Ray Alexander

The Baseball GM and Scouting course was truly a great experience. It provided me with the specific training and knowledge to be able to break into the baseball industry. Dan Evans and Larry D' Amato are great mentors. All the material I learned will help me immensely moving forward in my career.

Elvis Martinez

The SMWW Baseball GM & Scouting Course gave me a strong foundation and was helpful opening doors for me in professional baseball. In 2017, I successfully completed a Baseball Operations/Player Development Fellowship with the St. Louis Cardinals. Recently, I just accepted a full time opportunity for the 2018 season, this time with the Minnesota Twins as their Communications Assistant/Spanish Translator for the Major League Club.

Lynn's Lines: January is a Brutal Month for Coaches

being a coach isn't an easy careerThe most wonderful time of the year is in the rearview mirror and sadly that means for many coaches in college and pro football, so is their career.

Every year more and more coaches get a shorter and shorter leash to perform their duties and grow a program.

Carl Moesche

As a longtime traditional baseball scout, I opted to expand my overall knowledge in baseball operations by taking the Baseball Analytics Course thru SMWW. This comprehensive program, directed by Dr. Lashbrook along with the teachings of well known statistical expert Ari Kaplan, provided an excellent foundation to allow for exploration of both sides of player evaluations. Certainly, the knowledge I gained in this course played an invaluable role in my acceptance of my latest baseball appointment

Trey Rose

SMWW played a very influential role in earning my position with the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Operations department. The mentorship of both Mr. Evans and Mr. D'Amato helped me establish relationships with many individuals in the baseball industry that helped me get where I'm at today. The baseball industry is a tough industry to get your foot in the door, but SMWW and their mentors give you a leg up on the competition.

Lynn's Lines: NCAA Scandals Result from a Lack of Ethical Leadership

ncaa scandal we need new leaders in sportsWhere there is opportunity for great power and success, so too is the opportunity for shame and dishonor.

Leslie Cervantes

SMWW has helped me network with a lot of people in the industry and I have learned so much straight from industry leading experts. I plan on taking multiple classes because of the knowledge I am gaining and the people I have met.

Lynn's Lines: Where Does Soccer in the US Go From Here?

Where does US soccer go from hereLet’s be honest with each other, the United States losing to Trinidad and Tobago, a nation with just over 1.3 million people in it, was depressing.

We were the sports juggernaut in this instance, but at the final whistle we ended up on the other side of the Miracle on Ice. In T & T they’ll make movies of this moment, chant in the streets, make songs and celebrate their victory for years…as they should.

SMWW Meet & Greet in Paris

October 4, 2017


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