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Harry Sinden, Hockey Hall of Famer...and Your Mentor?

Harry Sinden Hockey Hall of Famer and SMWW mentorThe power structure within the Boston Bruins has been in place for a few years now. Former Bruins great Cam Neely has worn the crown of team president since 2010, his former teammate with the Bruins, Don Sweeney, enters his second year as the team’s general manager.

Top Sports Jobs for SMWW Students and Graduates – 4th edition

top sports jobs of the weekThis is the best time of the year for sports. Basketball and Hockey are about to start, Baseball is in the midst of its championship run, Football is rounding into mid-season form and soccer is manning the pitch around the globe.   

Top Sports Jobs for SMWW Students & Graduates - 3rd Edition

sports jobs of the weekLast week we published our 2nd edition of the Sports Jobs of the Week perfect for SMWW students column and a really good question came back from Facebook.

SMWW grad Delano Sanders asked, “Are any of these good for graduates?”


Join us at our London Sports Career Conference

london sports career conference Every year the Super Bowl is positioned as the biggest sporting event the world has ever seen, but this is a falsehood.

Technology Pushing Hockey Analytics In New Directions

ref cam hockey technology Baseball is a sports ripe for analytical dissection.

Home runs, stolen bases, walks, strikes – the game is based on data that can be easily quantified and attributed to a singular player to discover their true impact and value.

But what about soccer or hockey?

Top Sports Jobs for SMWW Students - 2nd edition

sports jobs for smww studentsWelcome to the second edition of our Top Sports Jobs of the Week!

As the leaders in online sports education we know that your goals aren’t just to get smarter, they are to get a job you love!

Top Sports Jobs for SMWW Students - 1st Edition

find sports jobs sports management worldwideWelcome to our new weekly column where we will highlight 10 recent job openings in the sports industry perfect for our students! 

Sports Revenue Management students will always find a plethora of sports job openings since talented salespeople are always in demand (and we train talented sales people).

Learn Baseball Analytics, Shape the Future of the Sport (seriously!)

baseball analytics Since the dawn of baseball time, the box score has been the numerical representation of on-field action. If you couldn’t watch a game live, it seemed logical that by absorbing the available data points like RBI and ERA you could still determine who had the greatest impact on the outcome.

Learn the Skill Football Teams Need

learn the skill football teams need xos digitalHave you ever watched a football game, but found yourself stuck on one particular play?

Remote in hand, you watched a 30-yard running play live, but then hit the rewind button three or four times trying to understand exactly what happened.

This time I’m going to focus on the left guard. He pulled and sealed off the strong side linebacker.

Preparing for the Football Agent Certification Test

NFLPA Agent Certification ExamIt’s long been surmised that the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a major league fastball.

Well, one of the hardest things to do in the sports industry is pass the NFLPA certification exam.

The exam is only offered once per year, at the end of July, and in 2015 the passage rate was a little under 40%.

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