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"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
-- John Wooden

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After successful completion of the Athlete Management Course, graduates are encouraged to seek Agent Advisor status with Sports Management Worldwide. In addition to being a provider of sports management education, Sports Management Worldwide is an international full-service sports agency with an extensive network of Agent Advisors serving athletes throughout the world. Agent Advisors are agents-in-training who co-represent all Sports Management Worldwide athletes. SMWW Agent Advisors can recruit and represent athletes on behalf of Sports Management Worldwide, and share equally in any commission fee paid to the Company by clients successfully recruited by the Agent Advisor.

By utilizing SMWW's on-staff registered sports agents in each professional sport, Agent Advisors co-represent athletes and work with SMWW's agency as sports agents. Agent Advisors are able to recruit, advise, and mentor athletes while our staff of professionally trained agents handle all the contract work with the appropriate sports leagues. Working as an Agent Advisor with SMWW can be a career in its own right, or can get you on your way to becoming a registered agent.


SMWW Agent Advisors enjoy these benefits:

* Your own webpage on SMWWagency.com featuring your picture and bio
* Established relationships with teams, clubs, and agents
* Access to tryout information for your clients
* Draft & Combine preparation for you and your clients
* Marketing materials to present to parents & athletes
* Your clients listed by sport and by position for worldwide coaches to view
* New leads daily of athletes looking for agents
* Capology Consulting
* National Scouting Reports
* NCAA Compliance Assistance
* Access to the SMWW Global network
* Showcasing SMWW Financial Advisors who are Agent Advisors. Visit here...
* Customized Athlete Packets for recruiting
* Assistance with recruiting and representation from SMWW Certified Agents
* Alliance with NetScouts, the international basketball connection. Place your basketball players overseas quickly and start making money now!
* Fabulous affiliates in every sport to assist you with your clients
* Live Audio Chats exclusive to SMWW Agents
* SMWW Agent directory
* Contracts - Athlete/Agent
* Athlete Endorsement Proposals & Advice
* Discounts at all SMWW Conferences
* Discounts on all SMWW Courses
* SMWW Business Cards
* SMWW Letterhead
* Samples of contracts used in the industry
* Access to the exclusive SMWW Online Library
* Website design for your professional athletes.
* Much, much more!

As an SMWW Agent, we have several ongoing live audio chats with certified agents and fellow agents to assist you with recruiting and signing athletes. Must be an SMWW Agent Advisor to attend.

* Overseas Basketball Chat with NBA Agent Bret Kanis and Netscouts.
* Soccer Recruiting & Endorsements Chat with FIFA Agent John Print
* Football Recruiting Chat with Joel Corry & NFL Agent Lynn Lashbrook
* Baseball Recruiting Chat with MLB Agent Oscar Suarez
* Hockey Recruiting Chat with Manny Schmidt, NHLPA agent
* Athlete Management Chat with SMWW Faculty on top issues, including understanding the Salary Cap, Collective Bargaining Agreements, and Contract Negotiation
* Worldwide Chat with SMWW President Dr. Lynn Lashbrook

Our goal is to offer you everything you need to represent professional athletes.

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A Sample of SMWW Sports Agent Success:

NFL Football:

Examples of Athlete Management graduates representing NFL Clients:

  • Joe Aloisi - Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins
  • Joe Tyler - Will Johnson, Pittsburg Steelers
  • Al Thomas - Akeem Jordan, Philidelphia Eagles
  • Eric Chatmon - Phillipkeith Manley, Atlanta Falcons
  • John Oluyole - Ross Weaver, Detroit Lions
  • Andy Tuitele - Justin Taplin-Ross, Dallas Cowboys
  • Dan Machado - Chavis Williams, Baltimore Ravens
  • Denny Jones - Jose Acuna, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Bryan Cimicata - Nate Chandler, Carolina Panthers
  • Dan Machado - AJ Love, Minnesota Vikings
  • Bill Smith - Nate Menkin, Houston Texans
  • Billy Crawford - George Bias, Tennessee Titans

Examples of Athlete Management Graduates representing NHL players:

Meet Athlete Management Graduate Manny Schmidt:
Manny Schmidt, from Alberta, Canada took the Athlete Management Course and established his own sports agency. Manny and Link Management International built a Hockey Division that now manages 26 players on a full-time basis. Manny with some assistance from SMWW, recently signed signed Turner Elson to a pro contract with the Calgary Flames.

SMWW Alum featured in new Documentary, Late Rounders:
SMWW Alum, Greg Linton, graduated from the Athlete Management Course and went on to become an NFLPA certified agent. Now, Linton is featured in a film, Late Rounders, chronicling the representation of late round NFL draft picks and priority free agents.
"If you are interested in becoming an agent, I would advise you to take the SMWW Athlete Management course. The thing with this business is it is always changing. There are many ways to become successful as an agent, and the more you know, the more effective you will be. Dr. Lashbrook is always available to give sports agent advice and just chat. And even though we are now rivals per se, I still consider Dr. Lashbrook a mentor and a friend" Greg Linton

Examples of Athlete Management Graduates representing FA players:

Jim Sherry – Senior Consultant at ViolaFC (Scotland)


Richard Garland – Managing Director of Apollo Sports Agents (England)



Cesar Bertani – President of International Football Management (Venezuela & USA)
Jonne Lindblom – Golden Star Management (Finland)
Terry Lawriw – AFC Cleveland Preside
nt (Ohio, USA) 

Meet Athlete Management Graduate Denny Jones:
(NFL Sports Agent)

Denny Jones, college student, age 21, took the SMWW Athlete Management Course for college credit, and immediately represented an NFL athlete while still attending university. Jones client, Jose Acuna, signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

"Working with the various NFL coaches, experiencing the combine, the pro days, and  the draft, was entertaining and exciting," said Jones.

Jones also added a little insight into what his first year as an SMWW agent advisor was like. "Being an agent is a fun and exciting career and this was the best start to my career that I could have imagined. It was my favorite college course!" 

Meet Athlete Management Graduate Al Thomas:
(NFL Sports Agent)

Minister and prison guard by day, Albert Thomas is a sports agent by night. Oh, and he’s a full-time father of five, and husband to boot. Al represents starting Linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles Akeem Jordan. Al is a 2006 graduate of Athlete Management. Read what the Sports Agent Blog has to say...

Akeem Jordan
Akeem Jordan #56
Philadelphia Eagles

Or read what Albert's local paper has to say...

Meet Athlete Management Graduate Joe Aloisi:
(NFL Agent)

After taking Athlete Management Course, Joe Aloisi, a telecommunications representative, is beaming after watching his first NFL client, QB Matt Moore, take the field as the starting QB for the Carolina Panthers and get his first NFL win. This past year, Joe, with the assitance of SMWW, negotiated Matt's new multi year contract with the Miami Dolphins.

SMWW Agent Advisor Joe Aloisi says "I can't explain how much fun I'm having," said Aloisi. "I have learned so much since completing the course. From being with Matt during the draft, to negotiating a contract with Nike to being there as Matt changed teams to his first NFL start and victory, its been a fun ride. "

Matt Moore
Matt Moore #8
Miami Dolphins QB

Meet Athlete Management Graduate Steve Banks:
(NBA Sports Agent)

Former SMWW Agent Advisor Steve Banks hit the big time. After working with SMWW as an agent advisor for a couple years, Banks joined Goodwin Sports Management in Seattle Washington. After recruiting some top talent, Banks landed Rodney Stuckey from Eastern Washington who was selected 15th overall by the Detriot Pistons in the 2007 NBA Draft. "I have been very fortunate" said Banks. "I got my start with SMWW and worked closely with Dr. Lashbrook for a couple years. I just stuck with it and believed that I could make it as an agent. It always takes a bit longer than you want it to but as long as you try to do things the right way and continue to meet people and learn the business, it can really happen." Steve now runs his own successful NBA agency, Banks Sports Ventures, and is well respected in the business. Congrats to Steve for his hard work and ethical compass!

Rodney Stuckey
Rodney Stuckey
Detroit Pistons #3

Meet Athlete Management Graduate Carson Greer:

Carson Greer took the Athlete Management course and now represents Central Hockey League player Shane Heffernans with the Ft. Wayne Komets.



SMWW Students work the NFL Draft:

Congrats to our SMWW Athlete Management graduates who represent NFL Prospects in the NFL Draft. Athlete Management graduates, continually recruit and guide prospects who have been called by NFL teams. Athlete Management graduates live the dream and particpate in Pro Days, the NFL Combine, and prepare their clients for the NFL Draft with the assistance of our NFL certified agents. These students will be very involved in the final contract negotiations in the upcoming weeks and months. Thanks to all SMWW Staff, Faculty, and certified agents who have provided daily support and guidance through this process. The Athlete Management educational system including referrals is working! If you are interested in becoming a Sports Agent and want to join this excitement, we are here to assist you. To see if you qualify, apply today!


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