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You Need New Habits To Launch Your Sports Career

launch your sports careerAll of my life I’ve wanted to become more organized. I see people who have their calendars, their schedules, all their stuff put in the right spot and think – why can’t I do that?

I try every year.

I make a pledge, set a routine, determine success metrics…and then two weeks in I enter back into my sloppy comfort zone.

Our Exclusive XOS Digital Course Will Teach You The Skills Sports Teams Need

learn the skills football teams need xos digitalEver since Brad Pitt donned an A’s hat in Moneyball, analytics has become the sexy side of sports. The idea of seeing a game through a new analytical lens sounds so appealing, even if that means using the math skills most people abhorred in school.  

But the truth is the sexy side of sports is in the video room.

Jobs in Football Analytics Are in Demand. Do You Have The Necessary Skills?

learn football analyticsObserve a football franchise that struggles to win year after year and you can start to see patterns.

High turnover rate in leadership, a lack of trust between players and management, faulty player evaluations in the draft and free agency…the list goes on and on.

But what if there was a tool that could help with these aspects of an organization?

Why Learning Basketball Analytics Should Be Your Next Career Move

basketball analytics love charles barkleyAn entire generation of basketball fans know Charles Barkley not as a dominant force in the NBA for 16 seasons, but rather as a TV character willing to blurt out criticism of anyone and everyone on his Inside the NBA studio show.

How to Punch Your Ticket into Sports Business

break into sports learn sports sales sports businessThere is great power that comes from controlling the flow of money. If you can make it, find it, develop it, trade it or sell it, you hold the power and will always be in demand.

A sports team could win every game, but without fans paying for tickets and buying apparel, and corporations buying suites and sponsorships, none of it would matter, because there would be no monetary return.

Why Baseball Analytics Matters and How You Can Make it into a Career

Since the dawn of baseball time, the box score has been the numerical representation of on field action.

If you couldn’t watch a game live, it seemed logical that by absorbing the available data points like RBI and ERA you could still determine who had the greatest impact on the outcome.

What Does Getting Your Masters in Sports Leadership Look Like?

Mark Warkentien Masters in Sports LeadershipI’m a visual person, I like to picture what will happen before it happens. 

If I’m speaking with a reporter I try to visualize the setting, what questions they will ask, how I will dress, how I will respond. All of this visualization helps me build confidence.

The Sports Industry Needs More Leaders. You Can Become One.

Masters in Sports LeadershipThere is a common belief that leadership traits are something you are born with, either you have ‘it’ or you don’t, but that is just flat out wrong.

Leaders need to be built.

The problem is so many people confuse what it means to be a leader.

They think the person who is loudest or most visible in the room holds the leadership torch, but that is an overly-simplistic view of what a leader is.

Taylor Loffler: The Unexpected All-Star

Scouts can’t afford to overlook potential for fear that someone else will find what they overlooked. Such is the story of Taylor Loffler, a 6’4” safety native of Regina, Saskatchewan who actually caught the bug for football after two years in Australia.taylor loffler cfl all-star