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Have you always dreamed about getting your Sports Management Degree from an institution with a solid reputation, but do not have the time to attend classes or residencies? Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW) has the solution!

Don't delay, start right away! Online is flexible.

Application deadlines:

Summer II 2015:  Application deadline is June  22, 2015.  Classes start June 29, 2015
Fall 2015:  Application deadline is August 17, 2015.  Classes start August 24, 2015

Sports Management Worldwide has partnered with Concordia University Chicago to offer you a regionally accredited, online and affordable opportunity to earn your MASL, Ed.D, or Ph.D in Sports Management. The classes are virtual. The degree is real.

Most respected online graduate degree in the sports industry. 

Online education is the perfect way for busy successful people to complete a degree. Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and his faculty, have partnered with Concordia University Chicago and their faculty and administration, and will mentor you as you pursue your educational and career goals. Designed for those individuals who want to advance their sports career in collegiate or professional sports:

Concordia University Chicago in conjunction with Sports Management Worldwide can help launch your career in the sports management profession. We offer the "what you know" and the "who you know" to advance your career quickly, efficiently...and it is AFFORDABLE!

Your learning with CUC is augmented via revolutionary live weekly interactive audio chats with Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and guests including well known sports executives, sports agents, major league head coaches, GM's, Athletic Directors, Scouts and Player Personnel, etc. Students and faculty, along with industry leaders in the trenches of today's Sports World discuss topics and interact live via the Internet. Dr. Lashbrook's Weekly Forum creates a virtual classroom where everyone can hear each other worldwide!

There are numerous benefits to attending CUC.

Inquire now for more information from Sports Management Worldwide regarding how sports management degrees in general, or a Master's, or Doctorate, with a specialization in sports management and leadership can benefit your sports career. 

Programs offered through this partnership:

Dear Potential Student-
Everyday I discuss with people the career opportunities in college athletics and Sports Management. For the past 45 years I have worked at a variety of sports careers including, Sports Agent, Athletic Director, Academic Advisor, College Coach, Professor, Scout, and Compliance Officer. I know which careers will benefit from a specific degree and which do not. If you are like most people, you are not aware of the opportunities and how one can break this profession, and if a degree is a good investment for you. When I started Sports Management Worldwide, I searched for a partnership in Higher Education who understands the importance of a online Masters and Doctorate Program for students who want obtain a career in college and professional athletics. The Concordia University Chicago Sports Management program exceeds my expectations.

I would welcome the chance to discuss career strategies for your specific goals and background.

Fill out this quick easy form and I will call you to discuss! Or call me at +1-503-445-7105.

Or if you are ready to apply at Concordia University Chicago, fill out this free application for acceptance. (Using this applicatin the process will be free!) I know you will be impressed with how quickly they respond. They are a joy to work with and happy to answer your questions. Students participating in our programs include retired professional athletes and sports executives.

Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook, Ed.D
President & Founder
Sports Management Worldwide

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