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Top Sports Jobs for SMWW Students - 1st Edition

find sports jobs sports management worldwideWelcome to our new weekly column where we will highlight 10 recent job openings in the sports industry perfect for our students! 

Sports Revenue Management students will always find a plethora of sports job openings since talented salespeople are always in demand (and we train talented sales people).

Learn Baseball Analytics, Shape the Future of the Sport (seriously!)

baseball analytics Since the dawn of baseball time, the box score has been the numerical representation of on-field action. If you couldn’t watch a game live, it seemed logical that by absorbing the available data points like RBI and ERA you could still determine who had the greatest impact on the outcome.

Learn the Skill Football Teams Need

learn the skill football teams need xos digitalHave you ever watched a football game, but found yourself stuck on one particular play?

Remote in hand, you watched a 30-yard running play live, but then hit the rewind button three or four times trying to understand exactly what happened.

This time I’m going to focus on the left guard. He pulled and sealed off the strong side linebacker.

Preparing for the Football Agent Certification Test

NFLPA Agent Certification ExamIt’s long been surmised that the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a major league fastball.

Well, one of the hardest things to do in the sports industry is pass the NFLPA certification exam.

The exam is only offered once per year, at the end of July, and in 2015 the passage rate was a little under 40%.

How You Can Capitalize on Rugby's Growth Cycle

capitalize on the growth of rugbyThe sport of Rugby is in a unique position, around since 1823 and wildly popular in international markets such as England, Australia, and South Africa, but still in its growth cycle.

Learn to be a Better Coach

Learn to Be a Better CoachIn sports, we see coaches as the singular authority of a team. The holders of advanced strategic minds who can craft rosters and game plans with a magical touch.

While all of this is true, coaching takes much more than a mastery of X’s and O’s. The true art of coaching is in the ability to get a group of people to stretch beyond their current abilities, and that takes just as much psychology as it does video analysis.

Are You Like Jace Billingsley...or are you a quitter?

Pre-season football is a utilitarian experience. It isn’t the most eye-popping sports performance, but it serves a great purpose for coaches, scouts and team builders as they prepare for the regular season and pare the roster from 90 down to 53.

1,184 elite athletes are cut, which is almost triple the number of active players in the NBA (446).

Our Military Discount Helps Provide Valuable Skills Training

military discount sports management worldwideSometimes when I drive into work, quietly enjoying my ride and the scenery around Portland, I think about how much I love my job. I don’t feel my work is a sacrifice, instead, I see it as a chance to positively impact so many people around me.

Do You Need a Law Degree to Become a Sports Agent?

I have a secret to tell you.

There is a sports agent out there who has negotiated over $2 billion in NFL contracts, has appeared in ESPN commercials, and is the only agent to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated – and he never passed the bar exam!

Sports Management Worldwide: "The Foremost Sports Front Office Incubator"

sports management worldwide lynn lashbrook liz lashbrookI think I have a new favorite word to describe our business: incubator.

Local Portland, Oregon magazine The Pearl recently profiled SMWW and described us as, “one of the nation’s foremost pro-sports front-office incubators”

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