Inside the SMWW Baseball Career Conference

The Winter Meetings are the biggest event of the year for jobs in the minor leagues and a great opportunity to network with major league teams. Every year we host our Baseball Career Conference at the same time as the winter meetings, this year we are at the National Harbor in Washington D.C, with sold-out crowd.

Check in here throughout the day for photos, quotes from executives and some insight into our Baseball Career Conference hosted by SMWW:

5:27 pm

Done but not finished - time for some peanuts, cracker jacks and beer!

smww baseball career conference beer and peanuts 

4:00 pm

One of our favorites, Tyrone Brooks covering the topic of Diversifying Baseball’s Workforce. Tyrone has been coming to our conferences for 10 years, and as MLB Sr. Dir. of Front Office and Field Staff Diversity Pipeline Program e is a true subject expert.

SMWW baseball career conference tyrone brooks

3:05 pm

Getting our next panel started - The Power of Communication with from left to right Alyson Footer, National Correspondent, Tracy Ringolsby, Columnist and Jason Martinez, Founder & Director of Content.

smww baseball career conference communications and media

2:55 pm

Just before the next panel we caught up with Alexis Collins, one of our Baseball GM & Scouting students - always great to meet our students face to face! Great story about Alexis - got married at Fenway Park!

smww baseball career conference alexis

2:48 pm

One of the great things about our conferences is that our audience gets involved. Check out the long line of people waiting to ask questions of our baseball scouting panel:

SMWW baseball career conference scouting panel qa 

2:25 pm

Just think about this scouting panel for a second - Mike Arbuckle is the Sr. Advisor to the GM of the Kansas City Royals, Larry D'Amato has 4 World Series rings over his 40 years in baseball while Jason Karegeannes has worked with the DBacks, Cubs and Mariners. That's some hefty scouting knowledge. 

SMWW Baseball career conference mike arbuckle

2:00 pm

Next panel: Scouting: Baseball’s Toughest Task with Larry D'Amato Baseball GM & Scouting course mentor and MLB Scout 40+ Years, 4-time World Series Champion, Mike Arbuckle, Kansas City Royals Sr. Advisor to the General Manager and Jason Karegeannes, Seattle Mariners Central Player Personnel Coordinator. 

smww baseball career conference

1:20 pm

One of the great parts of our conference - our speakers stick around to answer questions. Here is Ron Knight, Atlanta Braves Manager of Minor League Administration and SMWW alumni, talking with attendees after his panel:

SMWW Baseball Conference Ron Knight


Lunch break is over - time to get back to the learning!

Next panel: The Vast Baseball Operations Landscape with Rick White, Atlantic Leauge of Professional Baseball Clubs President, Ellen Harrigan, LA Dodgers Director Baseball Administration, Kevin Walsh, LA Dodgers Coordinator of Video Operations and Ron Knight, Atlanta Braves Minor League Administration.

SMWW Baseball conference Operations

11:37 am

Cory Schwartz, MLB Advanced Media Vice President: "Don't let perfect be the enemy of good"

11:00 am

Next panel (the day is flying by already!) Improving Decision-Making Using Analytics with Ari Kaplan, Scoutables founder and pioneer of baseball analytics, Ben Jedlovec, President, Baseball Info Solutions, Jason Pare, Miami Marlins Senior Director of Analytics, and Cory Schwartz Vice-President

smww baseball career conference analytics

10:43 am

Josh Kusnick on being an MLB agent: "If you don't make money after 7 years, then quit!"

10:40 am

Oscar Suarez, SMWW Athlete Management mentor and certified MLB agent, Sylvia Lind, Esquina Caliente LLC CEO, General Counsel & Player Agent and certified MLBPA agent Josh Kusnick speaking on our Recruiting & Negotiating Player Contracts in the Big Leagues panel, moderated by Dr, Lashbrook.

SMWW baseball career conference MLB agents

10:20 am

If you haven't been before the National Harbor in Washington D.C. is a pretty cool spot.

SMWW Winter Meetings national harbor


9:48 am

Dr. Lashbrook (right) with Professor Ted Curtis of the Lynn University Sports Management program, one of the best in the nation. Professor Curtis brought 10 students with him to this years conference.

SMWW Winter Meetings Ted Curtis


Where there is a will there is a way!

SMWW Winter Meetings need a job


From left to right: John Traub, President Albuquerque Isotopes , Katie Dannemiller Vice President, Greensboro Grasshoppers and Jim Jarecki President, West Michigan Whitecaps all speaking on major opportunities in the minor leagues #sportsbiz

SMWW Winter Meetings Conference Jobs in Minor Leagues

8:47 am:

"When you work in sports sales you are in the business of helping others get what they want and need" - Bill Guertin, President 800 Pound Gorilla 

SMWW Winter Meetings Conference Bill Guertin

Bill Guertin, President of the 800 Pound Gorilla speaking on the Three Most Important Moments of your Sports Career. Bill is one of the top sales training authorities in North American professional sports, having worked with over 60 professional teams to dramatically increase their sales representative's performance and crush their sales goals. 

8:00 am

Rise and shine it's go time! SMWW President Dr. Lynn Lashbrook kicking off another great Baseball Career Conference in front of a sold-out crowd of 140!  

SMWW Winter Meetings conference  

A first look at our sold out Baseball Career Conference - 140 attendees, as much as we could fit in the room! Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of SMWW kicking things off!

dr. Lynn LashbrookAbout the Author: Dr. Lynn Lashbrook is the President and Founder of Sports Management Worldwide, the first ever online sports management school with a mission to educate future sports business executives.

Dr. Lashbrook has been involved in the sports industry for over 40 years and is a respected voice in the industry, having contributed to ESPN, Comcast SportsNet, Forbes, SiriusXM, CNBC, Rugby World, The New York Times, the London Free Press, Yahoo Sports and many more. 

As a certified NFL agent, Dr. Lashbrook has represented over 100 NFL clients, including former 1st rounder Mark Fields, 9-time Pro Bowler Brian Dawkins and Miami Dolphins Quarterback Matt Moore. He is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher, known for helping students strategize ways to reach their career goals in the world of sports.