Hylton

SMWW Mentor & Indianapolis Colts VP Premium Seating, 1968 - 2020

Mentor Definition: A mentor may share with mentee information about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling. A mentor may help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources. Greg was everything you want in a mentor and so much more.

We are saddened by the loss of SMWW Mentor Greg Hylton to a rare and fast-growing cancer. Greg touched so many lives through his mentoring here at SMWW. He has always been an inspiration and guiding light to so many people in the sports industry.

Now, it’s our turn to come together and honor Greg’s memory and legacy. We would like to join together as a sports community and create a memory book for Greg’s family. We would appreciate you emailing us your thoughts, sharing memories of how Greg guided you during your lifetime. We will compile this with photos we have of Greg speaking at our conferences and events.

Help us celebrate Greg’s life by sending your thoughts and memories of him to to be uploaded here. 

Thoughts From Lynn & Liz Lashbrook (SMWW President & Executive Director)

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Greg Hylton. He was not only an outstanding mentor – he was an incredible human being, father, and husband. Every year he spoke at our Indy Conference and always stayed afterward for hours to speak with each individual participant and he always had a long line! For over a decade, Greg spent an hour every week, sharing his hard-earned wisdom, and offering guidance and direction with students. He was highly successful in the business of sports and yet made time to help others break into the industry. Greg was a shining light for all he touched. Greg was humble, genuine, sincere, and compassionate. He truly gave back and lifted others up. Greg’s spectacular smile was almost as big as his heart.

Greg will be missed deeply as a faculty and friend. His courage to the end spoke volumes of the man. He set the bar for all of our faculty to follow. He will never be forgotten in the SMWW family.

Thoughts From Jim Irsay (Indianapolis Colts Owner & CEO)

Words cannot express our sadness today within the Colts franchise. Greg Hylton – a wonderful guy, and true-blue Colts employee for the past 23 years – passed away last night following a courageous battle against cancer. Our love and prayers are with Greg’s family.

Thoughts From Jen Mueller (SMWW Speaker & Seahawks Sideline Reporter)

Gracious and approachable. That’s how I would describe every interaction I had with Greg starting with when I introduced myself during a busy weekend at the NFL Combine. He didn’t just give me a few hurried minutes. He stopped, talked and helped me make a few other connections. In the years following, I would moderate panel discussions that included Greg. I marveled at his ability to make everyone feel special and even though I knew he answered similar (if not the same questions) every year, he gave everyone the same thoughtfulness in his responses. I always looked forward to the time before and after those panels when I could catch up with him for a few minutes. His love for his family and his love of God was evident. He certainly made an impact on me and so many others bringing this Bible verse to mind, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25:23

Thoughts From Alyssa Rutherford (SMWW Alumni & Staff)

I took Greg's course in the Summer of 2013 and have gotten to know him as not only a mentor in my sports career but also a friend. A constant for SMWW, Greg was always there to answer students’ questions both during his course and at the annual Football Career Conference. His wisdom and advice have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of students throughout his mentor career with SMWW. One of my best memories with Greg is when he took the SMWW staff on a grand tour of the Colts Practice Facility and offices, it was a great experience early in my career to see how a professional sports team operates, view their “memorabilia” room with the Lombardi Trophy, and more. It was a great experience and one that I will continue to cherish.

Thoughts From Sharisse May (SMWW Alumni, Educational Consultant, & Virtual Events Producer)

Every time I attend the SMWW Football Career Conference during the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, I look forward to hearing Greg Hylton's presentation and Q&A sessions. He was always informative, approachable; and made it know to us that "... the Indianapolis Colts has the best NFL game-day experience!" My best moment with Greg is when he allowed us to put on and take pictures of his Super Bowl ring. It was an amazing experience. At the next Football Career Conference, it is not going to be the same to not hear Greg's career worthy words of wisdom. He will be missed.

Thoughts From Merritt Peasley (SMWW Alumni 2013)

I was lucky enough to have Greg be one of my teachers/mentors while taking the SMWW course on Ticket Sales. He had great stories about his career with the Colts and you could hear when he spoke about the team and his job that he loved what he did every day. Greg took the time to get to know our small class on the first day and he made sure to remember a small detail about us afterward. He was one of those men that wanted to teach and wanted to help those that were coming up in the sports world succeed, but also so that they were able to push themselves without the guidance of others. Greg knew how to communicate with us about issues in the sports world and helped draw answers out of us and go through our write-ups to make sure that we truly had an understanding of what we discussed. The SMWW family and Colts lost an amazing man that put others first.

Thoughts from Abe Seldowitz (SMWW Alumni)

To the Hylton Family,  I am so sorry for the loss. Mr/ Hylton's contributions to Sports Management Worldwide and the impact made on countless students and peers will never be forgotten. 

Thoughts from Earnest McNeil (SMWW Alumni)

My condolences to the family. May God continue to bless you and your family. 

Thoughts from Javan Safeli (SMWW Alumni)

With the reaching of the news on the passing of the gallant soldier in sports, I send out heartfelt condolences to the family on his passing. May the family remain strengthened in this hard time. We mourn with them. 

Thoughts from Rosy Merlino (SMWW Alumni)
It is such sad news and my heart feels heavy! His mentorship during these trying pandemic times was so inspiring and his contribution was the highlight of more Sports Sales and Marketing course. I feel so privileged that I had the opportunity to learn from the sports experiences he shares with us. My thoughts are with his family and the entire SMWW team.