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Soccer Management & Scouting Course
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Soccer Management & Scouting Course FAQ

question Will the Soccer Management and Scouting Course help me get a job in soccer?

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answerYes. It will help you get a job in soccer or international football. The key word here is help. For the entire eight week course you will be in a class speaking with not only Tommy Smyth, Matt Martin and Steve Simmons, but other participants who are interested in furthering their career in soccer and international football. Networking with these types of people on a daily basis should help you. More importantly you will be learning techniques and strategies that professional soccer clubs and international football clubs are learning themselves and are looking for in employees. The course content includes cutting edge theories and the business of soccer management. The course will give you information that will make you an asset to any professional soccer organization. Will it directly get you the job? It might! The knowledge you learn from the course and the contacts that you make might be the clincher to beating out your competition for the job!


question Do I really get to talk to Tommy Smyth, Matt Martin, and Steve Simmons and other professional soccer executives weekly?

answerThroughout the eight week course, Tommy, Matt and Steve will lead a live weekly audio chat via the internet.  This hour long question and answer audio discussion with these experienced soccer executives will increase your "insider" knowledge of the business side of the game and help you network within professional soccer.  You will enjoy networking with fellow students who are either working in soccer currently or will be in the future. If you miss a live audio chat they are archived and you can listen when it is convenient for you. 

question Can I get college credit for taking this course?

answerYes, two college credits. Visit http://www.sportsmanagementworldwide.com/collegecredit.asp for more information.

question Will I be able to work in the UEFA, FIFA World Cup, MLS or the professional league on my continent?

answerMaybe! The start to any great career begins with passion. If you are passionate about working in soccer and international football and you make smart choices you can make your dream job happen. Job experience and who you know is important. Tenacity and determination is a must. If you want to enhance what you know and who you know the Soccer Management & Scouting Course is a great place to start. If you need an internship at a professional or collegiate soccer or international football team you need to look into our Sports Revenue Management course.

question I currently have my own professional football/soccer club, how will this help me?

answerAs you already know, football is not just a game, it is a business. Specific to the business of soccer and international football are strategies that the most profitable soccer clubs are using. As part of this course, you will learn the cutting edge techniques these profitable teams are making. Even the wealthiest clubs will run out of money if they overpay for expenses, whether it is for players like David Beckham or Zinedine Zidane. There are roughly 400 first division teams from Ireland to Ukraine. Take this course and learn the business side of why some of these clubs are extremely profitable and others struggle. The skills being taught in this course can be used at any level of professional soccer and international football.

question What's the difference between Sports Revenue Management and the Soccer Management and Scouting Course?

answerThe Sports Revenue Management Course assists students in not only learning what they need to know to get an entry level job in any professional sports organization, but also requires that a course project be done with a major or minor league team. It teaches every thing from ticket sales and sponsorship sales to creating contacts in the sports field. Students who take this course generally want a job as soon as possible in football, hockey, soccer, basketball or baseball. The weekly chats focus on who's hiring and the instructors help the students learn skills that those teams are looking for in a new hire and strategizing to get the interview. Instructors use their contacts in the sports world to assist students in getting sports jobs.

The Soccer Management and Scouting Course is pure soccer, pure international football. Soccer scouting and the business of professional soccer club management . If you want a job in professional soccer, we recommend you take both!

The types of people participating in the Sports Revenue Management Course are looking at entry level jobs in professional sports. The types of people participating in Soccer Management & Scouting course want to work in professional soccer as scouts, club management, coaches, player personnel, game day management, or very specifically in professional soccer and international football. Still need some help deciding? Call us at 503-445-7105!

question Do I need any special equipment or books for the course?

answerThe books for the course and a microphone/headset are sent directly to your home from SMWW office. Some of the books or materials are so specific that they are either out of print or not sold in any bookstore. You will need a computer with access to the internet.

question This all sounds to high tech for me, I don't know very much about computer technology.

answerDon't worry. We have many students who have felt the same way. SMWW has a technical support team who not only knows computers and can get your microphone working, (even if you didn't know you had one), but they loves sports! As long as you have a computer and access to the internet, we can help you with the rest!


question How old do I have to be to take this course?

answer 18 or older.

question Do I need a college degree to take this course?

answer No.

question Do you have more questions?

answerCall the office and ask! 1-877-SMWW-Now in the US or Canada. In London at +44(0) 871 288 4799. Everywhere else at +1-503-445-7105

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Soccer Agent Course Testimonials:

"The Soccer Agent course was a great experience and ideal preparation for the FIFA agent examination,which I passed in September 2011. I am now an official FIFA Licensed Player’s Agent and achieved my dreams. The course is ideal for anyone in the business or aspires to be a player agent. Mr. John Print provides solid information as well as entertains the class with stories from many of the industry key players. Dr. Lashbrook’s passion and integrity can inspire us all, and I enjoyed learning of his vision. The education provided by SMWW is truly a detailed plan for success in Athlete Management!"

Alireza Absalan – Licensed Players Agent and SMWW Soccer Agent Course Graduate


"An excellent, well structured and run course. Not only provides students fundamental knowledge for exams, but also sheds invaluable insight into core areas of the football world, which will hopefully prepare you for the real world role.My aspirations from now on, is to sit the FA agents exam in September – hopefully pass! Then embark upon this enthralling profession, using all my gained experience to assist me in becoming the best agent I can be."

Duncan Maxim – Head of Golf at MB Partners


“The SMWW athlete management course offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to break into the sports agent busness. Spread over 8 weeks the course covers all area’s of athlete management broken down into manageable weekley objectives. I studied the football specific course run by John Print and it has given me a very good hollistic view of what it takes to be a football agent. The learning objectives cover the background of the industry, the process of becoming a licenced FIFA Players’ Agent, The FIFA and FA Regulations and the methods and tools available to agents when it comes to recruiting and managing clients. The learning material together with the access to a Licensed FIFA agent in John, makes it a thorough and enjoyable learning experience.”

Faris Pervez (Australia) – SMWW Graduate


"The Soccer Agent course with SMWW is ideal for all interested. It provides a fantastic basis for those at the beginning of their management careers but also challenges the more experienced sports agent. Upon joining this course you are accessing both a wealth of experience through teaching from qualified and experienced sports agents as well as accessing a fresh look at a the sports management world through your fellow students. This course is a great first step into your dream career."

James Sharp (England) – SMWW Graduate


“I passed the Agent license exam this morning. Managed to get 15/20. It was really difficult this time and I’m over the moon at the moment. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I wouldn’t have managed to achieve this without the help of Sports Management Worldwide.”

Jonne Lindblom – Licensed Players' Agent. Managing Director & Founder of Golden Star Management


“I recently completed the SMWW football agent course which gave a great insight on the world of football representation. The materials and the learning was impeccable and the instructor did an excellent job explaining the materials and shedding lights on the blind spots. John Print is an expert on the subject matter and he will not hesitate to make himself available should you need extra tutoring. Lastly I was able to complete the FIFA Exam this past March 2010 and I could not have done it without the help of Sports Management Worldwide.”

Thierno Diallo – President and Licensed FIFA Agent at Global Foot Agency


“I attended the Soccer Agent Course from September to December 2009. Having completed the SMWW course I have subsequently passed the English Football Association license exam and I am now in the process of forming my own sports agency Apollo Sports Agents. I am extremely excited about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and would like to thank SMWW for giving me the first step to becoming successful in a highly competitive industry. The on-line learning package was informative and relevant and the weekly chats enabled me to get further advice from both my peers on the course and the tutor John Print. Even since completing the SMWW course John has remained available to me for advice and support. I would have no hesitation in recommending the SMWW courses to any individual interested in a career in sports.”

Richard Garland – Apollo Sports Agents, Licensed Players’ Agent by the FA 

"SMWW has been revelation to me. I applied to write the agents exam in the England last year and was accepted but had to delay sitting the exam.In hindsight I am blessed to not have taken the exam as I would of not have been prepared. I reapplied this year (2011) and found that the Football Agent course opened a whole new world to me and demistified the athelete management industry. I was most influenced by the fact that I found and could be part of an organisation that was out to change the way the industry has been functioning. Due to my teacher John Print’s guidance, reading material on the course and classmates views, I now feel ready to take the exam and have the confidence to begin a career as an agent. The networking from the course is worth the cost alone and will help me all through my life in the industry."

Nukuna Ngehyle (London, England) – SMWW Graduate & Agent Advisor



Soccer Agent Course Success Stories:

Congrats to our Soccer Agent Graduates representing FA players:

Jim Sherry – Senior Consultant at ViolaFC (Scotland)







Cesar Bertani – President of International Football Management (Venezuela & USA)

Jonne Lindblom – Golden Star Management (Finland)

Terry Lawriw – AFC Cleveland Preside
nt (Ohio, USA)



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