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Becoming a Football General Manager Starts With This

becoming an NFL scout leads to becoming an NFL general managerSteve Keim. John Schneider. Jerry Reese. Thomas Dimitroff.

All powerful general managers in the NFL who started their football careers as scouts. And that list keeps going.

Ryan Pace. Ted Thompson. Mickey Loomis.

Maybe You Shouldn't Pursue a Career in Sports

why you shouldn't work in sportsWhy would you pursue a career in baseball, basketball, or football?

You probably love the game, watch highlights over and over, scour prospect lists and spend more time on your fantasy team than your assignments at work…but that doesn’t mean you should work in sports.

A job is a job and sports are a fun pastime, right?

 You are supposed to work in a cubicle and then watch sports at night to relax.

An Insiders View of the SMWW NHL Draft Career Conference

nhl draft hockey career conferenceThe start of summer marks one of the most exciting times in the world of hockey: the NHL Draft. As any hockey industry insider would tell you, coming hand-in-hand with the Draft is the annual Sports Management Worldwide NHL Draft Hockey Career Conference.

There are Thousands of Opportunities to Work in Soccer -- If You Have the Right Skills

soccer management and scoutingIn England alone there are over 210 professional soccer teams ranging from perennial powerhouses and globally recognized squads like Arsenal and Manchester United, to Isthmian League Premier Division teams like Folkestone Invicta and AFC Sudbury.

Do you know what both Folkestone Invicta and Manchester United are always on the lookout for? Soccer staff with minds adept at player evaluation, team operations and scouting.

Would You Let a Hall of Famer Teach You The Business of Hockey?

hockey GM and Scouting course harry sindenThere is a special category in the Hockey Hall of Fame designated for those who have contributed to the growth of the game, building it up and passing it forward to further generations of fans and athletes.

These “Builders” have left the game better than where they found it, advancing the sport of hockey to new levels.

Want to Work in the NBA? Follow This Path To Get Your Edge.

NBA jobs digital video editing with synergy sports technology Long before graduating from Liberty University and taking on a normal 8-5 job, John Ross had always wanted to work in the NBA - he just didn’t know how.

“I grew up in the state of Indiana where basketball is a very important part of the culture,” says Ross, a smile reaching across his face. “I always felt if I couldn’t play in the NBA, I wanted to at least work there.”

Get Your Sports Career Moving With Hockey Analytics

hockey analytics jim corsiTo the uninformed SAT% looks like something that happens when you bump your keyboard - a randomly generated assortment of letters and symbols. But astute hockey minds know better. They know that 4 of the last 7 Stanley Cup winners were in the top 4 in the NHL for SAT%.

The Journey to Becoming a Top Sports Agent

derek simpson malcolm butler's agentDerek Simpson has been a certified NFL agent since 2012, earning his certification after passing the NFLPA agent exam, a test that less than 60% of applicants pass.

Learn How to Kick Down the Front Door of the Sports Industry

break into the sports industrySpend any time studying the sports industry and you’ll find there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of different career opportunities to be had.

From mascots to team presidents, there are so many different sports career paths you can choose.

Synergy Sports Is Getting Into Baseball – And That is Good News For You!

synergy sports technology entering baseballEvery NBA and WNBA uses Synergy Sports Technology to analyze video footage of practice and games, and now the leader in basketball video analytics is branching into baseball.  

Last year alone, Synergy Sports Technology evaluated every possession of every game in over 50,000 basketball games. This year they’ll begin to do the same in MLB, MiLB and college baseball games.