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The Sports Industry Needs More Leaders. You Can Become One.

Masters in Sports LeadershipThere is a common belief that leadership traits are something you are born with, either you have ‘it’ or you don’t, but that is just flat out wrong.

Leaders need to be built.

The problem is so many people confuse what it means to be a leader.

They think the person who is loudest or most visible in the room holds the leadership torch, but that is an overly-simplistic view of what a leader is.

Taylor Loffler: The Unexpected All-Star

Scouts can’t afford to overlook potential for fear that someone else will find what they overlooked. Such is the story of Taylor Loffler, a 6’4” safety native of Regina, Saskatchewan who actually caught the bug for football after two years in Australia.taylor loffler cfl all-star

How The NBA D-League Showcase Can Change Your Career, Just Like it Did For Sean Kilpatrick

sean kilpatrick nbadl showcase basketball career conferenceIn January of last year Sean Kilpatrick was a relative unknown in the world of professional basketball.

Despite being named first-team All-American his senior year at the University of Cincinnati, the 6’4” shooting guard went undrafted in the 2014 draft and became a gypsy of the basketball world.

SMWW Partnering with NBA D-League’s Raptors 905 to Host Showcase Basketball Career Conference

Basketball Career Conference at the NBA D-League ShowcaseFor five days in January the NBA Development League will host its 13th annual Showcase and SMWW will be in the middle of the action, hosting the first NBA D-League Showcase Basketball Career Conference January 20th from the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Taking Advantage of the Golden Era of Sports Broadcasting

sports radio and broadcasting courseThere is a voice that follows you around. It spends so much time in your head that you feel you know it like a friend, even though you have never met its owner.

Sometimes it makes you laugh, often it makes you think and the longer you listen to it, the smarter you can get.

We Lost an All-Star: Oakland A's Mark Smith Passes Away

mark smith oakland a's smwwNine years ago a tall, retired member of the US Air Force with a welcome smile came to the baseball Winter Meetings looking for a job.  Mark Smith had taken two SMWW courses, Ticket Sales & Baseball Scouting, and had already made a lasting impression on our staff.

Top MLS Executive to Keynote Upcoming SMWW Soccer Career Conference

SMWW soccer career conference

In 2018 a new soccer organization will emerge in Los Angeles to compete in the MLS, and while LAFC is still over a year from competition, the groundwork is being done right now to build the franchise from the bottom up. 

Inside the SMWW Baseball Career Conference

The Winter Meetings are the biggest event of the year for jobs in the minor leagues and a great opportunity to network with major league teams. Every year we host our Baseball Career Conference at the same time as the winter meetings, this year we are at the National Harbor in Washington D.C, with sold-out crowd.

Check in here throughout the day for photos, quotes from executives and some insight into our Baseball Career Conference hosted by SMWW:

5:27 pm

Done but not finished - time for some peanuts, cracker jacks and beer!

How to Talk to Your Family About Your Aspiring Sports Career

thanksgiving and your sports careerThanksgiving is upon us and while there is the promise of a full slate of football games and some tryptophan-induced naps, you may also have some anxiety about facing a gaggle of family members who feel it is their right to pry into the inner workings of your life.