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Learn How to Kick Down the Front Door of the Sports Industry

break into the sports industrySpend any time studying the sports industry and you’ll find there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of different career opportunities to be had.

From mascots to team presidents, there are so many different sports career paths you can choose.

Synergy Sports Is Getting Into Baseball – And That is Good News For You!

synergy sports technology entering baseballEvery NBA and WNBA uses Synergy Sports Technology to analyze video footage of practice and games, and now the leader in basketball video analytics is branching into baseball.  

Last year alone, Synergy Sports Technology evaluated every possession of every game in over 50,000 basketball games. This year they’ll begin to do the same in MLB, MiLB and college baseball games.

Want to Become an NFL General Manager? It starts with this key step.

becoming an NFL general manager means learning to be a scoutThe NFL has done a masterful job of taking a 6-month season of games and turning it into a year-long event. Even after the Super Bowl is over and there is no clash between men in pads, professional football is never far from reach.

There is the NFL combine. Free Agency. Draft. OTA’s. Rookie camp and finally, training camp. Every month of the year something important is happening in the NFL.

How Attending the SMWW NFL Combine Career Conference Can Turn into a Job

amanda dinkel smww nfl combine career conferenceJust a few short years ago Amanda Dinkel was in college at North Carolina State, studying Sports Management with a dream shared by many others; to work in the NFL.

Pioneering NFL Agent to Speak at Upcoming SMWW NFL Combine Career Conference

kristen kuliga smww nfl conference speakerThere are around 2,000 players under contract in the NFL each year, another 500 in the CFL and just under 125 in the AFL. Throw in some smaller leagues across the world and you probably have close to 3,000 men in the world being paid to play football.

That’s it.

The Difference Between a Sports Job and a Sports Career

Thomas Dimitroff Sports CareerBring your team to the Super Bowl and expect there to be a buzz following you for a few years.

Despite the unfathomable loss in the 2017 Super Bowl, Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff has garnered a great deal of attention lately for the job he has done building a team around superstar quarterback Matt Ryan.

Dolphins Executive Mike Tannenbaum to Speak at NFL Combine Career Conference

Dolphins Executive Mike Tannenbaum SMWW NFL Combine Career ConferenceTwenty two years ago Miami Dolphins Executive Vice President of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum was a personnel intern with the New Orleans Saints, getting his feet wet in the industry as he completed his law degree at Tulane. Just over a decade later, he was General Manager of the New York Jets and today he runs the entire football operation of the Miami Dolphins.

You Need New Habits To Launch Your Sports Career

launch your sports careerAll of my life I’ve wanted to become more organized. I see people who have their calendars, their schedules, all their stuff put in the right spot and think – why can’t I do that?

I try every year.

I make a pledge, set a routine, determine success metrics…and then two weeks in I enter back into my sloppy comfort zone.

Our Exclusive XOS Digital Course Will Teach You The Skills Sports Teams Need

learn the skills football teams need xos digitalEver since Brad Pitt donned an A’s hat in Moneyball, analytics has become the sexy side of sports. The idea of seeing a game through a new analytical lens sounds so appealing, even if that means using the math skills most people abhorred in school.  

But the truth is the sexy side of sports is in the video room.