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Sports Business Management

Sports Revenue Management

"The fastest way to get a job in sports"...as rated by top sports executives worldwide. 

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*May 4 - June 29, 2015
*Class size limited to 20 students
*Weekly Live Audio Chats:
Mondays: 6pm-7pm pacific, (9pm-10pm eastern)
Wednesdays: 6pm-7pm pacific, (9pm-10pm eastern)

Training & job placement assistance for these sports jobs in the NFL, EPL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA and minor leagues:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Account Executive
  • Customer Service
  • Game Operations
  • Sponsorship
  • Community Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Internships

This 8-week online sports career training course catapults you to the front of the hiring lines with a professional sports team. Get the "what you know" and the "who you know" to get hired.



Sports Revenue Management training includes:

  • Mentoring with Greg Hylton, Indianapolis Colts VP, Bill Guertin, Stadium Gorilla, and Tom Leip, Salem-Keizer Volcanoes President
  • How to get an interview in sports
  • When teams hire
  • What they look for in a new hire
  • Specific inside information on how to get hired by a team in your area.
  • Access to SMWW's network of sports industry insiders to gain interviews
  • Job interview preperation - pre and post interview
  • Resume - Your mentors will fine tune your resume
  • References - Add your mentors as references on your resume
  • Learn the skills teams need in a new hire
  • Learn advertising & strategic branding practices specific to the EPL,NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NFL, NCAA, and minor leagues
  • Learn successful promotions used by sports teams and college teams
  • Understand Front Office operations and positions
  • Learn successful sports marketing and sales techniques
  • Identify successful revenue streams available to teams through corporate sponsorships
  • Gain high-tech e-marketing revenue and marketing campaigns
  • Utilize professional and industry-specific vocabulary
  • Learn community relations programs that benefit teams
  • Learn customer service and event management practices
  • Learn techniques that make you so valuable to a team, they want to hire you

Why are you waiting? If you have a passion for sports, but you aren't working in sports then this is the correct training program for you. In 8 weeks you will gain the skills you need to successfully interview at sports venues. Where do you want to be working? Professional sports clubs and teams hire individuals who are already trained in producing sports revenue, and who have marketing skills that are specific to selling tickets, sponsorships, event planning, customer service, and marketing.
The Sports Revenue Management Course gives you the skill set and competitive edge to distinguish yourself in the sports business field. Our goal is to assist you in working in sports.
Upon completion of the course you will be thoroughly trained and ready to make a difference in the bottom line of any sports organization. Add those skills to the numerous contacts SMWW has in the sports world, from Los Angeles to London, and you could be working for the sports team of your dreams. There are a lot of jobs in the sports industry. HALF of the available jobs in pro sports right now are in the sales department.

If you want to work in the EPL, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, or MLS this is your ticket.

Live Weekly Interactive Audio Chats:

 During the live weekly interactive audio chats you will enjoy getting to know your Mentors Greg HyltonBill Guertin, and Tom Leip. Collectively they have worked for or consulted with hundreds of professional sports organizations. This includes major and minor league teams in the UK, US and Canada. Professional teams, sport venues, professional sport clubs, collegiate athletic departments, governing bodies, academies, and public sport globally look to these well known sport executives for their expertise in the business of sports management.

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You will be learning not only how to break into the sports world but you will be learning from people who do the hiring at those professional venues, teams and clubs. Their goal is to assist you with your career in sport. They will share their insights and expertise of how to succeed in the competitive world of the business of sports and how to stay at the top when you get there. What would you do to gain the added insights of years of sports business experience? They know who is hiring and when they are hiring. This course includes their expertise and job placement assistance. 

These sports gurus, have the "who you know" and "what you know" to launch your sports career. Let them help you get a job in sports.



Greg Hylton
is the Indianapolis Colts Vice President of Premium Seating and Ticket Sales. Greg has been with the Colts for over 18 years. Prior to VP, Greg served as Director of Ticket Sales and Marketing from 2001-05, Director of Ticket Sales from 1998-2000, and Group Sales Manager from 1997-1998. Greg holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and psychology from Indiana University. Prior to working with the Colts, Greg started with the Indiana Pacers from 1990-91 and with the Indianapolis Ice from 1991-97. Greg has worked his way up the ladder and is now excited to mentor passionate and hard working individuals to do the same.

Bill Guertin
is one of the top sales training authorities in professional sports in North America. He is President and CEO of The 800-Pound Gorilla, Inc., a sales and marketing consultant group whose sports sales training subsidiary, Stadium Gorilla, has partnered with over 60 pro teams in the major and minor leagues to dramatically increase their sales reps’ performance and crush their sales goals.

Bill is constantly in the front offices of these teams, and he knows exactly who, when, and how they hire. His sales improvement programs are in use in such iconic sports franchises as the Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, and Milwaukee Brewers (MLB), Carolina Panthers and St. Louis Rams (NFL), Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Chicago Fire, Orlando City SC, and Houston Dynamo (MLS), and the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors (NBA), among many others.

With the Sports Revenue Management course, you’ll benefit from Bill’s excitement for the industry, his knowledge of the revenue process, his direct experience with those who hire, and his sincere desire to get you ready for your successful move into the sports world.

Bill's partners in success include:
NBA: Celtics, Nuggets, Warriors, Rockets, Grizzlies, Heat, Bucks, Timberwolves, Magic, Suns, Spurs, Wizards, Pistons
NFL: Falcons, Texans, Dolphins, Vikings, Jets, Panthers, Rams, Raiders
MLB: Braves, White Sox, Indians, Tigers, Astros, Brewers, Twins, A's, Pirates, Giants, Rays, Rangers, Nationals, Red Sox
NHL: Flames, Hurricanes, Avalanche, Kings, Flyers, Coyotes, Lightning, Capitals
MLS: Fire, Crew, DC United, FC Dallas, Dynamo, Galaxy
NASCAR: Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway

Who do you want to work for? Call a Career Counselor today!


Tom Leip
is President of Business Operations at Salem-Keizer Volcanoes Baseball, a Short-Season Class A team affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. A former GM of FC Edmonton of the North American Soccer League, Tom has spent over 30 years working in minor-league sports (baseball, hockey and soccer) in markets like Rochester, Nashville, Eugene, Spokane, the Twin Cities, Kansas City, and Portland. Tom is the former Executive Director of the Northern Baseball League. In addition, Tom has spent four years as an Asst. Athletic Director of a Division 1 University. He has been the top executive for organizations operating multiple teams and broadcast entities, the top executive for a league, a consultant and a collegiate administrator.
Tom mentors with years of real life experience as a successful sports consultant with a variety of sports venues and successful university sports programs. His unique sports business expertise includes community outreach, public relations and media, event planning, and sports venue & staff development. Combine that with his countless contacts in the sports industry, making Tom a very important asset to Sports Management Worldwide. Tom has assisted hundreds of SMWW graduates with acquiring jobs and internships with minor and major league teams.


Lynn Lashbrook Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, Sports Management Worldwide President, has been working and teaching in Sports Management Worldwide for over 40 years and has demonstrated a lifelong passion for helping students strategize and reach their career goals in the world of sports. Dr. Lashbrook's mission is to provide students with an "end game" to work in a profession they have a passion for and with an ethical compass.


Our goal is to provide people an industry specific skill set that will increase ones chances of getting multiple interviews and multiple job offers. The skills that our SRM graduates possess are skills that will last a life time and skills that will be transferable to any business or industry.

SMWW is creating a new breed of Account Executives.

You do not need to relocate. This course can be taken from anywhere in the world.



Here is what Sports Revenue Management graduate Joey Seymour had to say about the course:

Joey Seymour - LA DodgersI had minimal traction in my sports career search until I signed up for SMWW's Sports Revenue Management program. I started four weeks ago and TODAY was offered and accepted a full-time position with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yesterday I spent fifteen minutes of one-on-one interview coaching with SMWW and went into today's interview confident and more than prepared. Also, SMWW crafted a great letter of recommendation for me which I presented to the Dodgers along with my Sports Revenue Management sports-specific resume. Through SMWW's contacts with the Dodgers my resume and application went from the rejection pile to getting an interview, being presented a full time offer and eventually accepting the position.
- Joey Seymour
Los Angeles Dodgers

Course Details

The Sports Revenue Management 8-week online course is designed to provide aspiring sports business executives a marketable skill set that hiring managers seek immediately.  You will learn fundamental and successful business principles which hiring sports executives look for when adding personnel.

Weekly Audio Chats:
A unique aspect of each 8 week course is the opportunity for students to participate weekly in interactive audio chats with fellow students, Bill Guertin, Greg Hylton & Tom Leip, in addition to Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and renowned guest speakers. This is a tremendous opportunity to network within the professional sports industry and get to know your mentors and fellow students personally via the internet. This is available via any online computer.

Online Education
This innovative academic course is facilitated through a web-based educational delivery system. You will enjoy the online discussion boards, weekly readings, weekly quizzes, course projects, and interaction amongst fellow sports business-minded students and faculty. All course materials and textbooks are included in the course.

Global Participation - SMWW students participate from over 140 countries. Courses have a international influence and instructors will cater assignments to specific countries or leagues. Countries with economic challenges are eligible for economic dicounts.

Earn University Credit: Most participants are not college students. Most participants are working full time in a variety of careers including many in sports from all over the world. (Many wish they had taken this course in college!) For those of you who are in college and would like transferable credits (graduate or undergraduate) to your school, two-three hours of college credit is available.This course may qualify for university internship requirements. Click here for more information.

Military Discount - For those individuals who represent their country in military service we offer a discount. Please contact info@smww.com if you are active, reserve, or a retired member of your countries military system. Thank you for serving your country! (Please include what country and specific part of the military.)

Tax Write Off - (For USA Citizens) SMWW course tuition, books and supplies can be used for education tax credits. Save your receipts and consult with your tax advisor on how this applies to you.

Sports Career Conferences - throughout the year, Sports Management Worldwide hosts Sports Career Conferences at a variety of sporting events. These are fabulous networking events that put SMWW Alumni in the heart of the action. Opportunities to meet Head Coaches, GM's, Chief Executives, Player Personnel, Scouts, and fellow Sports Agents are facilitated. Visit SMWW Sports Career Conferences to learn more.

The course is ideal for the following individuals:
  · People passionate about a career in sports
  · Those wanting to learn about the sports industry while maintaining current employment
  · People who have other commitments for whom online education is the best option
  · Those looking to enhance their business acumen and professional development
  · People who want a marketable skill that will provide them a competitive edge compared to other job seekers
  · College students looking for insight often not offered on college campuses
  · College students who need to obtain college credit

Work for a team:

Our goal is to see all Sports Revenue graduates gainfully employed in a career path they love. Your chances of accepting an offer of employment within professional sports will improve by going through the program. SMWW will customize a sports portfolio to assist you.

Through our extensive network of professional teams and sports organizations worldwdie, our objective is to prepare you for when the right job opportunities become available. Numerous people that have gone through our programs are now employed in great positions and you could do the same. We want to help you launch your career and help you find a position where you can be the most successful and satisfied.

Career Guidance, Strategy and Interview Techniques

Each Sports Revenue Management student will be active during the course in learning how to obtain a position in the sports field. This will vary for each student based on their career goals and location but SMWW's goal is to assist you in learning how to obtain a position once you finish the course. From whom to contact, the methods for contacting them and interviewing techniques, the course give you the ins and outs and gets you on your way to a dream job in sports. The instructors for the course will work with each student one-on-one and provide strategy that will help them reach their sports career goals.


Course Certificate & Resume Reference:

Successful graduates of the Sports Management Worldwide courses will be sent a SMWW Certificate of Accomplishment. This certificate represents not only your achievements in the course but also demonstrates your personal commitment to self-improvement and ability to "self train" yourself for higher positions within the sports business industry.

In addition to your certificate, you will be given the stamp of approval by SMWW. This approval includes a personal reference you may add to your resume with contact information for Dr. Lynn Lashbrook and a reference to the mentors of this course.

Become a Sports Agents Today!

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Cost: $1,450 (includes all course textbooks, headset, microphone and access to web based classroom. Shipping additional.)

Payment plans available (as little as $495 a month).

See if you are eligible for an economic discount based on your country of residence.

Length: 8 Weeks; "Live" audio online chats weekly with renowned instructors!
Prerequisites: Must be 18 or older to participate and have a passion for sports
Payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Enroute, JCB, Diner's Club

(In the UK: 087 12884799)

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Academic Credit - Undergraduate

Warner Pacific College, (WP), is a liberal arts college located in Portland, Oregon, USA and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. WP offers a separate Credit Overlay Program for Sports Management Worldwide's courses. Students interested in obtaining college credit for Sports Management Worldwide courses may do so after completion of each course. 



Tiefier Ding:

Tiefier Ding
Shanghai, China
I really hope more and more Chinese students take the SMWW Sports Business Management Course. I have studied material of some famous Chinese University's Sports Management programs. They are very different from SMWW. From my personal experience, I benefit much more from the SMWW course than from the Chineseprograms.The SMWW course is packed with skills and strategies sports teams use every day.The audio chat part also is a unique one which should help us to deepen the understanding of SBM. I trust all the Chinese sports organizations can benefit from SMWW's theory!
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course id: 

Tucker Brollier: University of Oklahoma, Now with the Oklahoma City Redhawks

Tucker Brollier
University of Oklahoma, Now with the Oklahoma City Redhawks
Since enrolling in Sports Business Management I've had an unbelievable turn around in my sports job search. Without SMWW's assistance, I sent out thirty resume and received two rejection letters. One of them was from the Dodgers that suggested I take the SBM program. Since starting the program this summer I've had three job offers and am waiting for the best opportunity. I went from having no leverage in the job search to having multiple teams want me as an employee.
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Wesley Brown: Utah Jazz

Wesley Brown
Utah Jazz
This course was very helpful and the best thing about this course is it helped me to become more proactive. It helped me to look for opportunities in sports and then go after them, instead of just waiting around for things to fall in my lap. In sports, it is fast paced and if we are waiting for the opportunity and doing nothing about it, the opportunity will pass us by.
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Rich Kuchar: Joliet JackHammers

Rich Kuchar
Author Title: 
Director of Ticket Sales & Service
Joliet JackHammers
I am very excited about Grip's new partnership with Sports Management Worldwide. Damon Shoultz, who worked with Grip this past summer, has been an excellent addition and has proven himself as a member of my staff since he joined us in November. I would advise anyone who is thinking off getting into professional sports to take advantage of this new partnership.
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Richard Enos:

Richard Enos
Providence, Rhode Island
The Sports Business Management course is more then just your run of the mill business course. While I took this course I was building relationships with my successful teachers, meeting front office executives, attending sporting events to observe how sports business operates, and also learn a few things with some very intelligent classmates of mine. I didn't do those things just because I took it upon myself, I did it because it's a part of completing the course.
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Robert Sean Kelleher:

Robert Sean Kelleher
El Cajon, California
I feel that SMWW showed me ways to be more confident, when trying to break through the workforce in sports. The class showed that there are many ways to break into sports and now I need to put what I learned toward a career in sports management.
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Rockie Zinger:

Rockie Zinger
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
The Sports Business Management course gave me a whole new outlook on the professional sports industry. It has changed the way that I view sporting events and I highly recommend it for any sports fan looking to pursue a career in the industry.
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Ronald Molina:

Ronald Molina
Silver Spring, Maryland
I loved the Sports Management course; it provides the solid tools and knowledge in order to start your career in the sports industry. The books that are provided along with the discussions are vastly critical to learn about entering the sports industry and to succeed in it.
Sort Order: 
course id: 

Rowan Meyer:

Rowan Meyer
London, Great Britain
The Sports Business Management course has really been great for me, helping me to understand how the job market works, and how to get into those job markets. I fully encourage anyone who is intersted in pursuing a career in sports to contact SMWW as soon as possible.
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