#SMWWsuccess: Clemente Sosa Goes From the NYPD to the Baseball Diamond

Baseball has always been a part of Bronx native Clemente Sosa’s identity.  After playing Division 1 baseball at Iona College in New Rochelle, NY, the left-handed pitcher graduated with a degree in criminal justice and began working for the New York Police Department.

But baseball wasn’t gone from his life or his dreams.clemente sosa baseball nypd smww graduate

#SMWWsuccess: Ron Reider joins International Speedway Corporation

A lifetime fan of motorsports, New York native Ron Reider spent a little over 6 years in event operations at Watkins Glen International Speedway early in his career. Sometimes life throws a wrench at you and changes your career path. This was true for Ron, who left Watkins Glen in 2004 for other opportunities outside of motorsports.

Calling all Interns! If you are looking for a sports internship, we're ready for you

Newsflash: Sports employers are not going to hire you solely because you have encyclopedic knowledge of random sports data.

Knowing Tony Franklin was one of the last barefooted kickers in the NFL will not get you a job.

Remembering that Kawhi Leonard was just the 48th ranked player heading to college in 2009, will not be the detail that separates you from other applicants.

Experience is what matters.

If You Love What You Do, Why Retire?

Throughout my career in the sports industry I’ve prided myself on being observant, paying attention to all the changes happening around me. Our world is in constant flux and it is my belief that detecting things as they change, whether it be people, attitudes, approaches or technology, is extremely advantageous.

As an observant person, a certain social pattern becomes obvious – most people are not happy with their career.

eSports Could Unlock Your Sports Career Path

In the past few years, professional gaming has become a viable career option, and with capital investments pouring in from sponsors, streaming services and international audiences, the eSports growth curve is heading decidedly upwards.

Being a Successful Sports Agent Takes a Special Attitude

If I asked you to close your eyes and envision an NFL agent, you’d likely imagine someone in a power suit with a phone attached to their ear ready to enter a combative negotiation.

Motorsports Fans: Check out our new guest speaker!

For fans of motorsports little surpasses the excitement of the Indy 500, the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, which is why we are so excited to announce that Doug Boles, President of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be joining our upcoming Motorsports Management online course this January.j.</body></html>

Lynn's Lines: SMWW is headed to India!

The love for sport in India is growing rapidly. Far more than just the game of cricket, a passion for additional sports has resulted in the growth of viewership, participation, and sports-related

industries across the nation.SMWW Meet and Greet India

Career prospects in the sports industry are growing as well including in apparel, team management, scouting, talent management and more.

The Difference Maker for Your Sports Career

Have you heard the name Howie Roseman before?

Sure you have, he’s the Philadelphia Eagles Executive Vice President of Football Operations (AKA: the BIG DOG) and a former keynote speaker at our NFL Combine Career Conference.

Sports Careers to Pursue After Your Playing Days are Done

As the saying goes, father time is undefeated. We all at some point reach the end of our playing days, either due to age, injury or a lack of elite skill.

When that time comes, it can be hard to reconcile the reality of your new existence. Transitioning to a new focus can be a challenge when you’ve only known one way your whole life: train, compete, win.

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